Sneak Peek of TLC’s “I Found the Gown” Season 3 Premiere

Can you say TGIF? We cant stop saying over and over again at BHL headquarters.  Besides the amazing news that the weekend is here, we have some other great news to share. TLC’s, “I Found the Gown”, is back for season three, and we could not be any happier! This means BrideDay on TLC just got more bridal, which means we are pretty happy.

This show is amazing and full of surprises. If you have not ever seen the show, well let us tell you all about it, and hopefully you will get hooked just like we did. This show features a lovely married couple, Rick and Leslie DeAngelo (we LOVE them!), who own VOWS, a discount bridal boutique in Boston, Massachusetts.  They provide brides high-end designer gowns with very affordable price tags. Selling these deeply discounted bridal gowns for 50-80% off retail is no easy task. Rick and Leslie search high and low in factory attics, boutique back rooms, and department store warehouses across the world to score these sought-after looks for less. Each episode will follow their journey to find these amazing treasures, and then back at the shop to share them with three brides and the VOWS consultants.

On tonight’s season three premiere: VOWS is having their annual Gown Rush sale and hundreds of brides flock to the store for the big event! It will be a bit of a challenge and some planning for these brides, as there are over 800 gowns to choose from, and very little time to spare. So, each bride must make a decision today or risk walking out the door empty handed.  How many brides will find the gown of their dreams for a discounted price? Tune in tonight to see it all!

Rick DeAngelo uses his speaker to speak to hundreds of brides at VOWS

TLC’s ” I Found the Gown” airs Friday at 10/9c. So set your DVR’s, or watch it live tonight!

For more information on TLC’s : “I Found the Gown” please click right here

Before you run off to start your weekend, check out the sneak peek for tonight’s episode.

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