Irvine Regional Park Engagement Session

I will always be a fan of the fall season. Its hard for me to move forward to winter, especially when you have a super gorgeous fall engagement session from Jaime Davis Photography. I have also become a fan of this adorable couple and the love they obviously have for each other. All I imagine are big hearts just popping out from each and every image.  This e-session features the loveliest details, and honestly most of them are from the couple. Yes, the backdrops are full of stunning fall trees and beautiful surroundings, but when you have a couple as darling as these two, all you can focus on is them and their love. They are so darn cute! Of course when you have Jaime Davis Photography  there to capture it all, the session is even more breathtaking.  It is no wonder I am a bit obsessed today, as all the gorgeous photographs are keeping me busy on this Monday morning. It is sessions like this one that makes me love what I do even more everyday. I do not know about you, but I am going to grab another cup of coffee and browse through these amazing photos just one more time. Enjoy and Happy Monday!

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From Jaime Davis Photography

Meet Adrienne and Robert. I knew Adrienne from working with her a venue where she worked. She was always so sweet and lovely to work with. When I found out she got engaged, I was thrilled! Then of course when they asked me to be their photographer, I was honored.  Adrienne and Robert wanted a fall themed engagement session. We found the perfect location at Irvine Regional Park! When we arrived I thought it was going to rain pretty hard, but the weather cleared up and I was able to capture some amazing shots. The whole session was super fun with these two, and just a total blast. Congrats Adrienne and Robert!

Top Five Bridal Beauty Tips for Winter Weather

Brrr, it’s cold out there! It’s still chilly and will stay chilly for a few more weeks, are you prepared? If you’ve got your wedding or any wedding events on the horizon you’re going to need to be prepared to weather the weather (see what we did there?). Our top five tips will keep you looking perfect, no matter how pretty or ugly the weather can get.

Seal your Look


If you’re afraid that the rain or humidity outside will melt your makeup, do your part and seal it in. Start with a primer that stays put (we love the primers by Too Faced and Smashbox) before you do your makeup, and when you’re done use a sealing spray (like Model in a Bottle or Urban Decay). The sealers will hold all the color in place and keep your look from melting away. They’re perfect for day long events (like your rehearsal day or for the big day) or before you go out for an epic night.

Lip Butter Base


If the cold makes your skin that much more sensitive, you need to do what you can to keep your skin soft! Before you do your big bold red lips (that we are LOVING this Winter), swipe on a layer of moisturizing lip balms. We love Chapstick, EOS lip balms, and the Jack Black lip balms. Try swiping on some lip balm, doing all of your makeup and saving your lip color for last so the moisturizer absorbs into your lips. It’s also a great idea to swipe on a hearty amount of lip balm before you to go sleep. Trust us, you’ll wake up to the softest lips ever!

Liquid Liner


Liquid liner tends to have more lasting power than the pencil liners- when they dry they’re seriously stuck there until you clean your face. We love the pencil liquid liners because they’re easy to swipe on quickly and give you a lot of control when you apply. The Marc Jacobs liner is fantastic, but a splurge. If you’re on a budget, the Ulta brand liquid liner pen is a great value and stays put all day.

Liquid Concealer


If you’re hiding bags under your eyes or even some cold time breakouts, switch out our concealer for something liquid to keep your skin from drying out. If you have a blemish or a breakout, you’ll still need to keep your skin moisturized. We love the Kat von D Tattoo Concealer because it keeps your skin from drying out but also hides imperfections and breakouts like a champ.

Moisturizing Removers


Moisturizing should extend past your makeup- you should keep it in mind even while you’re taking your makeup off! We love the Neutrogena hydrating makeup wipes this time of year because it gets off every bit of makeup on your skin without drying your skin out. The cold can be so harsh that you need to sneak in those bits of moisture wherever you can!


Industrial Chic Winter Wedding Styled Shoot

It is always hard to start the week after a holiday break. We do not know how you are feeling, but we am feeling a bit stuffed and full from all the fabulous holiday food,  yummy treats, and delicious desserts from these past couple weeks. Today we are packing up all our gym gear and heading for a workout. But before we head to the gym to burn off some of that holiday weight, we want to take a moment to share this incredibly gorgeous styled shoot from Kim Lyn Photography and the team of talented vendors. The gym can wait because this one has us glued to our seats.  Yep, winter never looked so glamorous and pretty. When you have gorgeous golds infused with lush red blooms, an elegant tablescape, and a killer industrial backdrop, then it is a fabulous chic winter wedding.  We’re seriously dying over all the glitz and gold. Oh my goodness, and that dress? Can you say WOW? We are saying it over and over again, and can not handle how stunning it is. Browse through the breathtaking images that will have you “ooing” and “aahing” at every detail. Kick your week off with a chic bang!








































The inspiration from Kim Lyn Photography

The vision behind this shoot was an industrial chic winter wedding.  Ameeta from Birch and Honey Design reached out to me to help her start her portfolio.  Together we came up with an amazing team of vendors to host this shoot.  It was one of my favorite shoots yet.  We are loving the non-traditional bride.



Photography: Kim Lyn Photography

Location:Studio One RI

Design and Decor:Birch And Honey Design

Flowers: Flowers By Semia

Calligrapher: Heather Belle Ink

Makeup Artist:M.A.W.Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio

Rentals: Rentals Unlimited

Top Five Ways to Repurpose your NYE Dress for Weddings

The asprin’s probably kicked in by now- you should be all recovered from New Year’s Eve and ready to take on 2015! Check out your calendar and look ahead at all the fun that’s coming up- the birthdays, the holidays, the weddings (our favorite, duh!). With all those fun dates in mind, we’ll give you the best ways to turn your NYE dress around and make it work all year long.

Blaze Up Your Outfit

If you have something bright (like a diamond) in a bold color, simply do a long straight cut blazer with a matte texture in a neutral color. Be sure to do contrasting colors though- if your dress is deep maroon or blue, pull a khaki or white blazer. If your dress is eye popping pink, pair it with slate gray or black. A long blazer instantly makes your look chic and slimming- plus you have pockets to stash your phone, keys, and camera to snap shots of the bride.

Hit the Hardware

If your NYE dress doesn’t have a lot of texture, add some to make for an interesting, unique look that will stand out at the reception. We love adding studs to pieces- they’re easy to apply and super cheap (buy a bag on ebay for just a few bucks!). If you want something more romantic, replace belts with soft satin ribbon. Get a little crafty and make your dress even more your own.

Give Em the Booties

If your dress is a little too formal for your friend’s beer garden wedding, pair it with some booties over regular heels to make your NYE dress more low maintenance and informal. It’ll be much easier on you, on your feet, and on the dancefloor. If you want to go super grunge, pair it with combat boots. If you want something flirtier, pick up some velvet booties with bows.

Super Tight

If your NYE dress was a little short (ahem- we’re not judging!), pair it with some deep toned or neutral tights. Tights will keep your legs covered, warm, and looking long and lean under your sparkly and fun NYE dress. For this look, skip the bright and bold colors. You want to save the 80’s throwbacks for the DJ, not your fashion choices.

Make Other Statements

If your NYE dress was a little more on the safe side (LBD anyone?) rather than the sparkly side, this is the time to pack on the sparkles. At weddings, you’re sure to find a ton of women in sort of basic, neutral, or non-sparkly dresses. You don’t want to blend in- you want to stand out so you can tag yourself in group photos! Pack on statement jewelry or a bold statement clutch to liven up a more basic outfit. You should wear clothes that make you comfortable and accessories that make you confident.


Colorado Winter Wedding

We do not see much of winter here in Southern California, as most of the year it is sunshine and blue skies.  However, once in a while, I love when a winter wedding comes long that brings a smile to my face. One that usually entails a beautiful winter affair with all the gorgeous details. This one is no exception. This wedding is super romantic.  Behind the lens to capture it all is Mathew Irving Photography.  Pretty snow flakes, lovely white flowers, pine cones, and sparkly details make this winter wedding a magical one. We love that this couple thought of their guests and the cold weather when planning their day. They offered socks to warm up those cold toes, staying cozy and warm throughout the reception. I have seen flip flops, but never socks! This is such a great idea for a cold winter wedding.  And a winter wedding is not complete without a s’mores bar to make your own little treat. Its fun, and yummy. So before you head out to do the day after Christmas shopping, or if you are taking a shopping break, make sure to take time to browse the photographs of this Colorado winter wedding. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and see all the winter details from this romantic affair.




































Karin and Travis had a wonderful, wintery wedding. Despite the unseasonably warm December day, the couple’s carefully chosen details glistened like freshly fallen snow. From the sparkling snowflakes to the frosted pinecones, these newlyweds had their theme covered. Their genial personalities showed that opposites really do attract- an icy theme and two warm hearts are the perfect match.



Photography: Mathew Irving Photography

Venue: Villa Parker

Event Planner: Marilee & Grace Wedding + Event Desigm

Floral Designer: The Garden Path Co.

Wedding Cake: The Makery Cake Co.

Caterer: Three Tomatoes Catering

Top Five Holiday Items for your Wedding

Happy Holidays! We’re almost done with Hanukkah, Christmas is just a few days away, and the holiday season is in full effect- are you feeling the cheer yet? For many of our readers, friends, and family this is their favorite time of the year. If it’s yours too, we’ve got some fun stuff you can stash away for your wedding that will keep the holiday spirit going. If you wait until December 26th, you can probably score these all at a discount, so plan ahead!

Fairy Lights

Putting up lights is always an easy win- be sure to stock up or hang on to yours for your big day! We love the white lights with white cords for weddings and the holidays- try to steer away from the rainbow or color lights. The white lights are neutral and work for all color schemes for your wedding (and for any color scheme you go for with holiday decor!). You can use this to light scenery, light pathways for night weddings, in selfie spots for wedding pictures, all sorts of decor!


We love candles, and they’re a fantastic staple for the holidays.  They’re really easy to find around the holidays, so this is the time to keep an eye out for some that you can use for your wedding. Bonus points if you can score some candle holders that flow with your wedding decor.We love white pillar candles for weddings and the holidays alike! If you got some for your celebrations, save them for the big day celebration as well. These don’t typically go on sale at a big discount after the holidays are over, so just keep your eyes peeled for any sort of discount or deal you can get on them.

Ribbon & Bows

Are you a hard core wrapper (see what we did there?)? We love bows and pretty ribbon, and you can make that work for your wedding too! Keep an eye out for your favorite ribbons and bows and you can use them throughout your wedding as decor, or to jazz up certain not so fancy things. Use the ribbon to tie your silverware into a bundle so it looks pretty and isn’t just folded. Use the bows on the backs of chairs, on name places, or anywhere you can think of that you’d like a little more festive fun.

Fun Foil Paper

It can be hard to gauge how much wrapping paper you’ll need- most of us end up with weird little scraps that aren’t big enough to use on anything else. Don’t immediately toss that into the recycling- look for places where you can use it again! We love getting foiled patterned or plain color wrapping paper that isn’t holiday or season specific because it’s easy to reuse. You can use them as name places or for directional signage (cut letters, table numbers, etc. out of the wrapping paper and stick it on black or white to pop). Start a pile, stick them all in a bag, and get creative when it’s time for some fun wedding DIY projects.

Gift Bags

If you’re doing wedding favors, be sure to pick up as many small gift bags as you can! Gift bags are one of those expenses that can get overlooked, but still come out of your wedding budget. Since there is an opportunity to pick up a bunch at a discount after the holidays, be sure to swoop in on that. If you find some that are great but have some small seasonal images or say something like “Happy Holidays” across it, don’t let that discourage you! You can always cover that with little labels or stickers with the guest’s name on it or your last names and the date. It’s an easy fix and overall, an easy win!


Red Winter Wedding Styled Shoot

With Christmas a few days away, we are in total holiday mode. Feeling so festive and full of holiday cheer. But do you know what has us in the holiday spirt today? This super stylish winter wedding styled shoot from French Buckets and Gavin Wade Photography.  We are huge fans of French Buckets as we are constantly in awe with the talent that is brought from this incredible Floral Designer. This styled shoot is no exception, as it brings a red magical charm which is nothing like we have seen before. When you have a group of talented vendors together at a gorgeous and lovely venue, then we know that we will be inspired.   The color red is so breathtaking and has us swooning over all the details. The lush red flowers, the whimsical tablescape, the elegant desserts, and the rustic venue, all make this photo shoot glamorous and beautiful. We are feeling holiday inspired today, how about you? If you love the holidays and want that holiday inspired wedding, then we think you will fall in love with this stunning red winter wedding inspiration. Before you head out that door and start your holiday weekend, make sure to set up some time aside and browse the amazing images of this red winter wedding styled shoot. We think it will kick your little holiday socks right off!




















Inspiration from French Buckets

Antelope antlers, fuzzy sweaters, golden acorns, hot tatties, fire places a glow; these are a few of my favorite things.


Photographer:  Gavin Wade Photography
Event Design and Floral: French Buckets.
Venue: The Loft on Pine
Hair : Diego Ortega
Makeup – Jennette Pulecio
Food and Deserts: Jay’s catering
Bridal Stylist: Hope Stanley Bridal Stylist
Marry Me Bridal: Bridal Gown
Marquee: Mikaila Jayne Home Interiors
Furniture: Storied Rentals
Magic:  Mary Lallande
Paper Goods: Darla Marie Designs


Arkansas Chapel Wedding

With rain in the forecast, this wedding turned out to be a gorgeous one. And the lovely couple did not allow the rain to stop them from smiling all day. Actually, the rain created a beautiful backdrop for their quaint chapel wedding. Besides the obvious favorite detail of mine, the  bride and groom, what stands out is the magnificent and stunning chapel. It is absolutely amazing! This chapel wedding makes my heart very happy.  Like smiling ear-to-ear and can’t stop. See all the romantic details from behind the lens of  Elmer Escobar Photography.



































From Elmer Escobar Photography

Jade and Drew have this amazing quality about them, where they don’t let things get to them and they’re happy as long as they’re together. This was especially good because days leading up to the wedding the forecast was for rain and thunder all weekend. Knowing that we would be photographing at Garvan Woodland Gardens at least put us at ease if we had to shoot indoors. The beautiful chapel could make a beautiful backdrop if we had to shoot indoors. But of course those who don’t worry and don’t freak out over details they can’t change tend to get what they deserve: a nice clear day! Although it did downpour on the way to the chapel from downtown Hot Springs. By the time we got to the chapel it was slightly overcast but no rain whatsoever. Perfect!

Drew was getting ready with the guys at a different location. My second photographer captured them hanging out, getting ready and when Drew gave his groomsmen their gifts. But soon enough it was time for Drew to see his beautiful bride for the first time. We set them up on a bridge so Jade could walk up to Drew. The reaction from a groom is always a precious moment. You could see the joy Drew had when he first saw Jade. Like a kid on Christmas! They had a few moments where we could do a few photographs with them and their wedding party, but soon enough it was time to line up and make it official!

After the ceremony there was just enough time do a few more photos after family photos were taken and then we had to head back downtown to the Mountain Valley Water building for the reception. We knew by then that it was going to be a really fun reception. All of Jade and Drew’s friends were high energy party people and the band did an amazing job to get them moving. Definitely one of the most festive receptions I’ve seen. One of the moments that I’m sure will stand out to everyone was when Jade and Drew’s mothers got up and danced together. It was such a fun moment and you could see in their faces how happy they were to see their kids getting married. Thank you Jade and Drew for having us. You guys have been amazing from day one and I wish you nothing but the best now and in the future! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Osborne!

Industrial Vintage Southern Wedding

This bride’s “something blue” is one of my favorites. Blue probably ranks high on my color spectrum list, and this shade of blue is on top of that list.  This Southern bride incorporated the beautiful blue color in more than one way. The stunning bridal shoes, the elegant garter, the darling bridesmaid’s dresses, and other small reception details. It is that pop of blue that ties this wedding together so beautifully.  All set at a venue where industrial meets vintage.   Can I please  time travel and go back to the moment these two say ” I do”, and be a part of this Southern wedding? Not a Southern gal, but this wedding makes me want to travel to the South and enjoy all the pretty details.  What makes this wedding even more amazing? A talented photographer, Andie Freeman Photography, who is after my wedding photo loving heart. Captured every moment just perfectly. Each image is makes me smile and say “WOW”.





































From Andie Freeman Photography

Erin and Ricky married in a beautiful vintage, industrial wedding  location.  It was a stunning display of understated fashion with exquisite details..  Erin and Ricky chose a wedding venue that is a converted Industrial cotton mill called The Engine Room.  And it rained. . .I mean rained. . .The whole day.  Poured the rain.  Fortunately, we had lots of natural light from the large windows that grace the venue.  And I could not have asked for a more amazing wedding day!!  Fun and relaxed, we had a great time! 

The brides favorite detail of her wedding day were the “button” on her bouquet.  She states, “My grandfather had passed a few years back from lung caner and his US Navy lapel pins were used as the “buttons” on my bouquet. 


Top Five Trending Lip Colors for Winter Brides

The seasons are starting to change which means that it’s time to change up your color palette as well. If you’re getting hitched this season, or if you just have lots of wedding events on the horizon for the next few months, check out our picks for the top five colors for winter.


Bright Winter Kisses

If you’re not really a winter person, pick up a fun fuchsia color for this season. A lot of colors this season are a little more muted and darker, but if you love your brights go for it! We love this blue based fuschia to bring color to your face- and to pop against your white dress.


Mild Mauves

Tones like this warm raspberry will look beautiful and classic with anything you wear- so it’ll look great with your bridesmaids too. What’s great about this shade is that it’s not overpowering. It is beautiful and noticeable, but will still look balanced and great with full eye makeup. You can use this both for everyday or for the big day- it works no matter what you’re wearing this winter.


Cherry Bombshell

If you’re more into that classic pinup look, we like a really warm bold red look. When you image your wedding day, most people see a beautiful white dress and luscious red lips- this is our pick for winter brides! This shade is a little too deep for spring and summer, but looks so good for winter. You’ll be the belle of your own ball if you pair this with your white dress.


Plummy Nudes

If you’re not big on bright colors, aim for a plummy nude tone. Cold-toned nudes run the risk of washing your face out while it’s cold, so you want something that will bring color into your face. A subtle, nude plum warms your face up without overpowering your look. If you don’t usually wear makeup, this is perfect for your big day since it’s still true to your style.


Deep Wine Lips

If you’re a little more dramatic with your usual look, go for a bold deep red. If you want that Hollywood starlet look, these tones are perfect for you. You want the deepest, sultriest red you can find and be sure to line it with lots of liner to keep it from sliding around. Pair it with simple eyes- keep it to black eyeliner and big lashes and you’ve got an instant classic Hollywood bride.