Renting a Tuxedo from Friar Tux Shop

Recently I attended a swanky New Year’s party at the St. Regis resort here in Orange County, California. The dress code for the event was formal, with the twist being a James Bond theme. Clearly, only one form of dress would do and that would be a tuxedo. The only problem for me was that I don’t own a tux, which meant that I was in need of a rental. Enter one of Los Angeles and Orange County’s highest rated tuxedo rental locations, the Friar Tux Shop.

Friar Tux Shop has been around since 1974, almost 40 years, getting their start in the Greater Los Angeles area. In their mission statement, they note that they are family owned and operated since Day One and pride themselves on providing top men’s fashion at affordable prices. Whether you are in need of a tux for a wedding, party, prom or other event, Friar Tux Shop states that they are ready and excited to be a part of your big day.

Having rented from Friar Tux Shop for my wedding seven years ago, I decided to remain loyal and headed over to one of their locations once again. Fortunately they were having a New Year’s sale which meant that their regularly reasonable prices were downright cheap. As soon as I entered their store I was made to feel like a V.I.P. with the staff on hand asking all the questions necessary to make proper suggestions for my attire. The entire selection process didn’t take long at all and I was able to get fitted and sized in a matter of minutes.

Picking up the tuxedo was easy, as I just dropped by and everything was waiting for me. Shoes, pants, shirt, vest, bow tie, and jacket were neatly packed in a protective outer jacket to ensure they stated cleaned and organized for the ride home. All the clothes were extremely clean, fit perfect and most importantly, made me look extremely sharp. I got to the party feeling like a million bucks, and more important, fit in wonderfully with the James Bond theme. My wife was thrilled that I was decked out so nicely and wearing the tux made for some very memorable photos that we’ll cherish for many years.

Returning the tux was, as the entire process had indicated it would be, a total breeze. I simply put all the garments back and took them to the store. After a quick check from the staff, who greeted me once more with a smile, I was done!

If you live in the Southern California area and looking to rent a tuxedo yourself, definitely give Friar Tux Shop a call. My experience with their staff was very pleasing and most importantly, I was able to rent a very sharp tuxedo at an extremely reasonable price.

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