Wish Upon a Wedding Blissful Wishes Ball 2014

On this gorgeous Wedding Wednesday, it seemed appropriate to feature a fabulous event for a wonderful cause. A week ago, the Wish Upon a Wedding Southern California hosted their annual gala at the Hilton, Costa Mesa California. With 180 guests at attendance, and some amazing sponsors, the gala was a success!  You know that I love weddings and not only because they are pretty to look at, but the fact that it  brings two people together to express their love for each other. Then add Wish Upon a Wedding, who provides a wedding dream to couples who are facing terminal illness or life altering circumstances, and I am really touched. I was so excited to be part of this night, and  be surrounded by not only lovely and gorgeous details, but to see how many care so much for this cause. I smiled the whole night, and can not help but smile as I write up this feature.








A few words from Percy Sales, President of Wish Upon a Wedding Southern California Chapter…

The 4th Blissful Wishes Gala was a huge success! The board of Wish Upon a Wedding Southern California would like to thank everyone who attended, our sponsors, donors and volunteers! The evening included a live and silent auction that included a trip to Bora Bora, a ride in a Formula Drift car, and a lively photo booth by The SoCal Shutterbooth Girls. Guests danced the night away to the sounds of The Society Band and a special performance by Frenchie Davis, star of The Voice, American Idol and Broadway. The most heartfelt moments were speeches by our recent Wish recipients John and Jo-Ann which brought the crowd tearfully to their feet. Shining Star honorees were Rev. Clint Hufft. Pauline Parry and Kevin Covey.

With everyone’s generosity and support we have raised over $45,000 for our organization! Thank you all!





















The Board of Wish Upon A Wedding Southern California

The Board of Wish Upon A Wedding Southern California


 All the Fabulous Sponsors:

Media Sponsors
California Wedding Day
Wedding Wire

Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa
Form Decor
Fusion LinensCopper Willow
Christopher Todd Studio
Mission Visual
Reverend Clint Hufft
Ambiance Designs by Shawn Adams
Butterfly Floral
Flowers by Cina
Lotus and Lily
Shutterbooth Girls
As You Wish Events
Timothy Espinosa Entertainment, The Electric Violinist
Frenchie Davis
One Hope Wine
Calligraphy Katrina
Divas and DJs
Freelance Printing
The Society Band


Three Romantic Places to Propose in Orange County, California

The holidays not only bring holiday cheer, but a whole lot of love and romance as well. Looking for a romantic place to pop the question to the one you love?  You know, the one that is your main squeeze, your everything, the love of your life?  Then check our fabulous list of places in Orange County, California.

Disneyland: If you are a total Disney fan, and enjoy Disneyland with your loved one, this is the perfect place to propose. There are so many fantastic spots in the Disneyland Resort to choose from. In front of the magic castle, on main street, or maybe choose a ride that is favorite for you both. However, my favorite is at the Blue Bayou, the intimate restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Yes, proposals at restaurants may be very traditional, however this is not your ordinary restaurant. Its inside a ride! A classic Disneyland ride which is a total Disneyland favorite. The Blue Bayou is super romantic and makes for an amazing ambience of nightfall, hanging lanterns, and lovely sounds. Make it a magical time!

Beach:  Southern Orange County is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches. Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Salt Creek Beach, or Newport Beach are all fabulous beach towns with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.  You can not go wrong with any of these lovely beaches. Plan out a date night, go to a restaurant for dinner, and then take a romantic stroll on the beach. Once it is sunset, stop off one of the lifeguard towers and pop the question.

1382889_10151964301423210_91105531_nHiking Trail: If you are a nature person, and you share this with your loved one, a hiking trail is a pretty nice place to express your love. Laguna Beach’s Top of the World Laguna Beach’s Top of the World is a beautiful spot with stunning ocean views. Enjoy a hike surrounded by nature’s best, and end with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Get down on one knee and ask the love of your life to marry you!


Please share with us your proposal stories, we love to hear them!


Stand-Out Receptions for Outstanding Couples

What are some adjectives that describe you and your future spouse? Spunky, funky, classic, quirky? If the wedding ceremony is possibly a reflection of you and your significant other’s religious or familiar traditions and backgrounds, then your reception should be a reflection of who you are as a couple! Keep in mind that many people who are attending your reception will only know one of you well, and might not know you and your future spouse as a couple. This is especially true for friends and family who live out of state. Remember, this is a celebration of the two of you as a couple! Here are a few ways to make your reception as unique as the love the two of you share.

1. Setting the Scene
The overall décor of the reception lends a unique vibe that is a reflection of you two as a couple, as a unit. And keep in mind, that unique decorations do not have to mean expensive decorations; in fact, handcrafting your own décor can be inexpensive, and it gives a personal touch to the evening. Instead of having elaborate and expensive flower arrangements on each table, opt for a few classically placed buds, surrounded by antique jewelry, handkerchiefs, and beautifully framed family photos from past weddings. Having centerpieces that are composed of family mementos give the guests a peek into your background, and will honor the family members present at the reception. Plus, who doesn’t love to see vintage wedding photographs?
Involve your guests by having bowls, pieces of colored paper, and a few pens sporadically placed around the venue; print out instructions that ask them to write down their favorite date ideas, or any advice they might have for you and your spouse as you begin this new and exciting chapter. Later on, you can always add a page of “love advice” to your guest book, adding another special memento for you and your spouse.
On the gift table, make a table runner that doubles as a timeline of your relationship. When did the two of you meet? First date? First time meeting the parents? Have photographs of you as a couple accompany the timeline, allowing guests to read and see your unique love story. Have a video of your engagement? Videos of the engagement, birthday and holiday parties of you as a couple, and even childhood videos, act as an entertaining and tender buffer while the guests wait for your arrival. You could even videotape your family and friends telling funny, romantic, or touching stories about the two of you as a couple—as long as they’re reception appropriate, wink.

2. Make An Entrance
This is your grand entrance as a married couple! How you make this entrance can say a lot about who you are as a duo. If you want something classy and subdued, have your guests clink their glasses or give a toast in your honor, or if you’re religious, have a family member lead everyone in a prayer. Want something fun and spunky? Choreograph a dance! You can have it be a surprise dance that is just between you and your spouse, or a funky flash mob with your wedding party. Another option is posting a few simple moves on a private YouTube channel that you can then share with your family and friends, so they can decide if they want to join in on the groovy moves. The architecture of the venue is also important; look for staircases, balconies, and back entrances that can help make your entrance dramatic and noteworthy!

3. Make An Exit (Sort of)
I have been to several weddings where the reception went so long that by the time the grand exit came around only a handful of people were present to send off the bride and groom. A fake exit—leaving the reception after a decent amount of mingling and dancing, only to return back to the party after circling the blocks a few times—is a clever and accommodating fix to this dilemma, as it gives the older guests the chance to send you off and still get home at a reasonable hour, while allowing the two of you to party the night away with the guests that choose to stay later. But just because you have a fake exit doesn’t mean that you can’t go out in style! Get creative with how you are sent-off as a newly married couple. Did you meet in college? Maybe there is a college chant that everyone can participate in before you leave. Sparklers add a magical touch, as do flower petals. Have guests write words of positivity and love on pieces of paper that they can then toss to you and your loved one. Choosing how you exit can also be a fun and creative process. A white horse-drawn carriage is romantic, or maybe a motorcycle or a vintage pickup truck is more your style. I went to a reception where the bride and groom rode off in a vintage fire-truck, ringing the bell the whole way out. It was adorable and feisty, just like the couple.

The most memorable and enjoyable receptions are the ones that really reflect the personality of the couple. It is, after all, a celebration of your union and the unique love you share. Filling the reception with memories, jokes, stories, and photographs will give the guests a peak into who are you are a duo, and will enhance your evening with your spouse—dancing the night away in a celebration that is a visual representation of your love.