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As an admitted fan of photo booths, today’s post will come to no surprise when I say ” I love photo booths!”. I always love to do the introductions when it comes to these types of features on BHL. However, today’s Photo Booth vendor is extra special, as this fabulous company made an appearance at BHL’s One Year Anniversary Celebration. So today we are giving them their own spotlight.  Dazzle Photobooth is here and I could not be any happier. What makes this photo booth company amazing, is that it is a totally interactive experience. Once you choose your favorite props, grab a few friends, and jump into the booth, something magical happens. Even before the photo is snapped, there is a countdown (not from the screen), but from the attendant of the booth. The countdown is so exciting, and there is even a signal for striking that pose, making the experience of taking a photo a fun time. The attendant gets totally into it, and with excitement of the countdown and the amount of enthusiasm in their voice, you can not but smile and giggle. The photographs? Once they pop out, they are priceless. A perfect photo filled with a whole lot of love and fun. A total memorable piece which can be shared with you and your guests. All weddings deserve a great time!



DSC_0038 DSC_0088 Enclosed Setup and Prop Table

IMG_4112 Samuel Rivera Photography Expo Bridal 10-13-13 photo11 Samuel Rivera Photography Expo Bridal 10-13-13 Samuel Rivera Photography Expo Bridal 10-13-13


About Dazzle Photobooth

Dazzle Photobooth is a photo booth rental company based in Orange County, CA. We are driven with the determination to provide a friendlier and more affordable service that you will never forget! Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with our devotion to our clientele. We always have a smile on our face and enthusiasm in our voice as we assist you with adding tons of fun to your special event. Our event attendants are nothing less than friendly and are included in every booking as our free courtesy to you for the entire duration of your rental.

What makes us stand out:

  • We offer an interactive experience, while most booth operators offer 1 attendant during their events, we offer 2 attendants.  This is highly effective because our attendants provide an interactive experience – they push the button to take the pictures, allowing for great looking photos.  The 2nd attendant is responsible for keeping the prop table organized and they offer suggestions to guests on what to wear allowing for more of a personal touch plus it keeps the line moving!
  • We offer social media kiosks with our rentals allowing guests to Facebook, Twitter, and Email their photo’s in real time.
  • We offer 3 types of booth setups, enclosed, open-air, and Hollywood Red Carpet

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Niloufar Gibson

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  2. […] by Wedding and Event Coordinator, Niloufar Gibson. Dazzle Photobooth’s full-page feature on is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the photo booth rental company and this positive vote of […]

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