Sneak Peek of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” Season 10 Premiere

Before you head off to start your beautiful weekend, we have some pretty amazing news to share with you. As you know by now, we are kind of obsessed with TLC’s wedding shows.  Whether it is about four different weddings, or choosing a gown that is something borrowed or something new, we L-O-V-E these shows!  Our Fridays are going to get all dolled up with the addition of  SAY YES TO THE DRESS. We are screaming pretty loud over here. Yep, we are THAT excited. Fridays are looking oh-so-lovely.  Lovely with some amazing bridal gowns from a fabulous bridal salon in New York City!

Well, it is the tenth season of the show and we are thrilled to be part of it. If you are a SYTTD (SAY YES TO THE DRESS.) newbie, then let us tell you a little bit about this amazing show. The show all takes place at the gorgeous bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC. The show  goes behind-the-scenes  and uncovers the various obstacles every staff member faces to make each bride utterly happy and pleased on what may be the  most important day of her life. The show features not only bridal experts, but emotional brides, opinionated entourages, and dream bridal dresses. At the end of each appointment, the bridal consultant will ask one very important question, “Are you saying Yes to the Dress?”. The answer to this question? You will have to tune in each week to find out.

On tonight’s Season premiere episode:Kristin #1

The season premiere kicks off with Emmy and Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth. This episode, Kristin is helping best friend, Julie find her dream bridal dress. They are bonded by friendship, but their styles are from two different worlds. Julie likes a simple and classic style gown, however Kristin is thinking more of a dress with some glitz and glamour. Julie wants to find a dress which will compliment her rustic elegant wedding. Kristin does find the perfect gown for her best friend, (she actually tries it on herself!), however Julie is not so sure about it. Debbie, the consultant,steps in and finds a gown with a full skirt and a touch of bling. Will Julie like this choice and “say yes to the dress?”, or will she go home empty handed?

“Say Yes To The Dress” premieres  tonight at 9/8c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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  1. Andrea Carter says:

    I love Kristin Chenoweth! She’s too adorable.

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