Wedding Insurance – Yes, It’s a Real Thing

These days, anyone and anything can get insurance on it. Many non-pet owners are surprised that you can get health benefits through your employer for your cat or dog. It should then come as no surprise that wedding insurance is indeed a real thing and that a lot of couples these days are looking into it. With the average cost of a wedding in the United States ranging from $25,000 to $30,000 it makes a lot of sense to take out a policy. Many people insure items that have a lesser monetary value, such as a ring, computer equipment, or even a car. Why not your wedding?

A growing number of insurance companies are offering a wide range of policies that cater to the wedding industry and specifically to couples about to tie the knot. Now, for those of you worried about people insuring against the groom getting scared or a runaway bride, don’t worry, most of the policies actual center around disasters nobody can see coming.

Specifically, insurance against inclement weather is the most popular insurance policy to get for weddings. This is especially important in the Southeast United States in certain months where tropical storms or even hurricanes can derail any wedding plans, even ones indoors. While not everyone might live in perfect weather like in Southern California, even weddings in Maui and Honolulu can easily be subject to a severe storm that can seriously ruin what should be a magical day.

Some policies blanket just about anything that can go wrong. If one of your vendors fails to show up, then you can claim that on your policy. Anything break, fail to appear, or the whole event cancelled for any number of reasons? Covered! It just makes good sense, even if it adds $500 to $750 to your budget, to cover weddings. For destination weddings in the Pacific (Hawaii), or in the Bahamas, or in a foreign country, it’s practically a must.

Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if they offer wedding insurance and talk to an agent about covering your big day. In fact, just a random Google search for “wedding insurance” will bring up more than ten people specifically advertising for this keyword! There are also dozens of pages of relevant links to companies that insure weddings.

While some brides and industry insiders already know this information, many brides (and especially grooms and parents!) aren’t aware – so be sure to share this link!

Five tips to help you plan ahead for Contingencies

Freak rainstorm

Freak rainstorm

The invitations are out. The dress is fitted. The butterflies are making their way to your stomach.

In the days before your wedding, there are so many indescribable emotions, but fear of a major disaster will not be one of them, because BHL helped you identify potential wedding day pitfalls and five tips to prepare for them!

Problem #1- Inclement Weather. The most obvious problem that comes to mind is rain or extreme wind on your wedding day at your outdoor venue. It could be in the middle of the desert in July, but trust us, it could happen and it has happened. Never underestimate Mother Nature! If you have planned your wedding to be primarily outdoors, be certain there is an indoor venue on standby or easy-up tents available.

Problem #2– A member of the bridal party is MIA. Your bridal party has a life outside of your wedding, and sometimes situations arise. Maybe they have to attend a funeral instead, came down with the stomach flu, or missed their flight. Don’t take it personally, and besides, no one in the audience is going to really know that person is missing. The show must go on. If you want to keep your bridal party numbers equal, ask a cousin or a co-worker to join your team!

Problem #3– The bride or groom has an emergency. Again, things have a way of coming up at the last minute, so take a moment to think of hiccups tailored to your own life. Have a back up inhaler or allergy medicine if you need such items. Do you wear contacts? Have an extra set handy as well as contact solution. Sometimes limos are late, vintage cars break down, or the horse for the carriage gets spooked. Have a backup transportation plan, just in case!

Problem #4– A vendor is MIA. Keep an open line of communication with your vendors. If you have trouble getting a hold of them in the beginning phase of business, then you probably want to find another vendor. Have a few different modes of contact for them and their assistants. Share these contacts with your Maid of Honor or wedding planner so if something is late or missing, someone else will take care of it and you don’t have to stress.

Problem #5– Your Dress got Ruined! Oh no!! Aunt Rose spilled red wine on your dress when she went in for a hug! Savvy brides have an extra, likely less elaborate dress and shoes on backup just for situations like these. Maybe it’s a cocktail dress and sparkly Tom’s shoes, or a slick white satin pantsuit. You can quickly and discreetly change out – not only will no one be the wiser, but you’ll look simply fabulous in a second ensemble!

Yes, it is hard to be prepared for random disasters that may never happen, but for every major planning decision you make, imagine how it could go wrong. Brainstorm with your bridal team on ideas to creatively work around any contingencies. At first, it may be anxiety inducing, but at the end of the exercise, you should feel confident and ready to face whatever comes your way.

In the end, the only thing that matters is that you and your honey are hitched. The disasters make great stories, but are avoidable for the most part. Be sure your bases are covered so you can enjoy your day as smoothly and carefree as possible.