Mother’s Day Inspired Florals

Mother’s day is just a week and a half a way! What will you delight your mom with? Since we believe this day is so special, we really wanted to jump into some pretty amazing mother’s day inspiration. We are so excited for this day, we want to give a small dose of  mom day inspiration today. What a better way to start than with some gorgeous, pretty, and beautiful florals! Flowers can make any mom smile, (any girl for that matter!), and be happy.  I mean, flowers are like art… there are colors of all kinds, various sizes, and lovely details all around. Oh and the smell of some of these blooms are just divine.  Just thinking about flowers, is making us smile even bigger. We wanted to share some of our favorite florals we have seen this year so far, and hope to inspire each and every one of you.  Enjoy the tour of flower love!

IMG_4667 IMG_4675 IMG_4921 IMG_4923 IMG_4924 IMG_4949 IMG_4950



Which flower inspires you? Spread your inspiration with mom!


All photos from Bridal Hot List. 

Wedding Rentals from Happy Chuppah

I will forever and always be a fan of traditions. There is something about them that is so heartfelt and loving.  That is why today I am so excited to share a fabulous wedding design and rental company who specializes in chuppahs. Yep, the beautiful arch where love, family, and joy are all present. It is a gorgeous detail and a total eye-catching element of the ceremony, (Of course the bride and groom are the center of it all), but you know what I mean. I can go on and on about chuppahs and traditions, but I really want to get to our feature for today. Without further ado let me introduce Happy Chuppah. Oh, what an romantic story of how a girl with design eyes, and a boy with a tool kit, fell in love and created a lovely company.

15-biltmore-hotel-wedding-los-angeles-photography 2012-02-27 17.17.23 2013-01-18 11.09.02 Birch Temecula Surf and Sand Arch


About Happy Chuppah
Happy Chuppah of Orange County was created when, a boy fell in love with a girl and asked for her hand in marriage.  After setting a date and planning a wedding, they realized it was hard to find the perfect arch to exchange their vows under. His background in construction, tied in with her creative mind helped them create Happy Chuppah. 
Happy Chuppah is a wedding design rental company offering many different kinds of Chuppah, Mandap, Canopy, Flowers, Photo booth, candy buffet and much more. Using real wood and silk fabrics, they create a magnificent wedding canopy. They offer you some choices to pick from. You can choose from a variety of frames made of Wood, Bamboo or Birch. You can then select a fabric in the color of your choice and accessorize it with flowers or crystals. The frame is for rental use only however you can choose to purchase any accessories that are part of it as a keepsake.
Over 500 weddings later, we now have offices in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles area and service all of Southern California.

Three Tips to Make Your Wedding Earth Day Friendly

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today is the day that we reflect on our planet and many of the environmental initiatives that make Earth a better place. While many of us have embraced the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle” and are doing our part, there’s other events in our lives where we can improve our environmental impact, such as a wedding! Here are three great tips for making your big day a lot more environmentally friendly. Remember, it’s all about making a difference and all the little things definitely add up to big differences in the world.

Local Travel – Cut Down on Drive Times

Instead of forcing your guests to drive all around town, burning up gas and being extremely inefficient with the travel plans, try to have a centrally located place to have your ceremony and reception. If it’s all in the same place, then the travelling people have to do is minimized and there’s less environmental impact. An alternative to this would be to hire environmentally friendly shuttle services – there are many that run off of clean gas or even companies that have fleets of hybrid vehicles. In the city of Denver (it might be the whole state of Colorado), all the cabs are hybrids with the majority being the popular Prius cars that get amazing mileage and do minimal environmental impact for emissions and gas consumption.

Hiring the Right Florist

Just like many of us like to buy at growers direct markets or even at the local Sunday farmers market, there are florists that only buy from local growers or just grow their own flowers. Buying organically grown local flowers is the way to go, although this option might be a little hard for some people if there are no options around where you live. You can also be smart about the candles you buy, with the best being soy-based or beeswax-based ones. Buying locally made products that are organically made means less pesticides and no shipping (giant trucks driving everywhere).

Locally Grown Foods

The next step is to find a caterer that specializes in locally grown, organic ingredients. Many chefs and catering companies will scoff at the idea, but the fact is that many environmentally minded people (and towns) are headed in this direction. The days of over-stuffing your face with greasy foods at weddings is over. People have more sophisticated pallets and hiring a catering company that delivers organic food and maintains a good environmental standing is a big boost to the environmental cause.

Beautiful Wedding Blooms: Flowers by Cina

Spring is here. If there would be anywhere I love to be right now, it would be a garden.  So, you can imagine the pure giddiness I felt when I laid my eyes upon the uber-gorgeous blooms which I found in my inbox today.  I am gasping at all its beauty. I am thrilled beyond belief at the beautiful and lovely florals delivered by Flowers by Cina. This incredibly talented team creates the most fresh, diverse, and elegantly beautiful florals.  If you have an idea, they can transform that idea into a jaw-dropping gorgeous masterpiece.  Simply brimming with the most luscious array of stunning blooms I have ever seen. Breathtaking!  I  suggest you prepare yourselves for a whole lot of pretty and join me in viewing the most stunning gallery of photographs. It is a garden lover’s paradise!

  • Gorgeous Bold Colors: A look into an extraordinary beautiful tabletop design. Swoon!
Do you see the amazing details this eye-catching table has to offer? I totally want to be immersed in all the joyful colors!
Three words: Elegant, charming, and enchanting.
  • White, Black, and Pink Love: A total romantic modern and elegant affair. Head over heels!
Are you gasping at the stunning centerpiece? I can not stop staring. I am in total love.
A ball of gorgeously pink bloom, just sitting in a lantern. I mean, simply elegant.
Photography: Frank Salas
  • Breathtaking Bridal Bouquets: A hand-gathered bunch of luxurious blooms. 

4Dramatic enough for you? The deep purple creates such a royal mood. Fit for any bride who wants to feel like a queen!


img_2971_smallA classic, romantic, and simple look.  I just got the romantic chills.



Electrifying reds and pinks can bring a whole lot of personality to any wedding! Is that gorgeous or what?img_2865small_logo

Freshly picked and ready for any bride at her vintage garden themed wedding. I want to hold this bouquet in my hands and never let go.


Photography: White Rabbit Photo Boutique


Spring Flower Favorites

With the arrival of Spring, we are all full of bliss around here. We are loving the new renewal of the leaves, flowers blossoming, the fresh scent of the plants,  and birds singing away. It is a truly a happy time of year. We are definitely feeling really good here. We just can not stop smiling, thats how happy we are at BHL.  Our cheeks are starting to hurt from all the smiling. So in the joy of Spring, we want to share our favorite flowers. Which one is your favorite?

IMG_3514 IMG_2720

Bride Bouquet














Soft Romance Wedding Florals by Enchanted Florist

At BHL we go a little crazy for pretty romantic things, so when we received this floral treat we were beyond excited. When there are colors of combined hues of  pink, white, and grey, it screams soft romance! We love a soft romantic look for a wedding as it brings sweetness, a touch of elegance, and a whole lot of romance. When you see the amazing florals by Enchanted Florist, you will feel the romance.

Romantic Look

This ceremony setting is so simple, yet so elegant at the same time. The lush flower arrangements at the entrance is so inviting and sweet. The soft rose petals down the aisle feels like you can walk on a cloud of romance. What a gorgeous setting to get married at.

Romantic Look

The flower girl looking so cute as she carries her little flower basket with a touch of pink roses.

Romantic Look

White flower trees with gorgeous flower arrangements makes our hearts just melt. What a beautiful setting to say ” I do”.

Romantic Look

The bridesmaid’s bouquets full of different hues of pink and white colored roses together with their grey bridesmaids dresses, adds to the whole soft romantic look.

Romantic Look

The escort table draws you in, with its beautiful white flower tree arrangement and pink and white roses at the base. Simply gorgeous!

Romantic Look

Romantic Look

From the ceremony to the reception, the soft romantic look gets even better. Yes, it is true. The guest tables have a tall and grand centerpiece with lush pink and white roses. So elegant.  Are you gasping at the flower chandelier hanging over? We love how romantic they are.

Romantic Look

A simple wedding cake with touches of pink and white roses creates a real romantic feel. Did you see the cake topper? How beautiful is that? We love it, and as much as we love cake, we do  not want t to cut into this one. We can just stare at this all day. All day.


Vendor Information:  

Wedding Flowers: Enchanted Florist
Wedding Coordinator: Paula Laskelle of Champagne Taste
Photography: Triplecord Photography

TLC’s Four Weddings Episode Recap: January 18th

Did you watch last night’s episode of “Four Weddings” on TLC?  What are your thoughts of the four brides and their weddings? What details stood out for you? Here is a recap of the episode:

Who are the Brides?: 

  • Zoranda, a princess bride who loves family. The wedding starts at a beautiful church with it’s high cathedral ceilings, stained glass windows, and long center aisle. The traditional Catholic ceremony starts with her grandmother walking her down the aisle and her daughter as the flower girl. After enjoying a large spread of food at the cocktail hour,  guests enter the ballroom for the reception. The reception features a large white dance floor, purple up lighting, and tall centerpieces with purple, white, and pink flowers. After dancing the night away, guests enjoy a firework show.
  • Anumita a bride who is in love with New York City has her wedding city set in, of course, New York City.  The ceremony features a gorgeous hoopa, candle lit tall vases along the aisle, and chandeliers hanging above.  Anumita’s dress featured a long beautiful veil which flowed nice down the aisle. The couple had a Jewish ceremony. To find their seat at the reception, guests would pick up a New York Metro card. Tall chandelier style vases with full flowers were found on each guest table as the centerpieces. The whole room was large with chandeliers hanging tall, some purple up lighting, and candles. The dance floor was full of energy among all the guests.
  • Karen a bride who has a destination wedding set outside Long Island, NY. Guests arrive to the wedding on a short boat ride over to the Fire Island. Dockside, the ceremony featured a white alter, flowers, guests from the community, and Karen’s two son’s who walked her down the aisle. Since the wedding was in October, and weather is cold, all guests were offered a blanket to keep warm during the ceremony. Inside a covered veranda, the reception took place. Simple decor consisting of small vases of flowers, candles, and twinkle lights. A buffet full of various stations were enjoyed by guests. The dance continued with a live country band and some line dancing.
  • Marie loves Halloween and Gothic details. As guests walk into the cathedral, they are greeted by performers on stilts, and then find their seat. A very dark space was lit with candelabras all around.  At the front of the ceremony, there were performers in ballerina outfits, moving around. Personal vows were shared between the couple.  Cocktail hour featured a tarot card reader, and some unique decor. The ceremony space is transformed into a beautiful reception room with red up lighting, long tables of black linens, lit candelabras, red flowers, and skulls. The cake was very nontraditional. It was a black three tier cake with red roses cascading down the side, and words of ” Till Death Do Us Part” on the front. 

Cool factor:  There was one detail from each wedding that stood out for me. What I loved at Zoranda’s reception was the big news that was shared with all their guests. They announced that they were pregnant. I thought it a really sweet way to share such news with your closest friends and family. A total family affair.   Being a big fan of dancing, I really enjoyed Anumita’s  Bollywood Indian dance with her bridesmaids, and then later with her groom. I think it so much fun when a bride shares something traditional and fun with all her guests. It is not only entertaining, yet, special at the same time. What a great way to get the party started.   What I thought was stylish at Karen’s wedding was the hanging branches above and chandeliers hanging off of them. I had never seen this decor, and thought it was pretty unique and lovely. Marie’s wedding had a lot of great details at her Gothic/Halloween/ Dark wedding theme. However, I really liked the guest table decor. The large gold candelabra with lush red roses, gold chargers, and skull napkin holders were really nice. It complimented the theme perfectly.

Who won? Congrats to Zoranda for winning!  She and her husband won an all expenses paid honeymoon to Cabos, Mexico. I was not surprised  at all about Zoranda winning. While I can not account for the food since I wasn’t actually there, I did like the originality, venue, and the dress at Zoranda’s wedding. The family affair theme really showed at her wedding. Her daughter as a flower girl, her grandmother walking her down, the pregnancy news, and small touches of family inspired decor all complimented her theme. Way to go Zoranda!  So how did the other three brides score? Karen came in second, Anumita in third, and Marie in fourth place. Were you surprised by the results? What did you think about Marie’s reaction?

Stay tuned to Bridal Hot List  for more TLC updates on wedding themed shows!

Neon Inspired Wedding Ideas

Did you ever think that hot pink, hot orange or hot green colors can make it into an elegant wedding setting? LVL Weddings & Events together with some incredible vendors pulled this all off beautifully. I had never seen this done, and was absolutely amazed when I saw how pops of hot colors can make a simple setting come to life.

From Kim at LVL Weddings & Events:

When Jennifer from A Girl and A Camera came to me with the idea for a neon stylized wedding shoot, I was thrilled.  I had already been buzzing with ideas for how to incorporate neon into my next event!Our goal was to inspire and  show brides how to incorporate something unique and fun into their wedding without being over the top. We wanted to share with couples you can be fun, bright and energetic but still pull off an elegant wedding. We also incoporated a few fun DIY projects for our brides to play around with at home.

We used the picnic table provided by the venue, we covered it with a textured white linen, provided by Napa Valley Linens, allowing for the neon colors to pop even more. LVL Weddings & Events made the DIY gold glitter garland and the Mr. and Mrs. signs. The Petal Company provided all the amazing floral arrangement in her DIY spray painted neon pink vases. The model, Kendra, got all dolled up by The Makeup Dolls .

Get ready to be neon inspired!


Vendor Information:
Coordinator: LVL Weddings & Events

Stationery: Aerielist Press

Photographer: A Girl and A Camera 
Venue: Green Oaks Creek Farm & Retreat
Flowers: The Petal Company
Makeup & Hair: The Makeup Dolls
Cake: Filigree Cakes & Pastries | Facebook
Dress Designer: Haute Bride
Bow Tie: Intwined Bows
Jewelry: Vici
Veil or Hair Accessories: One World Design
Prop or Furniture Rentals: Pleasanton Rentals
Linens: Napa Valley Linens
Model: Kendra Rae

Flowers and Decor

Bride’s have their own personality and style, and when it comes to their wedding day, their style and design is seen through the color, flowers and decor they choose. Every bride will choose a decor and style which best fits her and her groom’s taste. What is there vision? What kind of ambience do they want to create for their guests? Choosing the right flowers and decor that meets your taste and style can make your wedding into a dream come true!

Lets take a look at some different bridal designs:

  • Garden Bride: This bride may have her ceremony in a beautiful garden full of flowers, trees, water fountains  and birds singing away. She wants to continue the garden theme throughout her wedding and into the reception space. Take a look at how beautiful this table and all the amazing decor looks. I love this look as it is perfect for a garden wedding. The inside of a dull ballroom can be transformed into a gorgeous garden!

Here is a close-up. I simply love all the details of the wooden drawers with the cali lilies and tulips peeking out. How sweet!

I absolutely adore the “Mr. & Mrs.” bags! How perfect is this for the sweetheart table?

  • Vintage Bride:  Going back to a time where things were simple and elegant. More and more brides are choosing a vintage look, from their wedding gown, and hairstyle, to the overall wedding day design. This large table is stunning, with its beautiful florals, candles, and a wall of art. It is so inviting, that it makes you want to just sit down and have dinner. I know I do! Look at the fabulous details.

Take a look when the lights are dimmed, it gives a more intimate look.

Here is a close-up of the beautiful flowers, I love them!

Did you see the wall behind it too? Just imagine this for your wedding. You can have this behind the cake table, sweetheart table, or can cover a whole room!

  • Romantic Bride: This bride is a hopeless romantic, and  loves everything that relates to romance. She loves soft fabrics, white and light pink roses, and simple elegance style. A simple yet beautiful table with the perfect details for that romantic wedding theme. Are you gasping at the flower chandelier hanging over? Take a look at the gorgeous chair covers, I love how romantic they are. When you add this fabulous tent surrounding the table, it brings this whole look come together just perfectly. Simply romantic!