Happy Thanksgiving from Bridal Hot List

At BHL we are in love with the holidays. Especially when the words “Thank You” are associated with it.  Spending time with family and friends, eating delicious foods, watching football, or planning a shopping adventure is really amazing.  But, what is even more amazing is to think about all the fabulous things we are thankful for. It first starts with you, the readers! Without all of you, BHL will not be where it is today. We are truly blessed for all of our Facebook “Likes”, Twitter and Instagram followers. We also have to take a moment to thank all of our fantastic vendors, venues, photographers, and videographers for allowing BHL to share your incredible talent and inspiration with us. We are inspired each and every day with all the pretty details we are so darn lucky to look at.

Today, we are taking a break from blogging today to share a some of the things we love to do on Thanksgiving.
  • Niloufar Gibson, Chief EditorI love to watch football and have famous Julian Apple pie! Every year, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I go the local market and purchase a a pie, (sometimes two!), and then save it until Thanksgiving Day. I have to hide it because I will be tempted to open it and eat it right then and there! So far, I have been good this year, and I can not wait to sit down to enjoy a very delicious and amazing apple pie!!
  • Andrea Carter, Associate Editor:  My dad and I are really close. On Thanksgiving we like to go see movies and get frozen yogurt, and we always get way too much!
     Gobble gobble :)


  • Jade Arvizu, Contributor: So my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is making tamales with the females in my family. Its a long standing mexican tradition to make tamales for the holidays.  We usually travel to my uncle’s house in Apple Valley where they host dinner for about 30 relatives.   Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Chelsea Underwood, Contributor: My favorite food for Thanksgiving besides mash potatoes with my mom’s cranberry sauce is challah. We’ve been making it from scratch in replace of bread rolls for years. And as Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year, it is perfect! My grandpa always tries to get the biggest turkey, as there are 11 of us. Last year he got a 23 pounder!

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From all of us at BHL, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Halloween from BHL

I love the holidays, but Halloween is by far my favorite holiday of the year!  Fun, festive, and totally silly. It is super fun to dress up and be anything your heart desires for one day. Why not right? Besides all the costumes and silliness that goes with it, the desserts are pretty good too. Well, there is just one that comes to mind, and that is pumpkin pie. I can have myself a piece of warm pumpkin pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream anytime and be content.  Pumpkin cheesecake? That is simply divine and mouthwatering good.  I can go on and on about Halloween treats as you know I am a total dessert lover.  We have been having a great time with all the fall details of weddings and all things bridal, and I wanted to take a break from blogging today and share some Halloween fun from the BHL staff. At BHL, the staff is totally into Halloween, and we thought it might be fun to share some Halloween love. If you love Halloween as much as we do, share your costume or favorite Halloween treat on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and tag us @bridalhotlist. We love to see how you celebrate Halloween! Here is a look at some of the BHL staff and their costumes.

Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor of BHL

Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor

  • Niloufar Gibson, Chief Editor: I love weddings as much as I love Disneyland, and pretty much anything Disney. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and made a visit to Minnie Mouse’s home to take a quick photograph. The whole day little girls were so happy when they saw me and said ” Mommy, look, its Minnie Mouse!”. That just made my day. I knew my costume was perfect for the happiest place on earth!
Andrea Carter, Associate Editor

Andrea Carter, Associate Editor

  • Andrea Carter, Associate Editor: Andrea also has a love for Disneyland, (well Star Wars, but that is part of Disney now), and she dressed up as R2D2. She also spent her day at Disneyland. Pretty awesome right?
Chelsea Underwood, Contributer

Chelsea Underwood, Contributor

  • Chelsea Underwood, Contributor: Chelsea is a total nerd for Halloween! She wanted to do something fun this year. Super cute nerd!
Jade Arvizu, Contributor

Jade Arvizu, Contributor

  • Jade Arvizu, Contributor: Jade put her DIY skills in full action as she made both of these costumes for herself and her boyfriend. Roger Rabbit and Jessica! This couple is a fun loving couple, and their costumes are perfect!

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween! From all of us at BHL, we wish you a Happy Halloween!!