Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Something Borrowed, Something New” Episode: March 22nd

Spring is here and we are in love. We are also in love with Fridays. We are excited for this week’s episode of TLC’s, “Something Borrowed, Something New”. Have you been watching? It is such a fun and amazing show. If you have not been watching and want to learn more, then let us tell you. This show follows a bride’s journey to find the perfect wedding dress for her big day. However there is a twist! The bride will have to choose a new designer bridal gown, or a fashionably redesigned family heirloom. Who will help the bride find something new and something borrowed for her special day? Each episode is hosted by designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura, who will work with the bride to help choose between two dress options. Kelly will turn a special, previously worn gown into a gown which is for the time, venue, and personality of the bride. The bride will also have a chance to work with Sam in shopping at a bridal salon to find a brand new stylish dress. What happens next? The bride will have to make a very important decision and choose between a one-of-a kind dress and a newly fashionable piece. Will the bride choose her mother’s or grandmother’s wedding gown, or find something new and unique to her? Which one will the bride choose? How will she make her decision? It is a hard one!

DSCF5080Tonight’s episode features a bride who is looking for that perfect dress which is classic and traditional, without showing too much. This bride wants a more modest look, but her mother wants her to show off some skin.

What about her mother’s second bridal gown that she wore on her wedding day? The simple dress does not have the all that the bride is looking for to compliment her classic vintage wedding. However, can Kelly transform this sentimental dress into something modest yet fabulous for the bride?  Will Sam find a dress which covers the bride up?  Or will the bride go with something that shows off her skin? Which gown will the bride choose to wear on her big day? Will it be something borrowed, or something new? Will it be as modest as she imagined ir would be? Tune in tonight to find out.

TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New airs Friday at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

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