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We love bridal gowns, but today we are obsessing over pretty bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses that are not only fashionable, and stylish, but can save bridesmaid’s money and time.  Sounds amazing right? That way bridesmaids can spend more time with the lovely bride, and help her with all her wedding planning and fun pre wedding events. We are excited about what the fabulous companies,  Style The Aisle & Happily Ever Borrowed and what they offer bridesmaids. We love that all their gorgeous and beautiful gowns and jewelry can be rented! Yes, rented! How wonderful is that? Unless it is the style and color for the gal, the bridesmaid dress is  typically worn only once. We love this idea and what we love even more is that they offer such fashionable dresses and accessories. So for all you bridesmaids, this one is for you.











From  Amy Anaiz Photography

When you think of bridal, it’s hard to think of a sustainability factor. It’s a fleeting moment that only lasts for a few hours and then after the party, there is little to cherish but the pictures and the video. And while your dress and accessories may last a lifetime, you may have spent a fortune on it, only to be able to wear it for a few hours of your life. That is where Style The Aisle & Happily Ever Borrowed come in to save the day. Imagine your bridesmaid’s joy when you tell them they can rent their dress and accessories instead of spending a fortune on an item they’ll never wear again! The two green companies rallied together to present a new collection of rentable items for your bridal party. Not only are they keeping it green, but they’re keeping you stylish as well!



Photographer: Amy Anaiz Photography

Event Designer: Dee Kay Events

Jewelry: Happily Ever Borrowed

Hair Stylist: Lauren DeCosimo

Makeup Artist: Melissa Cunillera

Bridesmaid Dresses: Style the Aisle 

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