Top Six Makeup Looks for Thanksgiving

Are you ready to celebrate the holiday that is all about giving thanks? We know we are! We do not know what we are most excited about; the delicious and yummy dishes, the apple and pumpkin pies, a day off,  football, or just being with people we love and care about?  Answer? All of the above. Yep, we love this time of year so much. To get us ready for Thanksgiving, we have asked our friends and makeup experts at Blushington  to share the top Makeup looks for the holidays. Since it is such a special time of year, we we love to share what is trending most right now in the Makeup world. Thank you to Blushington for keeping us up date with the latest!

Which look is you? Comment below and tell us, we love to hear from you!

Pure & Simple: The “no makeup” natural look. Fresh, clean and light. This is the ultimate less is more look.


Simply Glowing: This is that “I just got back from the best vacation of my life” kind of glow. You’ll look and feel stunning. In that beach sexy kind of way.

Simply Glowing

Life of the Party:  That’s right, girl. You know who you are! Get out there and dance! This look is sexy but fun – just like the night ahead of you.

Life of The Party

Lucky Stars: Reminiscent of the glamorous Hollywood icons of the 50’s. Sophisticated and stunning. Heads will turn when you enter a room, so dress accordingly.

Lucky Stars

Smoke & Mirrors: Whoa. Who is that? Defined cheekbones and smokey eyes create that “She must be a model…” look. We suggest pairing this with high heels and a little attitude. Why not? A girl should have a little fun, right?

Smoke & Mirrors

Cutting Edge:  The name says it all. Looks like you just stepped off the runway. So flash a cheeky smile, and bat those lashes. Tonight could be a late one.

Cutting Edge

BHL Vendor Hot Pick: Rock Me Up

We are kicking off the week with a fabulous company who knows how to pretty up brides and her maids. On wedding day, photographs are taken at all times, a smile here, a pose there, and a capturing of lovely moments everywhere. Having a Make Up Artist that really understands weddings and the photographs that go with them is really important. That is why we have chose Britney Moya of Rock Me Up as our Vendor Hot Pick of the week. She is not only a beautiful and lovely person, but she has some mad beauty skills that blow our minds. Oh, and she makes you feel gorgeous as you are getting your make up done. It is an amazing experience, and it should be this way for one of the biggest day of your lives.  Start your Monday with a pretty post. image-150x150




photo (13)


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About Rock Me Up

Beauty Expert and Licensed Skin Care Therapist Britney Moya started her Bridal Company in 2011 Catering to Brides exclusively. Britney took her passion as a Make Artistry and product Knowledge Specialist to develop a cosmetic line that would cater to her brides. Rock Me Up Cosmetics is a mineral base, high definition makeup that is healthy for the skin and photographs flawlessly for the camera. Britney and her team of trained beauty professionals offer a full range of Beauty Services leading up to the wedding and day of services. Providing Facials, Eye Lash Extensions, Airbrush Tanning, Waxing & Men Grooming. Britney offers her Brides that exclusively book with her a Complementary Skin Care Analysis that Includes, determining the clients skin type, addressing any skin care concerns, and providing a skin care protocol that meets the individuals needs, To ensure the Bride has Healthy glowing skin on the day of her wedding.


On the day of the bridal trial/ preview, Britney and her beauty experts will create a look that is elegant, sophisticated, and that is designed to accentuate the brides unique Beauty. Our Brides get a first look of how they will appear on there wedding day. Britney as a working makeup artist of 8 years in the industry has made appearances on Tv shows such David Tutera “Unveiled” and the Disney Channel. She has catered to over to 300 brides in the duration of her career and hopes to cater to much more. Her passion and goal is to exceed the Brides expectations and make her Brides look and feel Beautiful on the most Important day of their life.

Blushington: Makeup and Beauty Lounge for Weddings

It is days like this that makes me love my job more and more everyday. Not only do I have the chance to view stylish and beautiful wedding details daily, but meeting the talent behind what makes brides and their weddings super pretty is the cherry on top. Recently I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of Blushington, a  lovely make-up and beauty lounge found in the heart of Fashion Island. This make up lounge is nestled between some of the most fashionable and stylish shops. Fashion Island is a gorgeous and popular shopping mall located in Newport Beach, California. It is an amazing place to shop, and with the addition of Blushington , this fabulous mall just got better!

Want to feel like a million bucks? This girl does! When I stepped into this super cute and chic make up lounge, I was instantly relaxed and pampered.  The staff is not only talented in their make up art, but they create an experience totally memorable. Do not know what look you are going for? Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, or any girl of the bridal party, there is a look perfect for you.  Don’t worry, they make things easy with their make up look book, which gives you some great ideas. Whether you want to look glitz and glam, or simple and casual, they can make it happen! Ready to get all dolled up? Make sure to pay a visit to this gorgeous lounge where you will leave feeling amazing!


Blushington Fashion Island Exterior

Blushington Fashion Island Interior 2

Blushington Action 3

Blushington Fashion Island Back Room

Blushington Action 2

About Blushington 

Blushington makeup and beauty lounge provides professional makeup applications at affordable prices for your special day. We offer our services on-location starting at $100 and encourage setting up a trial in-store prior to the wedding to talk through your makeup preferences. We can also add faux lashes and airbrush foundation for a flawless finish. All of our artists are trained the ‘Blushington’ way to ensure that you look your best! After all, feeling pretty is priceless!

Five Universal Bridal Beauty Essentials

Hey there bridal beauties! As you know, Bridal Hot List is your one stop blog for everything trending in the bridal world (seriously, we’re talking gifting, grooming, and everything in between!). Today we’re going to take a step back and go over the beauty basics that work for everyone (and I mean everyone!) for all your upcoming wedding events.

Lash Curler

Whether you’re heading out to a bridesmaid brunch or you’re prepping for the big day, a lash curler is always handy. Do a quick squeeze with some tinted moisturizer for a seriously low maintenance look, or use it to help set your falsies for an epic bachelorette party. I am obsessed with the legendary Shu Uemura lash curler ($20, Shu Uemura website only) and I trust it to curl every single lash without pinching.

Creamy Gold Eyeliner

This may be one of the more un-basic basics, but I swear by it night and day. All it takes is a touch of gold on the inner corners of your eyes and bam- you’re glowing. A creamy gold will work on any complexion and make your eyes sparkle. This pairs well with either low key events or you can glam it up for bigger events. My go-to has been El Dorado by Urban Decay ($6, Urban Decay website only) for that perfect sun-kissed gold. It has since been discontinued (boo), but is currently still in stock on Urban Decay’s website at a great discount (yay!).

Red Lips

Red is the color for love and romance, and isn’t that what a wedding is celebrating in the first place? It is my personal belief that every woman should be able to rock a great red lip without breaking a sweat. Even if you’re going a little more low key to an event, a red lip look is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal. Yes, it can be intimidating, but when you find the right shade you’ll just be mad at yourself for not finding it sooner. Your specific red lip shade may vary depending on your skin tone, but I’ve never had a problem with anyone wearing Ruby Woo by MAC ($15, MAC Counters). The website describes Ruby Woo as “matte vivid blue-red”, but I’ve heard it moreso described as “essential”.  If you’re in the market for your holy grail red lip look, start here.

An Any-Time Palette

Instead of buying a bunch of individual eyeshadows or a ton of quads or trios, invest in one palette that you will be able to create any look from. The Naked palettes ($50 each, Urban Decay counters) are some of the best selling palettes in the world for this reason- you can create any look from pretty  and natural to bold and adventurous.  I personally have been loving the Lorac Pro Palette ($42, Sephora) which has more shades than either of the Naked palettes do and has both matte and shimmer formulas. With any of these palettes, you’ll be prepared for all your upcoming wedding events. Plus, if you’re traveling, packing all your makeup just got much easier!

Setting Spray

Setting sprays really took off in the last few years, but don’t be fooled- they’re not a trend, they’re here to stay. For years stage performers have been using variations of setting sprays to keep their looks intact under bright lights and high pressure, and now there’s a ton to choose from. I love the De-Slick setting spray by Urban Decay ($29, Urban Decay counters) because it keeps my look intact and my oily skin from getting shiny. You should find yours based on your skin needs though, many brands like Ben Nye, NYX, and Make Up For Ever all make excellent setting sprays. Find one that works for you and your look will last through any wedding event.


Eight Maid of Honor Must Haves

Being maid of honor is no easy task. You’re going to be juggling tons of tasks, keeping track of the whole event, and doing it all in heels. After all, the blushing bride needs her right hand lady to keep her glowing! The wedding day is going to be a busy one, so it pays to be prepared. Keeping a survival stash in your bridal bag could save your skin, and maybe even a wedding photo or two.


These seriously have the potential to save the day. The bride is about to have the most public, photographed, and remembered kiss of her life, so her breath situation is high priority. Altoids come in little tins, so they won’t explode in your purse. Mentos are incredibly refreshing and give the chewy-ness of gum without the unattractive smacking noises.


Lighters are a tool, not just something you’ll need if the bride needs to sneak a cigarette. If you catch any frayed strings or anything, a quick pass over with a lighter can typically fix that. Candles go out? No worries, the maid of honor is here to save the day. If the groom and groomsmen are doing cigars to celebrate, you become their go-to girl. You get bonus points for getting one that works with your outfit, or even painting one to match your outfit.

Makeup Removing Q-Tips

Even if you’re not maid of honor, these lil guys are a lifesaver. You crack them at one end, and it releases makeup remover to the tips. These are perfect for touch ups, smudges, smears, and anything else you can think of. They are a little hard to find, but I love the Almay oil-free makeup eraser sticks ($5-$6 for a box of 24, drugstores). A wedding is a beautiful and emotional day, so the maid of honor needs to be prepared for any potential makeup smearing.

Rollerball Perfume

It’s a good idea to have a rollerball in your purse ready to dab on wrists just in case. If your bride has a hair stylist worrying about hair and a makeup artist worrying about makeup, perfume can go overlooked. Stash her favorite scent in your purse just in case. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs ($22, Sephora & department stores) because it’s light, fresh, and romantic.

Blister Block

Yes, it works. Rub this miracle stick ($4-$5, drugstores and pharmacies) on your heels and dance the night away without worrying about blisters. If the bride isn’t usually in heels, this will save her life. Keep it on hand even if the bride is a stiletto queen- one of your fellow bridesmaids may need a little heel help.


Not to sound like your dentist (or your mother!) but flossing is important. No one wants to look back on wedding photos and be haunted by food in your teeth. Toothpicks may crack and break in your purse, and you can find minty floss that will leave your mouth feeling extra clean. Plus, it looks a little more chic in your purse than tons of toothpicks.


Come on ladies, you know why you need to keep a few of these stashed. I like the ones that come in the tabs, not the bottle. Keeping a few tabs in your purse, or even your wallet is much more discreet than toting around a rattly bottle. You never know when cramps or a headache may strike, so it’s great to have a few handy.

For Outdoor Weddings: Nasal Spray

Blushing beauties, you get one bonus tip for all my maids of honor sweating it out under the sun. If you’re heading to a wedding outside, in a field, or generally around pollen, it can be for the better to bring nasal spray. You may look a little dorky for a second, but it’s better than constantly blowing your nose or struggling with your allergies.

Five Tips for Finding Your Wedding Makeup Artist

Wedding planning is a major task- it’s completely fine to feel overwhelmed at times. One major task for brides is finding your makeup artist. This may be daunting, but by following these tips and tricks you’ll be able to find the perfect artist for your wedding.

Look Through What You Like

If you have a favorite makeup brand, start there. Most makeup counters employ makeup artists, and they will be very familiar with your favorite brand. Even if you don’t find anyone who freelances there, chances are they will be able to direct you to someone who does.  Major makeup brands typically have pro teams who specialize in events and can also freelance.  Asking for cards is an easy way to start networking with freelancers.

Asking Around, Of Course!

Your bridal party can be an excellent resource for finding your makeup artist. There’s always a chance they have a sister or cousin you didn’t know about who is a cosmetics queen. You’ll still want to see a portfolio or do a test run, through. Do remember that just because they’re a friend doesn’t mean it has to work out. Don’t ever feel pressured to say yes to someone based on your relationship with them.

Ask the Experts

If you have a wedding coordinator, don’t be afraid to ask them! Since you will be working closely with your wedding coordinator, they already know the look and feel of your wedding. This will help them suggest an artist that they trust for you. Wedding professionals also tend to have an excellent network of professionals at their disposal, so they are sure to at least set you up with potential artists.

It’s perfectly fine to try out a few different makeup artists and do a few trial runs. After all, you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. These next tips are to help you narrow down your choices and find the makeup artist of your dreams.

Ask For References

All makeup artists will have some variation of a portfolio to show potential clients.  Many makeup artists have either blogs or youtube channels that showcase their skills and work in the industry. This can be a handy way of seeing what a makeup artist is capable of and if they are indeed what you are looking for. Looking through blogs may also help you find links to other artists that they know, which can expand your search. On the flip side, you may be able to find artists by searching makeup blogs in your city.

Do a Full Day Test Run

Everyone’s skin and routine is different. If you’re caught between two or three artists, schedule a trial run of full face makeup early in the day. Take pictures immediately after they’re done, and then towards the end of the day. Take careful note of how your skin feels and how you feel in that much makeup. Keep your eyes out for any color fallout or discoloration. Be sure to test the colors and consistencies both indoors and outdoors. Over the course of a day, your skin may get oilier or redder. You want to make sure you find someone who really tailors your look to your skin so you look flawless all day.

Bridal Makeup from Pure Beauty by Danielle

When I woke up this morning and realized it was the end of July, I got sad for a moment because it meant that summer is almost over. I love the summer months, and it makes me sad to see it go.  However, my heart jumped a beat when I realized that we still have one more full month of summer left to enjoy.  Whew! My summer loving heart just got happier. Yep, I am pretty excited. What I am also excited about today is introducing a fabulous and talented makeup artist who has some serious skills. I am talking about Danielle Davison of Pure Beauty By Danielle.  When it comes to looking oh-so-gorgeous on your special day, Pure Beauty By Danielle will not disappoint. Danielle can transform an everyday look into a total bridal perfection. I mean like jaw-dropping gorgeous and beautiful. So make sure to scroll through the prettiness that Pure Beauty By Danielle brings to each and every bride.


nicole leever photography


nicole leever photography 2

Nicole Leever Photography
marsha mcneely photography
Marsha McNeely Photography
tommy von huynh
Tommy Von Huynh Photography
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Rebecca Dever Photography
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Kara Stewart Photography
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Michael Dunn
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Pure Beauty specializes in professional makeup and hair services throughout Southern California. Including bridal, boudoir, commercial, special occasions, personal photo­shoots, bachelorette parties, and personal makeup lessons and classes.

 What I offer brides for that day:

 I offer a personalized one-on-one bridal consultation where I create a customized makeup and hair look that suits the brides style, personality, and brings out her Pure Beauty! For the wedding day, I come to you! I offer on location makeup and hair services that are customized to each individual and reflect the overall beauty of the wedding. Everybody in the bridal party and the bride are made to feel special, beautiful, and taken care of. In addition to that, each services includes false eyelashes. If there are flower girls in the wedding, they are included as well, with a complimentary light makeup application.

What makes me unique and stand out from other makeup artists:
I believe what makes me unique is my ability to see someones natural beauty and bring that out through a makeup application that’s not overpowering or understated but simply flawless. I have 10 years of experience and knowledge which helps me give personalized recommendations and the ability to create custom looks for all types of people. I’m incredibly passionate about what I do and I love being creative, working with people, and taking part in someone’s special day. To me it’s not just a service I’m providing but an experience that can be remembered for years to come. When a bride chooses Pure Beauty she chooses the best!

Beauty Timeline for Brides

The question has been popped (along with some champagne, hopefully)! Congratulations, now all you have left to do is plan the most spectacular party of your life! A bride has a lot to juggle for her wedding, so being organized is imperative. Your makeup look on your wedding will be photographed constantly, so you want to make sure it works for you. This timeline will help you be prepared for all your makeup needs for the big day.

Six Months To Go

This is when you should be deciding on your wedding’s theme. Depending on your theme, look into what makeup looks fall into that category and what would work for you. If you are a bride who is organizing a classic wedding, consider red lips and full lashes. For more modern weddings, you have more room to play with colors like fuchsia or orange. Also consider your wedding colors when planning what style you will be going for. You may love a peachy tones, but it may clash with your surrounding colors. Aim for a color palette that will work cohesively with your wedding color palette. It may be handy to save looks that you like or find flattering and compare them to your wedding theme. If you’re having trouble finding colors and looks that work, ask your bridesmaids to help.  You may love doing big blue eyeliner when you go to parties, but it may clash with a classic romantic style wedding.

You don’t want to end up with too many color options. It’s good to narrow it down to a core family of colors early on.

Three Months To Go

With your theme in mind, it is time to shop for makeup artists. Beauty advisers at department stores are more often than not freelance makeup artists, and they are a great resource for trying colors and products out. You can go to a counter of a brand you like and talk to someone there, or if you are a little more lost you can try a counter like Impulse at Macy’s or MAC. Impulse at Macy’s carries many different brands, and MAC has a very wide range of products geared towards creating many different looks. Find a beauty adviser that you find friendly and explain your theme to them. It is free and perfectly fine to ask what kind of look they can create for you. You should not feel pressured to buy anything or give them a definitive answer at the time. This is more for you to see what works for you and get acquainted with make up artists. Talk to a few different people and see who you click most with. From there you can take business cards and decide who you want to work with. It can be handy to take a bridesmaid with you who can take pictures of any makeup tests you do.

One Month To Go

With only one month left, it is important that you settle on a makeup artist. You should discuss and confirm the date, time, and location of your wedding with them. With only a few short weeks left, you and your artist should have a final foundation test. If you will be doing any tanning or spray tanning, let them know so they can be adequately prepared for your wedding. During your makeup test with your artist, have a friend (preferably your maid of honor) with you to take pictures. You want to make sure you know how exactly what your makeup routine will consist of.  This can also help you plan your preparation time before your wedding.  It is also good to talk to your makeup artist about your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, or combination. This helps give them an idea of what kind of primer and products they should use for you.  The more prepared your makeup artist will be, the smoother things will run on the actual day.

One Week To Go

With a week left, you want to make sure you confirm again with your makeup artist. It’s good to follow through and keep everyone on the same page. If you will be getting a manicure or pedicure, you should confirm that you have appointments secured. You should also start skipping any oily food or carbonated drinks. Use this last week as a cleansing week so that your skin will be as refreshed as possible. If you do facials, it’s best to do one within the last week so your skin won’t be red or irritated on your wedding day. If you’ve never done a facial, this is not the time to try it out. Opt for a mud masque instead- there’s far less risk of possible irritation. I like the Queen Helene line ($4-$6, drugstores) for at home masques. They are easy to apply and make my skin quite soft.

One Day To Go

The day before your wedding, keep your makeup to a minimum. Keep your skin as clean as possible and make sure to wear sunscreen. Consider it keeping your canvas clear. That eliminates any chance of build up or leftover product on your big day. The day before the wedding is your opportunity to take care of any skin cleansing you may need to do, such as pore unclogging. I like the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($6-$7, drugstores) for clearing out pores. If you have any stray hairs, this is your last chance to pluck them. Any redness will be gone by the next day, and you won’t have to worry about it on the day of your wedding. The night before your wedding, consider putting vitamin E oil or lip conditioner on before going to sleep. Carmex ($2-$4, drugstores) is excellent at moisturizing lips and is quite easy to find. If you lather it on, your lips will be pillow soft in the morning and perfect for your first kiss as a married woman.


Five Sun Safe Must Haves for Summer Weddings

We’re knee deep in the summer season and that means we’re knee deep in the heat. Outdoor weddings are fun, but now with the weather so hot here are a few products you may want to consider picking up.

Load Up on Sunscreen

Being outside should always warrant sunscreen, but be sure you’re packing it on for weddings. It’s something that’s easy to forget in the rush of things, but is incredibly important. A wedding is a day you want to remember, and you don’t want to remember it as the day you got a horrible sunburn! Pick something non-scented and not greasy, so it doesn’t affect your outfit or perfume. If you know you’ll be dancing, pick up a sport sunscreen like this one from Coppertone ($7-$9, drugstores). It covers both UVA and UVB rays and is water and sweat resistant.

SPF Everywhere

Remember that SPF counts everywhere! Having a sunburn on your lips is a nightmare. The Maybelline Baby Lips ($4-$6, drugstores) line are all SPF 20, and offer a light tint on your lips. They stay moisturized and help block out any sun damage. I also love the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm ($7.50, beauty specialty stores). It’s an incredibly moisturizing line and makes lips feel pillowy soft. The SPF 25 doesn’t hurt, either!

Seriously, Everywhere

I like to use a leave-in conditioner in my hair to keep it from drying out, particularly when the air is more dry. Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Leave-In Cream ($8-$10, drugstores) has a UV Shield, which helps protect your hair from sun damage. Your hair won’t get a sunburn, but it may get damaged or dry out in the heat. Dab a little in your hair and work it out to the ends before you style.

A Flawless, Sun Safe Face

Laura Mercier is known for their tinted moisturizers ($42, beauty specialty stores) year round, but the SPF 20 really helps out in the summer. The tinted moisturizers offer fantastic hydration as well as light coverage. Plus they offer a wide range of shades to accommodate all complexions.

Full Coverage and Sun Safe

If you’re looking for a foundation with more coverage, the MAC Matchmaster Foundation ($33, MAC counters) is for you. It offers SPF 15 and a wide range of shades. I find that it goes on moe matte to absorb any oiliness you may encounter. It goes on light but covers blemishes and redness very well.

In addition to wearing more products with SPF, just remember…

Ditch The Soda

Yes, soda is bad for you, but carbonation in general can throw off your fashion game plan completely. Skip any bubbly sodas the day before and the day of to avoid any unwanted bloat. If you need something sweet, stick to juice or a flavored water. Being bloated and in the heat is no fun at all. Plus, you’ll absolutely avoid any accidental burping.

Opt for Water

Going hand in hand with ditching soda, stick to water until the reception. It keeps your teeth from getting stained, it’ll keep you hydrated all day long, and if it does happen to spill, it’s not a major crisis. Yes, it’s fine to have a glass of wine (or two) but be sure to pair your glass with some water to avoid becoming sloppy. You don’t ever want to be that girl.


Five Fashion No-No’s for Bridesmaids

Alright, so you’ve got the dress, you’ve got the date, the only thing left is showing up. As a bridesmaid, your job is to help out your blushing bride, but you should also remember this event will be photographed. Heavily. Here’s a few tips on what to avoid on the big day.

The Accent Nail

Yes, accent nails can be cute, but not on someone else’s big day. This trend took off a little over a year ago and is still popping up, but is not appropriate for a wedding. Unless the bride specifies that she wants accent nails, I would avoid this entirely. Just because it can be fun at bachelorette parties does not mean it will be fun at a formal gathering. It’s best to stick to a classic french tip or a demure shade that compliments the wedding theme.


As a bridesmaid, you will be visible at all times and be close to the forefront of the wedding ceremony. To show your support, you should not be moping or pouting. Even if your jaw hurts, you want to convey a sense of happiness and pride for the bride. You are a reflection of her friendships and who she is outside of her relationship. Plus it’s a wedding! Leave your stress at the door and enjoy yourself.

Don’t Go Gaudy

It’s good to stick to simple and smaller for your stint as a bridesmaid. Again, unless your bride specifies against it, lean towards conservative. As far as jewelry and accessories go, definitely aim for pretty and classic. This doesn’t mean basic or boring, just nothing to distract from anything else. Pearls or small topaz stones are appropriate for most outfits and color schemes. Also, try to avoid drop earrings or anything that hangs too long. You want to look as polished as you can to compliment the bride.

Leave the Blushing to the Bride

A wedding is typically an all day affair, and you will be expected to participate all day. Between the dancing, the wine, the sun, and your overall running around, it’s perfectly fine to skip the blush for the day. Your body’s natural blush will be enough to keep you rosy all day long. I would suggest picking up a powder highlighter instead. Cream or liquids may run, but a powder will absorb any extra oils or sweat that may occur over the course of the day. A highlighter on your cheeks is pretty and can offer you a glow in pictures.


You’re at a wedding, not a disco. Yes, some shimmer in eyeshadow may make your eyes pop but leave it at that. Ditch the glitter eyeliner until your next girl’s night, over-doing glitter is inappropriate for weddings. It may be fun to wear but this day is about the bride, you should not outshine her. Glitter in your lip gloss doesn’t always photograph well, and you should always stay away from body glitter. There’s no reason to wear body glitter to a formal event ever. Putting a little bit of gold eyeliner in your inner corners can make your eyes look bright and fun without being overpowering or obnoxious.