Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Wedding Island” Episode 2

I really loved the premiere of TLC’s new reality wedding show, “Wedding Island” which aired last night.  What did you think about the show? Crazy fun right? I loved watching wedding planner, Sandy Malone pull off the impossible and create a perfect wedding day for couples.   If you missed the episode last night, don’t worry because there is another new episode on tonight. Yep, one more episode of following Sandy Malone and her team run around throughout Vieques Island as they put together a dream wedding for two couples. Sandy is the only wedding planner on the tiny island, and that means, she has to work even harder in making sure all wedding planning is on track and executed beautifully.


 On tonight’s episode: Sandy Malone has booked two weddings on the same day, (12.12.12.), and that means her team must work extra hard to make this happen!  Sandy faces a demanding bride on one side, and on the other side,  a couple who relies on Sandy to be their planner and their minister.
Bride Jessica and her groom want to have their wedding set at a venue with an ocean-view,  details of lace and turquoise colors, and a sunset ceremony. However, Jessica is one demanding bride, and Sandy wants to make this bride happy. Oh, and did I mention there is some major drama like losing the wedding rings? Will they find it, or will Sandy come to the rescue?
The second wedding, the couple wants to get married at 12:12pm, with a hand fasting ritual at the ceremony, and then a romantic lunch following.  They want a simple and elegant wedding to share their love with each other. This couple is also asking Sandy to officiate their wedding.
 So how will Sandy and her team pull off two weddings in one day? Keep in mind there are limited supplies and resources on the island, so how will this all come together smoothly for both weddings? You will have to tune in tonight and find out.
“WEDDING ISLAND” premieres tonight at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight! You will not want to miss this episode.

Sneak Peek of TLC’s “I Found the Gown” Episode: May 31st

TGIF. Yes it is Friday and I am super excited. Today is BrideDay on TLC, which means there is a new episode of TLC’s, “I Found the Gown”. This show is amazing and full of surprises. If you have not ever seen the show, well let me tell you all about it, and hopefully you will get hooked just like I did. This show features a lovely married couple, Rick and Leslie DeAngelo who own VOWS, a discount bridal boutique in Boston, Massachusetts.  They provide brides high-end designer gowns with very affordable price tags. Selling these deeply discounted bridal gowns for 50-80% off retail is no easy task. Rick and Leslie search high and low in factory attics, boutique back rooms, and department store warehouses across the world to score these sought-after looks for less. Each episode will follow their journey to find these amazing treasures, and then back at the shop to share them with three brides and the VOWS consultants.

Before you run off to start your weekend, check out the sneak peek for tonight’s episode.


On tonight’s first episode:

  • The first bride is Patricia who wants a high end designer gown for an affordable price. But she has already purchased three gowns! She is a total bargain shopper and when she sees a deal, she can not resist! She is hoping to find a white, blinged out dress to meet her bargain loving heart.
  • The second bride is Sharifa who has brought in her daughter to help find the perfect wedding dress. She is looking for a gown which is sexy and sleek to show off her new figure. Will VOWS find her the ultimate wedding gown? Which sexy gown will she choose to walk down the aisle in?
  • The third bride is Christine who has arrived with two specific designers in mind. Lazaro and Monique Lhuillier. She wants to find a designer gown for a discount price.  Which designer will she go fall in love with?

On the Second episode:

  • The first bride is Jenna who is looking for a shabby chic look. She loves to find a gown with a full skirt, lace, and off the shoulder. Her budget? Well, both the bride and her mother want to spend the least amount of money on the gown. So will they find the perfect gown for the right price?
  • The second bride is Jacobi who is hoping to find a gown to meet her bohemian style. She is looking for a mermaid dress with a total “wow” factor.  Will she find her dream gown to wear at her destination wedding
  • The third bride is Heather who has arrived with one designer in mind. Lazaro! She is in love with Lazaro gowns, and hopes she can find one that she can afford.

Tune in tonight to find out if these brides find the gowns of their dreams for that discounted price!

TLC’s ” I Found the Gown” airs Friday at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

For more information on TLC’s : “I Found the Gown” please click right here

Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Something Borrowed, Something New” Episode: March 1st

Are you ready for this week’s episode of  TLC’s, “Something Borrowed, Something New“?  Have you been watching? If you have not heard what this show is all about, let me tell you! This show follows a bride’s journey to find the perfect wedding dress for her big day. However there is a twist!  The bride will have to choose a new designer bridal gown, or a fashionably redesigned family heirloom. Who will help the bride find something new and something borrowed for her special day? Each episode is hosted by designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura, who will work with the bride to help choose between two dress options. Kelly will turn a special, previously worn gown into a gown which is for the time, venue, and personality of the bride. The bride will also have a chance to work with Sam in shopping at a bridal salon to find a brand new stylish dress. What happens next? The bride will have to make a very important decision and choose between a one-of-a kind dress and a newly fashionable piece. Will the bride choose her mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown, or find something new and unique to her? Which one will the bride choose? How will she make her decision? It is a hard one!

Bride, Jasmine

Bride, Jasmine

The first episode tonight features a young bride, who really wants to show off her body on her wedding day. However, her devout Muslim mom wants her daughter to have a more conservative bridal gown. This bride finds herself more torn than ever expected.  So will the bride choose something new or something old?  What dress will she wear to make her feel beautiful and amazing?  Which one will the bride choose to wear on her big day?

Bride, Katherine

Bride, Katherine

The second episode features a bride who is planning a NYC wedding and wants her dress to be as posh as her surroundings.Her  mother and several relatives are pressuring her to choose a 70-year-old family heirloom dress. Can she balance big city dreams and her family’s expectations? Which dress will she choose to walk down the aisle?

To find out what dress each of these brides will choose, you will have to watch tonight!

TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New airs Friday at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

TLC’s Four Weddings Thanksgiving Special Episode Recap: November 22nd

Did you watch last night’s Thanksgiving special episode of “Four Weddings” on TLCHere is a recap of the episode:

Special Thanksgiving episode of TLC’s “Four Weddings”

Who are the Brides?: 

  • Judy’s daughter is Jessica who is a princess bride who marry’s her Prince Charming. Jessica had a fairytale wedding which took place  at a magnificent castle.  The ceremony took place outside the gorgeous castle overlooking the ocean. Jessica wore a princess style dress, fitted on the top and flowed wide on the bottom. The couple shared personal vows with each other.  Following the cocktail hour, guests headed inside the castle for the reception. The reception featured a dinner buffet, cigar station, and each guest took home a key styled bottle opener.
  • Beth’s daughter is Brianna who is a laid back and relaxed bride. Brianna had a very unique wedding  that took place at the aquarium. As guests walked in, they passed by  the stingray display, and had a chance to touch them! Her ceremony took place under a beautiful gazebo featuring traditional Irish bagpipes and ancient Celtic ritual of hand-fasting. The reception took place inside and had some wonderful features. It had beautiful tall flower centerpieces, penguin ice sculptures, and a very cute sweetheart table.
  • Karma’s daughter is Kassondra is a party loving bride who loves to have a good time. The ceremony took place inside with the bridesmaids in dark blue dresses and groomsmen in grey suits. The ceremony was very touching and ended with the jumping of the broom. The ceremony space flipped to a gorgoues reception space with touches of pink. The night was not dull or boring, actually the opposite. Karma danced all night long at her daughter’s wedding along with all the other guests. A total party vibe for all the guests to enjoy.
  • Gisella daughter is Concetta who is an Italian bride who loves everything Italian. Her ceremony was at a gorgeous church featuring stunning stained glass windows and beautiful murals. The ceremony was traditional yet had humor which the minister shared with everyone. Gisella’s dress was long, with a beaded top, and a lovely long veil which she wore all night. Gisella insisted that her daughter needed to wear it all day long. So she did! The cocktail hour had a large spread of various foods offered for all the guests to enjoy. There was barbecue ribs, a seafood bar, a pasta station, fruit, chicken, lobsters and more.  Yes, lobsters at the cocktail hour. The reception took place inside a lovely banquet hall which was decorated very elegantly. Hanging chandeliers, beautiful branches with twinkle lights on them, and lighted tables. A very whimsical feel. Concetta and her gests danced to the music of a live band.

Cool factor:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. Jessica shared wishing lanterns with all her guests.Wishing lanterns are airborne lanterns that are sent up in to the air. At nightfall, each guest lit a lantern, made a wish, and sent off the beautiful lanterns into the night sky. I thought this was something very special that each guest was able to take part of and very memorable. It also made for a beautiful night scene.  Brianna’s  venue was very unique and offered features which you normally would not see at a wedding. I absolutely loved the idea of having the cocktail hour surrounded by all the exhibits. From crabs, to an assortment of fish, octopus, and even sharks. It was neat to be able to dine with the sharks! I think that it was something pretty cool.  Kassondra’s wedding reception did not have the traditional flower or candle centerpieces. Instead, each table had a cake for a centerpiece! I thought this was a pretty unique idea and was very cute. Once it was dessert time, the cake was replaced by a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.How great is that? What I loved at Concetta’s wedding was the four course dinner menu. Guests could choose from seven entrees. Normally, if it is a sit down dinner, you have two maybe three choices to choose from, however at this wedding, you can choose from seven! I think that food is one of the most important elements of a wedding. If your guests have options, good options and it tastes good, then they will have a better time. Otherwise, you will just have a bad taste in your mouth, and nobody wants that. Having such a large amount of food and choices worked perfectly for an Italian style wedding.

Who’s daughter won? Congrats to Gisella for winning her daughter a honeymoon!  Her daughter and groom won an all expenses paid honeymoon to the countryside of France.  I was not surprised about Concetta winning at all, she seemed to deserve it! While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, all the other details – venue, dress, and originality – were owned by Concetta’s wedding, easily exceeding the rest. I thought that every detail of her wedding reflected her Italian theme. The expansive spread of food, the gorgeous church, and whimsical decor all came together perfectly. It looked like a joyful, fun, and elegant wedding to be at, and I’m sure viewers (like me) could tell how in love the couple was. Great job Gisella and Concetta! Concetta’s mom help plan this amazing wedding for her daughter, and she did it all right.  So how did the other three brides score? Judy’s daughter Jessica came in second, Beth’s daughter Brianna in third, and Karma’s daughter Kassondra in fourth place. Were you surprised by the results?

Stay tuned to Bridal Hot List for more TLC updates on wedding themed shows!

TLC’s Four Weddings Sneak Peek: November 15th

Are you ready for this week’s sneak peak of  “Four Weddings” which airs on TLC? This show features four completely different brides who attend each other’s weddings with one wedding being deemed “the winner” at the end. The brides rate the food, dress, venue, originality, and overall experience of each wedding, except for their own. At the end, all the scores of each bride are tallied, and the one with the highest score wins an all expenses paid honeymoon.

On tonight’s episode the four brides are: A glamorous bride, a canyon loving bride, a city girl bride, and a mountain loving bride. Each of these brides share their unique style and taste on their wedding day. Which bride will be your favorite? Which bride’s detail’s will you like the best? Which dress will stand out the most? What ceremony will be the most touching? Which bride do you think will win? What do I think? You will have to wait until Friday where I will provide a re-cap on this episode. All I can tell you know is that you do not want to miss this episode, it will blow you away!

TLC’s Four Weddings airs tonight at 9/8c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

For more information on Four Weddings, check out the website:

TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: November 8th

Lydia from TLC's Four Weddings

Lydia from TLC’s Four Weddings

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddingson TLC? Here is a recap of the episode:

Who are the Brides?: 

  • Jennifer loves her Portuguese heritage and shared it with all her guests. She had a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. The reception had a lot of personal touches like picture box centerpieces with flowers. Dinner was family style with a variety of  great food options.
  • Deanna is a head over heels bride who showed all the love at her wedding. The ceremony was set at a country club, with a stunning draping tent over, and a beautiful golf course as the backdrop. The wedding colors of the teal, white and black were throughout the reception space.
  • Lydia is a fun, high energy bride who loves to have a great time.  Her ceremony was held at a gorgeous historic church, which featured a magnificent organ. Her dress was elegant styled with simple accessories which stood out. Lydia LOVES flowers, so the reception featured lots of beautiful flowers all over. The wedding gave a total party vibe with all the fun details.
  • Aimee  goes country at her barn themed wedding.  Set outside, her ceremony featured hanging flowers on the chairs, their cute kids walking down the aisle, and personal vows shared. The reception was held at a barn which had white twinkle lights, horseshoe favors (for good luck), and lots of dancing. Being both huge Boston Sox fans, they had ballpark snacks given out by ballpark vendors. Great late night snacks for all the guests to enjoy!

Cool factor:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. Jennifer’s bridal gown was absolutely stunning. It was an A-line simple dress with touches of sparkles. It fit her perfectly!  Deanna had personal rocks placed on each guest chair at the ceremony. Each rock had a love saying. I thought this was very personal and worked really well.  Lydia had maracas at each table setting for the wedding favors.  The maracas had a tag which said ” shake at the kiss”. I think this was such a cute idea, because guests can shake away, have fun, and at the end of the night, take it home. What a fun idea! What I loved at Aimee’s wedding was the lawn games at the cocktail hour. I think this is great, as it is something very unique and fun for the guests to do during the cocktail hour. Why just drink and eat, when you can play games!

Who won? Congrats to Lydia winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to Costa Rica!  I was not surprised about Lydia winning at all, she seemed to deserve it! While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, all the other details – venue, dress, and originality – were owned by Lydia’s wedding, easily exceeding the rest. I thought that every detail of her wedding came together perfectly. Her party vibe personality was definitely apparent at her wedding.  It looked like a fun, lively, and beautiful wedding to be at, and I’m sure viewers (like me) could tell how excited the couple and their guests were. Way to go Lydia!  So how did the other three brides score? Aimee came in second, Deanna in third, and Jennifer in fourth place.

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