Patriotic Engagement Session from Jessica Lee Thomas

Before we start celebrating the 4th of July, we thought to share with you a lovely Independence Day e-session featuring the most sweet couple.  Danny is currently serving our country in the Army, and this session and location was perfect for these two love birds. This session is not only celebrating America’s birthday, but a couple’s love for each other. We LOVE this session and thanks to Jessica Lee Thomas for the breathtaking images. So, before you start the beach/pool parties, or barbecuing, take a moment to browse this amazing session.











From Jessica Lee Thomas

Crystal & Danny’s Love Story Session is one I will always remember. From the representation of their upcoming  4th of July Wedding Day, to the military tribute,  and most of all, the beautiful love these two share… their Engagement Session was perfect in every way. It’s important for me as a photographer to not just capture “photos” for an Engagement Session. Instead, I love to capture a Love Story that represents the two as a couple… and really stands to remind them (in many years to come) of their unique relationship. When Danny & Crystal told me they wanted to have their session on the Queen Mary, I knew it would be perfect. It is not only a symbol of patriotism, but also the backdrop to an incredible wedding on the 4th day of July at Hotel Maya. When Danny showed up in his Army Uniform and Crystal matching in her gorgeous army green skirt, black top, & pumps, I was thrilled! They looked amazing & the Queen Mary was a perfect setting for them. The entire afternoon, Danny was so attentive with Crystal. He was a perfect gentleman. Crystal just radiated with her love of Danny, as they laughed effortlessly throughout the session. When Danny and Crystal took out their over 6 ft. tall American Flag, we captured photos as we celebrated the United States of America and most importantly all those who serve selflessly for our Freedom. We also celebrated the day to come- when the fireworks would light the sky above their venue at Hotel Maya, while these two celebrated being husband and wife with their closest family & friends.

USA Love Engagement Session from Jaime Davis Photography

This week it is all about the red, white, and blue. We are super excited because the USA team is playing in the FIFA World Cup game today! We are cheering them on loud and proud, and chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!”. The USA team is not the only team we are cheering for today. We are applauding and cheering for this adorable and lovely couple and their amazing fourth of July inspired engagement session. What makes this session even more fabulous? The talented gal behind the lens. None other than our lovely friend and photographer, Jaime Davis of Jaime Davis Photography . Yep, she has done it again. Wowed us with her amazing photography skills. This couple is so cute and adorable. We have never met them, but we can just want to hang out with them all day. We love how they are showing off their USA love at this popular local Orange County spot. Perfect for any beach lover.  So, before cheering on your team today, take a moment to browse this fun red, white, and blue engagement session. If you were not in the spirit before, you will be after viewing the incredible images.  Enjoy, and GO TEAM USA!

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Meet Jillian and Aaron. They both love red white and blue and wanted to tie that in along with boating/beach for their engagement session. What I love is how they incorporated their daughter, Charlotte and included her in the session. What a cute girl she is! Jillian and Aaron, along with their daughter had a blast the day we went to Balboa Island and the Fun Zone. This location could not be any more perfect for this family.  From the boardwalk, to the sands of the beach, taking photos of this family was so fun!We laughed, and had such a great time! Congrats to Jillian and Aaron!

Laguna Beach Engagement Session from Jaime Davis Photography

I will always be a fan of beach engagement sessions. I guess it has to do with growing up in Southern California and being a total Cali girl. I love the beach, and can not imagine living anywhere else. The same is true with this super adorable and sweet couple.  They love the beach and chose Laguna Beach, California as their spot to capture some of their lovely moments as soon to be newlyweds. You can tell how much this couple loves not only the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, but each other. Their love is so obvious with the stunning images all captured by our very talented friend at  Jaime Davis Photography. These images are so amazing, that I kind of want to sneak away and head to Laguna Beach for a bit. Enjoy this e-session and fall in love with this gorgeous couple and their day at the beach!

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From Jaime Davis Photography …

I had an amazing time capture Mollie and Brenton’s love story. Mollie went to Australia to become an Au Pair and next thing you know she finds her soul mate. These two even scaled some crazy rocks for me, now that is trusting your photographer! I got some amazing shots and had a blast getting to know these two better before their big day!


Balboa Pier Engagement Session from David Marano Photography

This California girl is totally in love with this engagement session from David Marano Photography. Growing up in Southern Orange County, California, I spent many summer days at the various beaches, and Balboa Pier was one of my favorite spots. So when I saw the images pop on my computer screen, I soon recognized the scenes, and was instantly hooked. I knew  I would fall in love with this session.  Image after image, and it was so hard to choose which images to feature. Smiling as I chose, I ended up choosing most of the images! Yes, this is a session you will not want to miss. Your Monday is about to get better.  Go ahead, and take a look at the gorgeous photos of this adorable couple in the most beautiful setting.




















From David Marano Photography

I was lucky enough to photograph Jennifer and Aaron for their engagement shoot, I couldn’t ask for a more accommodating couple to work with. We had our date scheduled and location decided at the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach about a month out, and a week before the engagement session Southern California was actually expecting rain. Unfortunately, Aaron is very limited with time since he travels a lot for work so rescheduling was not going to be easy. I asked Jen, if they’d be willing to do the engagement shoot in the rain? She absolutely agreed with my ridiculous but brilliant idea. I gladly started my research, searching through endless amounts of images on Tumblr and Pinterest for rainy day photos. With a shot list scribbled in my journal and excitement in my bones of the unknown (since I had never photographed a couple in the rain), things were looking good. Rain had hit the day before, rain that came down strong and unyielding. Not drizzle. Rain. I awoke the next day, immediately getting out of bed and awkwardly walking straight outside to scrutinize the sky. No rain, just sun, scattered clouds, and wind. Hmmm. I ruminated for a bit; Forecast says rain all day? It will come. Oh well, if not. Shoots not till 5pm anyways. It will come, I know it. As expected in Southern California, when a storm is expected to deliver it typically does not. Regardless, the session must go on rain or shine.  If it were any other engagement session, I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Clouds above creating soft light, and a cool ocean breeze. After the shoot, I had completely forgot about the rain. Too excited over the images we had just got. We said our good byes, and sitting in my car peering through my windshield, the spots begin to collect. All of the sudden-cats and dogs.

Venice Beach, California Engagement Session from Michelle Lacson Photography

If you have been following BHL for awhile now, you know that we love ourselves a pretty little engagement session. But when there are engagement sessions like this one that has us bursting with joy. It is all because of this sweet couple spending their e-session at the famous Venice Beach, California spot. Don’t get me wrong, I am pleasantly enjoying the lovely California winter days we are having. Cozy sweaters, boots, scarfs, and stylish jackets…my favorite things to wear for sure. Actually I love the cold weather wardrobe way better than the hot, summer wear.  But, I am totally missing the summer months, and it is all due to this gorgeous e-session featuring an adorable couple. How cute are they? Oh my goodness, so cute!  A darling couple beautifully captured by Michelle Lacson Photography. It is because of these images, that I want to push fast-forward and jump into summer.

This engagement session is guaranteed to knock your pretty little socks off. Go ahead, browse through the stunning images. I dare you!

karabrianengaged-1 karabrianengaged-2

karabrianengagement-2 karabrianengagement-4 karabrianengagement-5 karabrianengagement-6 karabrianengagement-7 karabrianengagement-8








karabrianengaged-9 karabrianengagement-36 karabrianengagement-39





Check out their love story right here:

How We Met – Kara+Brian from Expressionary Events on Vimeo.

From Michelle Lacson Photography

Meet Kara and Brian,  a couple who are the loveliest!  They chose the famous Venice Beach, California for their engagement session. They wanted to rent a bicycle built for two because thats what they did on their first date. How cute is that? I was totally on board to capture their bicycle ride. Super fun I have to say. Not only was this a unique idea for a session, but they were so sweet doing it. You can tell how much fun they were having. This couple is super sweet, and you can tell how in love they really are. Behind the lens, I would just smile in between each shot.  They made my job so easy by being such an easy going, fun loving pair. They are getting married this Summer, August 1, 2014.  Congrats to Kara and Brian!

A FootBall Love: An Engagement Session from Silver Gecko Photography

The Big Game is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with this super fun engagement session featuring an adorable couple who loves to show their spirit for football. We want to keep the team spirit going this week, and that is why we love this e-session so much. Of course it is even better when  Silver Gecko Photography  is there to capture the love that this couple shares with each other. It is kind of sweet to see a couple like this one, run on the football field, and share their obvious love for each other. So get your pom pom’s out and cheer for this cute couple!








From Silver Gecko Photography …

This was a very fun session! I’ve known Liz & Dave for years and I’m more than honored to photograph for them. Dave is one of my fraternity brothers from Sigma Phi Epsilon at Calif. State Univ., Northridge and Liz has always been a big supporter of our chapter. They’re both very fun loving people and huge sports fans!

Our session was originally supposed to start at the football field at Westlake High school, where Dave’s father coaches one of the football teams, but we couldn’t find the gate that was supposed to open for us. This actually worked in our favor since it was ridiculously hot and extremely sunny when we first arrived at the field. We decide to start with what was to be our second location, the beach at Point Mugu State Park. When we got to the beach Dave was telling me how they love to come to this beach since it isn’t well known and and they can watch the waves crash into the rocks at the shoreline.

This was my first time at the any beach since my honeymoon in Hawaii, so it was a little bittersweet, but photographing Dave & Liz interacting and enjoying the environment was great, despite the wind that was blowing Liz’s hair everywhere.

When we got back to the field in Westlake the lighting was perfect, thanks in part to the solar eclipse that was occurring.  I photographed Liz and Dave just playing around on the field and ended with them under the score board, with the setting sun behind them.

Disneyland Engagement Session from Jaime Davis Photography

Excuse me while I drool over all the magical and lovely details of this adorable Disney engagement session. I know I have said this like a million times, but I LOVE the amazing combination of Disneyland and couples sharing their love for each other. This combination has me tickled pink. I mean, really? Can this e-session get any cuter than this? Oh, and the couple? Their love story is a good one. Super duper, triple timed cute! Can I say cute enough times? And Jaime Davis Photography was there to capture all the cuteness. Captured in the most magical of ways.  If you are a fan of Disneyland or just anything Disney, this e-session is for you. Actually, even if you are not a Disney fan, but love fun, whimsical, and magical details, then you will fall in love with these amazing images. If their engagement photos look this good, I can not imagine what their wedding day photos will be like.  How can they top this?


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From Jaime Davis Photography …

Elizabeth and Adrian flew out from Nevada to participate in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. They thought what a better way to spend their day before the race at Disneyland with me and taking their engagement photos. Their love story is really sweet.  Adrian proposed to Elizabeth while going up the hill on California Screamin and Elizabeth screamed out a YES as they were coming down! Could it be more romantic? Come on! Although the park was crowded we had a fun time getting to know each other while walking around the park and shooting at some of our favorite locations. Elizabeth and Adrian are getting married this August at the Hotel Menage in Anaheim. It was such a fun filled day with an adorable couple!

The Lab and The Camp Engagement Session from Happy Photos

You know by now that I am in love with engagement sessions. I really LOVE them! But, this one has a special place in my heart. The locations are set at the famous, Anti-Mall (the Lab), and the Camp in Costa Mesa, California. A place that you would find me in my college years, studying in the funky courtyard, with unique little details all around. It was the perfect place to study and feel relaxed. These days I visit both of these fabulous locations when I want a bite to eat. I can literally spend hours at either of these locations. Good food, and good ambiance. I can see why this adorable couple chose these unique locations for their e-session. It fits their personalities, and brings out a certain joy and love which is totally obvious in the images below. See how Happy Photos captured the sweet love these two show off in each and every image. You may want to grab your coffee, and sit down for this one. Its a pretty good one!

























From Happy Photos

Meet Shauna and Greg. Shauna is the marketing director at Scott’s Resturant, and Greg is a school teacher. When I asked  them about their engagement session, they told me that they  wanted something out of the ordinary. (So, no beach or park location). But rather they wanted a location which fit their fun and quirky personalities! The Lab and the Camp in Costa Mesa was the perfect location for these two love birds. Each spot had a unique detail about it, and the couple seemed to fit right in. There were some pretty amazing spots to take photographs at both of these locations. Shauna and Greg made my job easy. They were so much fun to work with, and I could not help but smile behind the lens.  Congrats to Shauna and Greg!

Oregon Winter Engagement Session from Jaime Davis Photography

So, I am a Southern California girl, who is in total love with this winter engagement session. I don’t typically like the snowy type of weather, but there is something magical about this e-session that has won my warm California heart. This lovely winter scene with snow capped trees, and surrounded by freshly fallen snow is totally dreamy. The couple? Do I have to even mention how adorable they are? They are so obviously in love while surrounded by white beauty, that it doesn’t get more pretty than this!  All captured so gorgeously by Jaime Davis Photography. Thank you to an incredible photographer like Jaime Davis Photography for opening my heart to this lovely winter snowy day. Smiling from cheek to cheek.

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From Jaime Davis Photography

Kate and James were engaged over the summer of 2011 and got married July 2012. Kate is my best friend and while I was visiting her this winter in Oregon after they had a HUGE snow storm, I thought it would be fun to take some engagement photos since they did not have the chance to do that before their wedding. Kate and James loved the idea, and could not wait to get started. We headed to Mount Bachelor where it was about 15 degrees out. Yes, it was pretty cold, but I had such a blast capturing photos of such a lovely couple in such a gorgeous place, that I forgot how cold it really was. Kate and James are such a fun couple, that this e-session made me smile behinds the lens. It was a cold, but beautiful day!

Crystal Cove, Newport Beach Engagement Session from Manya Photography

It has been a sweet holiday week so far, and we are halfway there. Tomorrow marks a day of eating, watching football, being with family or  doing absolutely nothing. Sounds pretty good right? But, before all that, how about treating yourself to the most romantic, sweet, and adorable engagement session from Manya Photography. As you are finalizing the menu, or stuffing that delicious turkey, take a break and prepare yourselves for a romantic e-session surrounded by gorgeous beachside details.  This couple is so cute, my heart  got a bit more happy, just by viewing their adorable photographs. You can tell they are totally in love. Their love totally compliments the beautiful details surrounding their e-session.  What a wonderful way to get your holiday cheer on right? View the incredibly romantic photographs which Manya Photography captured. See why each and every photo is gushing with sweet love. Enjoy an e-session before all the holiday festivities begin!






















From Manya Photography...

Meet Johnnie & Amy: They are both such a sweet and lovely couple. You can see how much love they have for each other. It is so obvious!  They choose Crystal Cove, Newport Beach for their engagement shoot because it’s where Johnnie proposed to Amy. How sweet is that?  I always like my couples to feel comfortable, have a lot of fun, and to join in on the creativity. I tell my couples if they want to try out something, I’m all for it! I love capturing such a milestone in a couple’s lives. It was special to be part of that moment. It was a great experience. They were a lot of fun to work with. They love to smile, laugh, be romantic, silly and sweet, those are my favorite type of couples. I’m was honored to be Johnnie & Amy’s wedding photographer. They got married in Kerman, CA and  had a traditional Russian wedding.