Top Ten First Dance Songs

Good morning Sunday lovelies! Enjoying the weekend? Sad to see it end? We are too. But, do not worry, we have something to brighten your day and end the weekend with a bang! You know we are always trying to find the hottest trends in all things wedding right? Including what is hot and trending in music at weddings. Yep, we love to find out what couples are requesting  for their song list for their big day.  However, your first dance is a really special moment and choosing the perfect song is really important. It is the first dance as husband and wife. So, we wanted to find out what the top ten “First Dance” songs are that couples are requesting.

So, we asked Mike  S. Yanez, Owner of SELECT SOUND SERVICES, to share what the top ten “First Dance” songs are.

SELECT SOUND SERVICES caters to each and every one of our clients. Whether its a fundraiser, special event, or production, we create the sound that YOU specify. Especially when it comes to weddings. If you’ve been to as many weddings as I have, you start to hear some of the same songs. For good reason, these songs are great and they are classics. However, our clients have given us some gems that we found to be just as great as the classics, but maybe over looked. We thought it might be fun to compile a Top 10 List of First Dance songs that our past clients have chosen for their wedding. 

1.  “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin 
A classic rock song that sums it all up. I mean its written poetry over acoustic guitar, Robert Plant singing, dramatic runs throughout the ballad, it even has organs. You can’t get more wedding song than organs!

2.  “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder
You had me at Stevie, right?! A bit more traditional, touch of soul, but totally powerful and can bring a tear to everyone in the room.

3.  “So High” by John Legend
A contemporary R&B song that totally describes a new love, flying high, into their own world. “And when morning comes, we’ll see the sun is not so far, and we can’t get much closer to GOD than where we are.” Nice!

4.  “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding
There isn’t much that is more romantic than a man, confessing just how sick in love he is, at the top of his lungs. A classic soul record, that all ages usually get into.

5. “Adorn” by  Miguel 
A contemporary R&B song, a bit up tempo, laced with a nice baseline and Prince-like high notes that make the hair on your neck stand up, in a good way.

6.  “How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)” by James Taylor 
A fun, up tempo blues track from Sweet Baby James himself. It was hard to keep everyone from joining the couple for their First Dance.

7.  “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker 
Great Blues kind of song! The dramatic piano, his signature voice, the passion is so present in this song. Makes everyone emotional when pumped through a set of good speakers.

8.  “Let’s Fall in Love” by Rod Stewart ft. George Benson
A beautiful jazz record that brightens up the room. Dramatic strings, George Benson on the guitar, and Rod Stewart sounding very lounge without the cheese.

9. ” Some Enchanted Evening” by Frank Sinatra
A classic musical number from Old Blue Eyes. A story of meeting that one person, and “Never letting gooooooooo” Frank brings it home with the horns, strings, and the kitchen sink. A more traditional sound, with some power ballad mixed in.

10. “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill &  ” My Best Friend” by Tim Mc Graw
So we totally cheated on this one. 2 country classics by the most loved couple in country music. Technically, you could say the two are one. The titles say it all.

We hope you enjoyed the Top 10 List of First Dance songs chosen by past SELECT SOUND SERVICES clients. We are here to serve, and would love the opportunity to work with you on your next event. Visit us at



Cocktails & Refreshments: Open House at Invisible Touch Events

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Invisible Touch Events provides DJ‘s, MCs, Live Entertainment, and Lighting for weddings. They have been providing these services for over 23 years, so you know you will have experienced professionals.

Come and enjoy cocktails and refreshments on Tuesday, October 23rd from 7:00PM-9:30PM.  The event is free to attend,  just RSVP by calling 949-450-9950 or email at


Five Ways to Create the Perfect Ambience

Do you want to know the secret in creating the perfect ambience at your wedding? Its easy! Just use the five senses!

  • Sight:  You want to go from boring to stunning? Lighting is everything and sets the mood. Lighting makes all the wedding details come together. The flowers, cake, ballroom, and reception tables all look better with lighting. Look at this stunning room!
  • Sound: Sound is the most powerful sensation! Whether it is live band or DJ, the sound has a tremendous effect when state of art  sound equipment is used. Music sets the mood, whether it is a steel band emphasizes a Caribbean theme setting a Polynesian feeling, or a Mariachi band setting a Mexican fiesta feeling.
  • Smell: Want to create memories for you and your guests? A smell can be tied to a memory, whether is the warm chocolate chip cookies your mother would bake when you were a child, or hot apple cider simmering on the stove during the holidays, it evokes a happy childhood memory. You can create new memories for you and your guests when scents are incorporated into your wedding. If you love the scent of vanilla and incorporate the scent as vanilla candles at each table, then whenever you smell vanilla it can remind you of your wedding day.
  • Touch: Textures can excite, soothe, satisfy, and create feelings of mystery, luxury, variety and frivolity. Whether it is silk linens, soft chair cushions, or crunchy Tortilla chips, they all bring a certain sensation. Check out this “grass” covered furniture!
  • Taste: The grand finale of all the senses! Taste of the drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert can either leave a good or bad taste in your mouth.  More than the other four senses, the food and drinks can make your guests happy or not.  If they had the most delicious coconut shrimp, or the tenderest skirt steak, your guests will probably be very happy. However if the shrimp was not seasoned at all, and the steak was overcooked, they may not enjoy it as much. Your guests will leave happier with some good tasting food!


Top Five Questions to Ask the DJ

Music can make it or break it. Choosing the right DJ for your entertainment can set the mood for your guests. Guests are typically more happy when the music is really good!

When searching for the right DJ for your wedding, there are some questions to ask, however let’s take a look at the top five:

  • Do you DJ full time? This is great opportunity to find out what they do the rest of the week and what  kind of experience, background, and education they have.  It is also good to find out how long they have been a DJ for  weddings. Being a Dj for a club versus a wedding are two different events, so you want to make sure they have wedding experience!
  • What time do you arrive at the venue? This is good information to have and provide to both the venue and wedding coordinator  Weddings are all on a schedule and all parts of the wedding rely on each other. For example, the florist can not start decorating the ceremony site until it is set up.
  • What type of equipment do you bring? You can ask if they offer lighting, sound upgrades, a wireless microphone, and backup equipment.  
  • How many songs are in your music library? If there is a large selection of songs to choose from, then it makes it easier for your requests, and the DJ will not have to try to find that song you really like!
  • What are the reasons to hire you?  This will give a chance to find out more about the DJ’s personality and get a feel for how they are with you. In addition to your photographer, videographer, wedding coordinator  and venue contact person, you will be interacting with the DJ quite a bit on the big day. So you want to make sure you  have the chance to get to know them!