“Just Married” Beach + Horse Wedding Session

When there is a photo session as pretty and quaint as this one,  my wedding loving heart is in full gear. I mean, the wedding itself has me always in love, but when you have a session with the bride and groom without all the other wedding details, it is so romantic and sweet.  Besides the lovely couple, there is one detail about this post wedding session that has won me over. It is that darn cute horse! I am not a country girl, but I love horses. There is something so dreamy and magical about them.  What a perfect compliment to a beautiful couple. Oh, and then throw in a location as gorgeous as the beach with sunset views? Then it is all over. Oh my goodness, what a truly romantic photo session, and all captured by Jessi Marri Photography.  The images are hard to look at just the one time. You have to take a second, or even third look. Yes, these photos are absolutely stunning, and worth browsing more than once.  Enjoy the photos of husband and wife enjoying a very intimate and romantic moment with each other.  What a wonderful way to celebrate marriage. So sweet!
















From Jessi Marri Photography...

This was a “Just Married” session for the couple. We got together after the wedding with her in her dress so we could get some wonderful shots of the bride and groom together. I offer these sessions to those couples that were not pleased with their photographer on the wedding day or didn’t have a traditional wedding. This way they still have AMAZING portraits to hang on their walls and share with friends/family. 

Steampunk Wedding Session at Calamigos Ranch

When you have a bride and groom as stylish and lovely as these two,  I do not even know where to begin to describe their magical day. It is not even their wedding day I am talking about. This is all about their fabulous post wedding session with my favorite Australian duo, Fiona + Bobby Photography.  So, imagine how beautifully crafted their wedding day was.  Oh my! I was most excited for this feature because when you have brilliantly talented photographers like Fiona and Bobby, the images are beyond stunning. They capture the true love  that this couple shares with each other. Besides all the crazy fantastic images, this session’s location is one of my favorites. It’s rustic and playful details are the perfect compliment to this gorgeous couple’s style and personality. Did you see the amazing wardrobe they both wear so elegantly? I am in LOVE. I can go on and on about this couple and their session, but that will take days. So, grab your morning coffee, and get ready to enter a magical place where all your wedding loving dreams will come true.







A few words from the bride…

Daniel and I met through mutual friends about seven years ago. We became friends and eventually realized our connection was stronger than a simple friendship.  We truly complimented each other’s creativity and when we decided to get married, we knew we both wanted an “un-traditional” marriage celebration.  We love the style and ingenuity of the Steampunk culture and wanted to incorporate this into our ceremony.  There are slight variations to the Steampunk look, from gothic to Victorian, but always including brass, copper, gears, and futuristic sci-fi elements. We decided to stylize ourselves after the more Victorian look, and did a “set design” for our room decor. With the help of family and friends, we sewed, made, created, designed and built every piece of our wedding. We had a wonderful time.












From Fiona + Bobby Photography

Miatta and Daniel had a day after session at Calamigos Ranch in the Malibu Hills.  After such an amazingly vibrant Steam Punk themed wedding, the couple opted for a more nature filled session for this.  The truth of the matter is, knowing the couple and how special they are as individuals and dynamic as a couple, I wanted to give them a gift that would hopefully be something that they would treasure for many more years to come.  With the two of them being so down to earth and exquisitely  open to the suggestions I threw at them, it really was the most perfect way to spend the few hours at the location.  Their love shined through and they slipped into Steam Punk mode every now and then which filled the day with so many heartfelt laughs.  Truly a beautiful couple.