Top Five Must-Haves for a Stay-Sane Bridal Kit

Planning a wedding isn’t easy- there’s a reason there’s an entire profession dedicated to expertly handling the event. There can be a ton of stress that goes along with making one big event go perfectly and smoothly. It’s important to be able to take a moment to relax and de-stress so you don’t get overwhelmed or anxious before the big day. We have a few must-have items that you’ll need to get through the hectic planning phase. Just keep this kit stashed somewhere nearby and you’ll feel zen in no time. Bonus points if you’re a bridesmaid and can put this together for the bride!

On the Go Lotion


Keep a small stash of lotion on hand in case you feel dry, or if your head starts to hurt. If you feel a headache coming on, simply take a tiny bit of lotion and rub your palms. Focus on the part of your palm just under your thumb and it can ease the pain. Simple massaging and rubbing can fend off the worst of migraines and headaches without popping any pills. Plus, your hands will get super soft!

Instant Smiles


When you’re getting frustrated or flustered, the best thing you can do is mentally retreat to good times. Thinking about a fun party or people you love can help you refocus and get into a good mood (even if it feels challenging in the moment!). Keep cute pictures that make you smile stashed in your purse or set as the wallpaper of your phone. Having constant reminders of the love and the light in your life will keep you feeling good, even if you’re under stress.

Snack Attack


This may sound maternal- but always pack a snack! Sometimes skipping meals or not eating enough can make people cranky or irritable. You want to go into all your wedding decisions and meetings feeling good and balanced- so attack it with a snack! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but your snacks should work for you. If you’re super active and need more energy early in the day, you may need something a little heavier. If you get sleepy or just need something to chew, maybe little pieces of candy just to wake you up. Keep a stash in your car just in case you need something on the go between meals. Just try not to snack too much before the cake tasting!

Stay Shady


Good sunglasses are a Southern California staple and should never be forgotten! You may need to remember to stash them in your purse before you start running around doing wedding errands for more reasons than just to look cute. Keeping the sun out of your eyes keeps your eyes from straining, preventing symptoms like headaches and eye strains. Keeping UV lights from getting to your sensitive eye skin can prevent your eye skin from aging as quickly. The less damage your eyes receive, the less damaged your eyes look! Make sure your pair of shades is not only adorable, but offer some UV protection. You’ll thank us when you look refreshed and young in your wedding photos!

The Es-scent-ial Candle


Have you ever smelled something and immediately felt happy? Your sense of scent is actually very strong and is known to cultivate memories. Go splurge on a great candle for yourself that reminds you of being happy. If you don’t have any scents that you can think of, look for a stress-relief candle (yes, it’s a thing!). Light it when you get home as you’re relaxing or working on wedding planning. The scent will help you stay level headed and ready to focus.


Top Five Tips for Finding Your Wedding Scent

Beauty products are part of the fun of a wedding- even if they’re beauty products you can’t necessarily see! Perfume and fragrance is an instant way to elevate your outfit and your whole attitude. Finding a signature scent or even a special event scent can be tricky, but we’re here to help.

Know What You’re Working With

Do you have your flower palette yet? Make sure that you know what scents will already be in the wedding! Pairing sweet sugary scents with a ton of flowers may drown out your scent. If you’re doing an outdoor woodsy wedding, a sweet sugary scent will contrast much more and be more noticeable. Figure out what kind of impression you want to leave- whether it’s a bold signature scent or a subtle scent. From there it’ll be easy to narrow down scent palettes.

Do Research

If you have an idea of what kind of scent you like, hit the web in search of what people are suggesting. If you want something earthy and romantic, search for scents described with those same words. Write down all your findings for when you hit the perfume counter. It’s best to come prepared so you don’t get overwhelmed!

Have a “Scent-Tasting”

Hit up a perfume counter or a specialty beauty store (like Ulta or Sephora) with your list of perfumes to try. Don’t wear a scent just yet though- spray them far away from your body and clothes onto a paper scent stick. Do your best to not let any scents linger on your clothes or skin! If they stick to you, it may alter the way you smell a scent. Bring a pen so you can write down what scents are on what stick if you need to- it’s easy to get them mixed up!

Ask For Samples

Narrow your scent sticks down to three that you like. Once you figure out three that you like, ask for samples of them. Most perfume lines send a TON of samples out to their retailers for this very purpose. Just be polite and mention that you want to be sure that the scent is right for you so you don’t have to return it later.


Take a Test Drive

Once you have samples of all of your scents, dedicate one day to wearing each one. Spritz in the morning on your wrists and neck, and keep note of how it smells on your skin throughout the day. Perfume changes along with you, so you won’t go to bed with the same scent you put on in the morning. Take note of any feedback you get on your scent and how you feel about it. Remember to take note if you need to reapply or if a light spritz is too much for you. You can even enlist a good friend to help judge the different scents. Keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so fragrances will smell different on different people.


Five Tips for Planning with Long Distance Bridesmaids

Is your bridal party scattered across the state? Across the nation? Never fear, Bridal Hot List is here! It’s very common to have bridesmaids who aren’t in town. Maybe they’re your besties from back home or your college roommates who left for a new city. Whatever the case, it happens and you know it doesn’t lessen the friendship! The distance may pose some challenges, but we’re here to help. Consider us your bonus bridesmaid!


Schedule Touch Bases

Sure it may feel a little formal, but it’s necessary for keeping everyone up to date! Set up Skype or facetime dates with anyone you can’t grab coffee with at the same time every week leading up to the wedding. It’s good if you have some sort of agenda to go over- dresses, shoes, bachelorette party details, whatever it is you should have some idea of what you need to discuss. Let her know that the talks will be totally wedding-based so she has some idea of what’s going to happen. It helps you both be prepared and keeps you from digressing.

Use the Buddy System

If you have more than one long distance bridesmaid in the same city, say you have a few bridesmaids from your hometown but you live farther away, have them buddy up. Have them keep each other accountable to any tasks they’re responsible and to be there for each other. If your bridesmaids are more spread out, ask for help from your maid of honor. She may have more time to track down long distance bridesmaids and can help out with scheduling or wedding questions. Plus, you’ll get the chance to have your bridesmaids bond (which we love!).

Be Accessible

If you can, be able to facetime or Skype in when your bridesmaid goes bridesmaid dress shopping. If she has any questions, be there to help her. It can be hard to get ready for a friend’s wedding from afar (particularly if there’s a time difference between you two!), so do what you can to be there for her. If you have an email address set up for your wedding, have it go to your phone so you can field any questions remotely.

Help Plan When You Can

Be flexible, but know that you’ll probably need your bridal party at least a few days before the wedding, if not a whole week. If your long distance bridesmaid can’t afford that many days off work, schedule the big events to have her there. Be involved in her travel plans so you know what to expect when she’s around. The more connected you two can be in planning, the more smoothly your plans will go!

Be Thankful

It’s hard being a part of an event from afar- this girl’s got to have put in some work to be a part of it all! When you’re thinking about your bridal party gifts, think about something for her. Maybe a nice webcam so you two can skype or an airline voucher so you can see each other soon. Be thoughtful, she has had to be very thoughtful on her end as well. Being a part of a wedding is stressful as is, but adding travel on top of it makes it a bigger deal. Let her know that you appreciate her. Remember, manners and a ‘thank you’ go a long way.


Top Five Tips for a Drama-Free Bridal Party

If it’s your big day, you shouldn’t have to stress over anything at all. Unfortunately, one big stress some brides have is drama within the bridal party. We don’t want you to have to go through any unnecessary drama though! We’ve got tips on keeping the peace between your girls so you can have a peaceful wedding.

Bond When You Can

If there’s any awkward tension in the group, do what you can to diffuse it with some good old fashioned quality time. Do a Sunday bridal party brunch with manis and pedis, or wake up early to take a hike together. Group activities can create new, fun memories that diffuse awkward vibes. The more time your bridal party spends together, the more time they have to forge new friendships!

Create Conversations

As much as we’d all love to be social butterflies and float effortlessly through conversation, it’s a difficult skill to master! Give your girls a hand by creating conversations for everyone to participate in. If you have everyone over and spend the whole night talking office gossip, your college friends and hometown BFF’s may not feel included. An easy way to create conversation is to go see a movie, then go out for drinks and dessert afterward. Everyone will be able to participate and stay on the same page.

One on One

If you’re noticing any tension between any of your bridesmaids, pull them aside. If you see something, say something. Talk to each person one on one to try and see where any issues may lie. It may be a little much to go straight into a sit down confrontation, so create a safe environment where no one feels judged. Explain your needs and that you don’t want any tension on your special day, and emphasize that you want everyone to have a great time.

Call Rank

If you’re still seeing anyone butting heads after having a sit down, step up and remind them who’s getting married. It is your day, and you deserve everything you want. Tell everyone straight up that you don’t want any drama and to put their egos aside for the sake of the party. There’s nothing wrong with asking this of your friends- if they really are your friends, they’ll listen.

Ask your Maid of Honor

Still getting nowhere? Don’t have time to actually take care of any egos that may not be meshing well? Get your maid of honor on it. She’s your right-hand lady for a reason, afterall! Be gentle when you’re handling other people’s feelings, but be firm. This will affect your special day, so you should have final say. Trust her to de-tense any weird feelings and keep the peace between the bridesmaids.


Follow our five tips, and pretty soon your whole bridal party will be fast friends!


Top Five Tips for Planning a Destination Bachelorette Party

Whether you’re a meticulous maid of honor or a hands on bride, you’ll need some serious organization skills to pull off a destination bachelorette party. If you want to take a Spring break with your girlfriends in honor of the wedding, check out our tips for having the most awesome bachelorette party ever!DestinationParty.jpg.jpg

Start a Chain

Stick to one form of communication with everyone that’s going to keep everyone updated all at once- email. This way you can send links and skip over messages that you don’t need or aren’t relevant anymore. Keep everyone on the chain by hitting ‘reply all’ every time. Just be sure to not reply with ‘lol’ at everything. Keep it strictly to travel related information and save all the side conversations for chat or text.

Do Research

Narrow down any destination options if you haven’t already. Use the email chain to settle anything you’re unsure of with a vote. Be sure to do research on all destinations and activities that you could do and present that to the group with links or reviews. An informed traveler is a happy traveler!

Divide and Conquer

When you have a game plan, divvy up the work so you can all enjoy the festivities. If you have a friend who has a knack for finding great restaurants, have them in charge of finding nearby restaurants or bars. If you have someone who knows hotel professionals, have them in charge of the hotel (you may even be able to score a discount!). Use your awesome team to your advantage to have a smooth and safe trip.

Set Deadlines

Have a timeline and make sure everyone sticks to it! To keep costs down for everyone, get any plane tickets booked at least two weeks in advance of departure. Have everyone get their days covered at work if they need it a few weeks before departure. Keep everyone accountable so there’s no drama later on.

Pack Light

Stick to the essentials and pieces that are versatile. Plan ahead- if you’re spending most of your time at the beach, you may not even need any jeans or sweaters at all. If you’re going out, skip the bikinis for cocktail dresses. Really try to plan your packing ahead so you don’t overpack. If you’re close enough with your bridesmaids, plan out who’s going to bring flat irons, curling irons, or blow dryers. If you can keep it to a purse and a carry on, you’ve done it right.


Top Three Fall Bridal Gowns from Andrea’s Fashions

Are you enjoying this fall season as much as I am?  I have to tell you that I am totally in love with the fall season. We may not get the total fall season experience here in Southern California, but the little that we do,  makes me smile. We are celebrating fall in a fabulous and fashionable way. How? By sharing a few gorgeous fall bridal gowns that are totally trending.   When it comes to stylish and trendy gowns we look to Andrea’s Fashions.  They have provided us their top three fall bridal gowns which are so jaw-dropping beautiful, that we think that every girl would love to get their hand on these. Yes, these gowns SO pretty and totally hot. Again, I love the fall season!

  • Burgundy Satin Gown

This gown is a gorgeous beast! It is high in the front, and low in the back. This color is rich and vibrant and gives any bride a gorgeous pop on her big day. The fabric of the gown makes the color give depth and the pleats in the skirt makes anyone have a skinny waste line. Wow right? There is no seam, as it is an all one piece cut on a circular skirt. The skirt can be changed by connecting the loops to the under layer. Making it an entirely new dress! It can even be done in high in the front, and low in the back, giving more of a train look for walking down the aisle. In love with this creative design. Four dresses in one!




  •  Spanish Inspired Gown

This gown is all French hand embroidery with silk thread and a drop waist featuring a soft full skirt. This dress can transform any bride into a gorgeous Spanish Princess. It brings attention and is a total jaw dropper.  The veil is netted with horse hair to give it that looped shape. It can be used as a veil or tied in many different styles for the bride. This is a ball gown look for  the non-traditional Bride. This dress can be altered to be short after the wedding day for an adorable cocktail dress great for any occasion. Beautiful right?



  • Silk Chiffon Gown

This gown is everything. It features Juliette sleeves which are stunning. The dress is a straight skirt with a corset to give any bride that skinny waistline to show off the curves. It is a perfect dress for the more mature bride. The sleeves can be changed to be both off the shoulder or on the shoulder. Love this hot Valentino red color. So sophisticated and fashion forward for the Fall Season.

image (3)

Top Three Tips for Shopping for a Bridesmaid Dress

After you’ve bought your bridal gown, the very next step is to look for the bridesmaid dresses to complete your bridal party look. Following these three tips will help make your shopping experience easier for you and all of your bridesmaids.

1. STYLE: When you go into a bridal boutique, ask what the popular dress styles are. Consultants can help you find a dress that flatters a range of body types since bridesmaids always vary in sizes. Chiffon is usually the ideal fabric for a bridesmaid dress, as it flows nicely and gives a soft look. You also want the dress to compliment your gown in minute details. If you have a strapless sweetheart top, then match their dresses with the same neckline. If your gown has lace on it, then pick their dresses with a sheer lace top, or one that has subtle lace appliqués. These little details and tie-ins will make the look flow smoothly together.

2. COLOR: Color options for dresses were originally limited to the bridesmaids. Nowadays, brides too can wear different color gowns such as white, ivory, blush, light gold, alabaster, and so on. With that being said, the color choices for bridesmaids can be difficult. Wait to pick your colors after you’ve bought your dress, so that you can match them accordingly. Also keep in mind that every manufacturer has their own names and shades for their colors. When looking at dresses, ask your consultant for the appropriate color swatches, and ask if they apply to all of the sample dresses. Certain manufacturers only make a few dresses in a certain color or fabric, so it is good to be aware. They will usually change the fabric for an additional fee, so be sure to ask your consultant what your options are so that there aren’t any surprises at checkout.

3. TIME: Believe it or not, bridesmaids dresses may take as long to come in (and sometimes longer) than your wedding dress. Most manufacturers take three to four months to get dresses sent out, but they will also accommodate quick weddings for additional rush fees. It is important to start looking at bridesmaid dresses right after you buy your gown to insure everything will come in on time. You want to avoid rush fees if possible, and you want to allow ample time for your girls to receive alterations if needed. Keep in mind too that most bridal salons won’t place your order until all of your bridesmaids have paid and gotten measured. Be sure that all of your girls are aware of the stores policies to avoid fees or additional stressors.

Top Five Trending Fall Nail Colors

Hey bridal beauties! Fall is officially in full swing, and here at Bridal Hot List we could not be more thrilled. Last summer was all about beachy brights, and this fall is all about sophisticated shades that will look good at all your upcoming bridal events. Let’s go ahead and grab the nail files as we dive right into fall’s trending nail polishes.


A Sunset-Worthy Bronze

If you were looking forward to fall foliage all summer, a burnt bronze is the shade for you. “Rising Star” by OPI ($9, beauty supply stores) is a gold based bronze that shimmers like autumn leaves in the wind. The formula is warm but still packs a beautiful punch. How cute would this shade be wrapped around a mimosa at a bridal brunch?


An Elegant Neutral Tone

If you like shades that are more sophisticated and work well with anything, opt for a muted earthy tone. Pair with similar neutral tones creates a polished, put together look at dinner, or with red or navy to give a little edge to a classic. We’ve been loving “Toasted Almond” by Covergirl Outlast ($5, drugstores) for its’ creamy mocha look and beautiful, long lasting formula.


Calming Cool Tones

Were you loving last summer’s turquoise tone Turquoise & Caicos from Essie? A deep teal-turquoise will be your new favorite shade. “Vested Interest” from Essie ($8, beauty supply stores) isn’t anyone’s standard go-to green- it’s so much more than that. This edgy teal is complementary to cool tones and can easily be dressed up or down for bridal events of any dress code.


Cute Creamsicle

If you’re looking for a shade that will look great when you’re dancing with your bridesmaids, but still be appropriate Monday morning at the office, opt for a muted peachy shade with a yellow undertone. We love “Sunset Sails” by China Glaze ($5, beauty supply stores) because it’s classy, it’s feminine, and it’s a perfect fall color. This shade would be appropriate for a ceremony or any slightly more formal or conservative event, but still looks warm and romantic.


Deep Navy

Deep complex colors are perfect this fall, but keep it cute by not doing black. Try a deep navy like “After School Boy Blazer” by Essie ($8, beauty supply stores) It’s an edgy shade for fall without being too grim or depressing. If you want something smoldering for a bachelorette party or edgy for an engagement party, this is your shade.


Jeweled Bra Straps from STRAPLETZ

It may be September, but we are still feeling the heat in Southern California. So, guess what? Summer is still here!  We are pretty happy about that, because that means we can still enjoy poolside days, the lovely sunshine, and sunbathing at the beach.  Which also means we can keep wearing our tanks and shorts. Yippee! Today, we are super thrilled to share an amazing accessory that can compliment that summer look with style.  It is all about the beautiful jeweled bra straps which can add chicness and style to any look. The bra strap that you WANT to show off. Yep, we are in love with these gorgeous straps which can dazzle just about any outfit. In our books, these beautiful accessories are definitely a hot trend which we can not get enough of. What is even more amazing than just the look, is how comfortable these straps are. All brilliantly designed by Sherry Molavi of  STRAPLETZ, these bra straps are the perfect accessory to that dull and boring tank.  For all the bride-to-be’s and her bridesmaids, these pretty straps can be worn for the bachelorette party, bridal shower, or on the day of the wedding. Why not look amazing and show off those shoulders with some style and add that”WOW” factor?  Or you can even buy these fantastic straps as bridesmaid’s gifts.  So ditch those plain bra straps and replace them with these beautifies, and you can feel and look gorgeous. Ready to get all dolled up?

734397_432351396842223_1826727722_n (2)


164429_432350703508959_2099146917_n (1)





A Los Angeles-based, accessory company, STRAPLETZ has launched a fashion line of jewelry for women’s shoulders just in time summer.  The fashion-forward company sells an assortment of jeweled bra straps as a sophisticated and sexy fashion statement and an alternative to plain bra straps.

According to STRAPLETZ CEO, Sherry Molavi, “Rhinestone and colored crystal bra straps are stylish and complement the wearer’s outfit with a trendsetting look. Whether you’re going to a special occasion event or a club with friends, the STRAPLETZ interchangeable bra straps are sophisticated and sassy.”

Easily attach the interchangeable bra straps to your favorite strapless or convertible bras. Choose from over two dozen handmade and high-quality Interchangeable bra straps.

Strapletz is fashion jewelry for the shoulder.  Created for stylish, trendy women with a fashion sense for fun and unique touches. Strapletz is a unique accessory and a stylish way to show off bra straps with an array of styles to fit different moods or looks. Strapletz can be purchased online at


Eight Maid of Honor Must Haves

Being maid of honor is no easy task. You’re going to be juggling tons of tasks, keeping track of the whole event, and doing it all in heels. After all, the blushing bride needs her right hand lady to keep her glowing! The wedding day is going to be a busy one, so it pays to be prepared. Keeping a survival stash in your bridal bag could save your skin, and maybe even a wedding photo or two.


These seriously have the potential to save the day. The bride is about to have the most public, photographed, and remembered kiss of her life, so her breath situation is high priority. Altoids come in little tins, so they won’t explode in your purse. Mentos are incredibly refreshing and give the chewy-ness of gum without the unattractive smacking noises.


Lighters are a tool, not just something you’ll need if the bride needs to sneak a cigarette. If you catch any frayed strings or anything, a quick pass over with a lighter can typically fix that. Candles go out? No worries, the maid of honor is here to save the day. If the groom and groomsmen are doing cigars to celebrate, you become their go-to girl. You get bonus points for getting one that works with your outfit, or even painting one to match your outfit.

Makeup Removing Q-Tips

Even if you’re not maid of honor, these lil guys are a lifesaver. You crack them at one end, and it releases makeup remover to the tips. These are perfect for touch ups, smudges, smears, and anything else you can think of. They are a little hard to find, but I love the Almay oil-free makeup eraser sticks ($5-$6 for a box of 24, drugstores). A wedding is a beautiful and emotional day, so the maid of honor needs to be prepared for any potential makeup smearing.

Rollerball Perfume

It’s a good idea to have a rollerball in your purse ready to dab on wrists just in case. If your bride has a hair stylist worrying about hair and a makeup artist worrying about makeup, perfume can go overlooked. Stash her favorite scent in your purse just in case. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs ($22, Sephora & department stores) because it’s light, fresh, and romantic.

Blister Block

Yes, it works. Rub this miracle stick ($4-$5, drugstores and pharmacies) on your heels and dance the night away without worrying about blisters. If the bride isn’t usually in heels, this will save her life. Keep it on hand even if the bride is a stiletto queen- one of your fellow bridesmaids may need a little heel help.


Not to sound like your dentist (or your mother!) but flossing is important. No one wants to look back on wedding photos and be haunted by food in your teeth. Toothpicks may crack and break in your purse, and you can find minty floss that will leave your mouth feeling extra clean. Plus, it looks a little more chic in your purse than tons of toothpicks.


Come on ladies, you know why you need to keep a few of these stashed. I like the ones that come in the tabs, not the bottle. Keeping a few tabs in your purse, or even your wallet is much more discreet than toting around a rattly bottle. You never know when cramps or a headache may strike, so it’s great to have a few handy.

For Outdoor Weddings: Nasal Spray

Blushing beauties, you get one bonus tip for all my maids of honor sweating it out under the sun. If you’re heading to a wedding outside, in a field, or generally around pollen, it can be for the better to bring nasal spray. You may look a little dorky for a second, but it’s better than constantly blowing your nose or struggling with your allergies.