Happy Easter from Bridal Hot List

Good morning lovelies! It is a beautiful Easter morning here at BHL headquarters in Southern California. We are taking a break from blogging today to wish all of you a very Happy Easter.  Whatever today’s agenda looks like today, we hope that each and every one of you has a very blessed day full of happiness, love, laughter, and joy with friends, family, and loved ones. From our family to yours, Happy Easter!

Take a look at some of our favorite Easter inspirations: (yes they are all flowers, but we love them!)










A Bridal Blogger’s Photo Shoot by Jaime Davis Photography

Good morning lovelies! It probably comes to no surprise that I am obsessed with all things wedding. I mean, I get to write about pretty wedding things all the time.  From viewing gorgeous images on my computer screen, and swooning over each and every image, to attending some of the most fabulous bridal shows in town. Oh, how I love my job!  Today, I am doing things a bit different. I am viewing the images from the mini shoot that I recently had the pleasure of being a part of. Do you want to know how a bridal blogger’s mini photo shoot looks like? You are about to see how much fun this bridal blogger had with this photo shoot.

My husband and I have not had professional photos of us since our wedding day, and that was nine years ago! I wanted this shoot to be perfect. Perfect for my husband and I.  It had to be set in nature, and somewhere quiet with breathtaking views.  The photographer also had to be perfect in capturing the images in nature. So, I reached to brilliantly talented photographer, Jaime Davis from  Jaime Davis Photography , and when I  told her this,  she was so excited to be part of this photo shoot.  Jaime knew exactly where to go, and as soon as she showed me photos of this location, I knew that was the place. It was perfect!

Let me tell you, getting ready for this photo shoot, and then arriving at location seemed like a dream. I still thought that I was there to be behind the scenes of someone else’s photo shoot. I was not used to being the subject of the shoot.  After the first few shots, it still felt a bit strange, and then soon after I was super comfortable and we started to have some fun! Thanks to Jaime who knows how to make a girl feel totally comfortable in front of the lens. My husband and I felt like it was our wedding day all over again. Without the white dress and tux, but the feeling of overwhelming love for each other. We truly had a great time.  Can you tell how much we love each other? I think these images speak for themselves. Ready to see the gorgeous images from a bridal blogger’s photo shoot?


View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

View More: http://jaimedavisphoto.pass.us/niloufarsean

Hair and Make Up:  Laura Cavanagh of Star Beauty by LC 

Photography: Jaime Davis Photography


Happy Thanksgiving from Bridal Hot List

At BHL we are in love with the holidays. Especially when the words “Thank You” are associated with it.  Spending time with family and friends, eating delicious foods, watching football, or planning a shopping adventure is really amazing.  But, what is even more amazing is to think about all the fabulous things we are thankful for. It first starts with you, the readers! Without all of you, BHL will not be where it is today. We are truly blessed for all of our Facebook “Likes”, Twitter and Instagram followers. We also have to take a moment to thank all of our fantastic vendors, venues, photographers, and videographers for allowing BHL to share your incredible talent and inspiration with us. We are inspired each and every day with all the pretty details we are so darn lucky to look at.

Today, we are taking a break from blogging today to share a some of the things we love to do on Thanksgiving.
  • Niloufar Gibson, Chief EditorI love to watch football and have famous Julian Apple pie! Every year, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I go the local market and purchase a a pie, (sometimes two!), and then save it until Thanksgiving Day. I have to hide it because I will be tempted to open it and eat it right then and there! So far, I have been good this year, and I can not wait to sit down to enjoy a very delicious and amazing apple pie!!
  • Andrea Carter, Associate Editor:  My dad and I are really close. On Thanksgiving we like to go see movies and get frozen yogurt, and we always get way too much!
     Gobble gobble :)


  • Jade Arvizu, Contributor: So my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is making tamales with the females in my family. Its a long standing mexican tradition to make tamales for the holidays.  We usually travel to my uncle’s house in Apple Valley where they host dinner for about 30 relatives.   Happy Thanksgiving!

415 IMG-20121122-00898

  • Chelsea Underwood, Contributor: My favorite food for Thanksgiving besides mash potatoes with my mom’s cranberry sauce is challah. We’ve been making it from scratch in replace of bread rolls for years. And as Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year, it is perfect! My grandpa always tries to get the biggest turkey, as there are 11 of us. Last year he got a 23 pounder!

PicMonkey Collage

From all of us at BHL, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Halloween from BHL

I love the holidays, but Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year!  Fun, festive, and totally silly. It is super fun to dress up and be anything your heart desires for one day. Why not right? Besides all the costumes and silliness that goes with it, the desserts are pretty good too. Well, there is just one that comes to mind, and that is pumpkin pie. I can have myself a piece of warm pumpkin pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream anytime and be content.  Pumpkin cheesecake? That is simply divine and mouthwatering good.  I can go on and on about Halloween treats as you know I am a total dessert lover.  We have been having a great time with all the fall details of weddings and all things bridal, and I wanted to take a break from blogging today and share some Halloween fun from the BHL staff. At BHL, the staff is totally into Halloween, and we thought it might be fun to share some Halloween love. If you love Halloween as much as we do, share your costume or favorite Halloween treat on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag us @bridalhotlist. We love to see how you celebrate Halloween! Here is a look at some of the BHL staff and their costumes.

Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor of BHL

Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor

  • Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor: I love weddings as much as I love Disneyland, and pretty much anything Disney. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and made a visit to Minnie Mouse’s home to take a quick photograph. The whole day little girls were so happy when they saw me and said ” Mommy, look, its Minnie Mouse!”. That just made my day. I knew my costume was perfect for the happiest place on earth!
Andrea Carter, Associate Editor

Andrea Carter, Associate Editor

  • Andrea Carter, Associate Editor: Andrea also has a love for Disneyland, (well Star Wars, but that is part of Disney now), and she dressed up as R2D2. She also spent her day at Disneyland. Pretty awesome right?
Chelsea Underwood, Contributer

Chelsea Underwood, Contributor

  • Chelsea Underwood, Contributor: Chelsea is a total nerd for Halloween! She wanted to do something fun this year. Super cute nerd!
Jade Arvizu, Contributor

Jade Arvizu, Contributor

  • Jade Arvizu, Contributor: Jade put her DIY skills in full action as she made both of these costumes for herself and her boyfriend. Roger Rabbit and Jessica! This couple is a fun loving couple, and their costumes are perfect!

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween! From all of us at BHL, we wish you a Happy Halloween!!

Bridal Hot List’s One Year Anniversary Event Recap

Good morning, lovelies. It is a gorgeous Monday morning, and I cannot wait to get the week started! You are probably thinking, why I am so chipper and upbeat on this Monday morning? Well, I have some exciting news and thought it would be the best way to kick off the week. Yes, I know you are still living the weekend dream and probably are having a hard time getting going. But trust me when I say that you will have a brighter morning once you read on and see what I am so thrilled about. I am super excited about Bridal Hot List reaching the one year mark. I cannot believe  that it has been a year already. It has been an incredible year full of some amazing achievements and it’s incredible to look back at the past year to see how far we have come.

We had a great time celebrating the one year anniversary of Bridal Hot List last weekend.  All of our closest family, friends and readers came out to join in on the festivities, and we truly had a blast.  Among those in attendance were a few of our contributors including Chelsea, Tania and Andrea, as well as many amazing vendors.

BHL Staff

BHL Staff



img_7875_std img_7857_std


The Highlights:

The event was very reflective of the site’s vision and style, with colors of soft pink, grey, and white –  a very shabby chic look. The wonderful and ever-so-talented event planner, Erika Bowers, made my vision of all the ideas, thoughts, and pretty details into a perfect reality. I could not ask for a better event planner to help put this all together. As you know, I am huge lover of all things trending and our team is always in search of new and hot trends. So that is why I fell head over heels in love with the idea of a grand wall, all decorated with paper flowers. Can you say “WOW”? I mean, this wall is everything.


Among the many amazing and lovely details, we had a custom made backdrop for the photo booth. The backdrop was made of gorgeous satin ribbons. By now you know that I am obsessed with photo booths and all the fun details that comes with them.  I fell in love with this idea of a ribbon backdrop, and when I mentioned this to Erika, she was on board right away. Of course, she was able to create a stunning custom-made backdrop, all dolled up and ready for action.






I was already happy and just smiling from cheek to cheek with all the beautiful details the party had. But what was the cherry on top? The romantic and whimsical bridal gown from R-Mine. This gown was recently featured on the cover of the Fall/Winter issue of California Wedding Day magazine. This gown was showcased live at the event by our gorgeous and ever-so-pretty model. Oh, and if that was not enough, the lovely and brilliantly talented designer, Armine, was present at the party. She is not only a beautiful designer, but a sweet and lovely gal. I feel so lucky to have met her and featured her gowns at BHL’s one  year party.



Chief Editor, Niloufar Gibson, with model Jasmine, and gown designer Armine.

Chief Editor, Niloufar Gibson, with model Jasmine, and gown designer Armine.




This event was not only about celebrating BHL, but a celebration of amazing and talented wedding industry people. My passion of  “all things wedding” is shared with my lovely wedding colleagues. I am happy and blessed to be among some of the most talented people this industry has to offer. I mean, could it be any better than this?








I have to take a pause here and give a HUGE thank you to my husband. He is my rock, my support, my business expert, and so much more. Without my husband, I would not have reached this one year mark, and BHL would not be where it is today.  Thank you to my love!

Owner and Chief Editor Niloufar Gibson with her husband, Sean

Owner and Chief Editor Niloufar Gibson with her husband, Sean

The Bridal Hot List one-year anniversary milestone turned out to be a great event celebrated with the some of the greatest people around. I cannot wait to see what the next year holds. Trust me when I tell you that there are big things planned for Year Two of the BHL experience.









"BHL" Custom cookies by Sweet Missy's Custom Cookies

“BHL” Custom cookies by Sweet Missy’s Custom Cookies



Thank you to all our readers. We sending you a whole lot of love!


Thank you to all the fabulous and talented vendors who made Bridal Hot List’s One year anniversary party an amazing night!




Vendor Information:

Wedding and Event Planning and Design : Erika’s Elegance

Venue:  Happy Photos Studio

DJ and Lighting:  Invisible Touch Events

Photography: Happy Photos

Videography: Manny V Productions

Florals: Three Petals Floral and Event Design

Linens: Designer Specialty Linens

Cookies: Sweet Missy’s

Cupcakes: Love Me Sweets

Tables and Chairs:  Signature Party Rentals

Photo Booth: Dazzle Photobooth

Pipe and Drape: M Events

Hair: Hair Comes the Bride

Make-up:   Rock Me Up Makeup Studio & Spa

Bridal Gown: R-Mine

Model: Jasmine Nicole Naziri

View all the fun and crazy photo booth photographs by visiting http://www.dazzlephotobooth.com/event-photos/.  Password “tbhl”.  Enjoy!