Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Wedding Island” Episode 2

I really loved the premiere of TLC’s new reality wedding show, “Wedding Island” which aired last night.  What did you think about the show? Crazy fun right? I loved watching wedding planner, Sandy Malone pull off the impossible and create a perfect wedding day for couples.   If you missed the episode last night, don’t worry because there is another new episode on tonight. Yep, one more episode of following Sandy Malone and her team run around throughout Vieques Island as they put together a dream wedding for two couples. Sandy is the only wedding planner on the tiny island, and that means, she has to work even harder in making sure all wedding planning is on track and executed beautifully.


 On tonight’s episode: Sandy Malone has booked two weddings on the same day, (12.12.12.), and that means her team must work extra hard to make this happen!  Sandy faces a demanding bride on one side, and on the other side,  a couple who relies on Sandy to be their planner and their minister.
Bride Jessica and her groom want to have their wedding set at a venue with an ocean-view,  details of lace and turquoise colors, and a sunset ceremony. However, Jessica is one demanding bride, and Sandy wants to make this bride happy. Oh, and did I mention there is some major drama like losing the wedding rings? Will they find it, or will Sandy come to the rescue?
The second wedding, the couple wants to get married at 12:12pm, with a hand fasting ritual at the ceremony, and then a romantic lunch following.  They want a simple and elegant wedding to share their love with each other. This couple is also asking Sandy to officiate their wedding.
 So how will Sandy and her team pull off two weddings in one day? Keep in mind there are limited supplies and resources on the island, so how will this all come together smoothly for both weddings? You will have to tune in tonight and find out.
“WEDDING ISLAND” premieres tonight at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight! You will not want to miss this episode.