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It seems like summer is passing by quickly, and it has been a gorgeous one so far. All the lovely soirées which I find in my inbox each day and drool over for hours, has me always smiling. Oh, how I love summer. Weddings galore! Do you know what else I love? I go totally crazy in love for a good rehearsal dinner. Mostly one that involves an incredibly stunning yacht and so utterly breathtaking views. Sound amazing or what? I am thinking yes!  I am talking about rehearsal dinners from HornBlower Cruises & Events. This is not  your typical rehearsal dinner at some fancy restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some fanciness, but this rehearsal dinner just got nautical.  Yep, totally nautical. Not to say, you have to be a a lover of boats or anything. But just a fan of constant ocean views surrounding you on all sides, gorgeously delicious food, entertainment, and oh so romantic sunsets. This is my kind of rehearsal dinner.  An elegant and lovely affair hosted at one of the most scrumptious spots in Southern California. Newport Beach, California.



Bar Champagne

Imagine sitting at your rehearsal dinner with your love, your friends and family close to you, while you take a sweet journey around the Newport Beach Harbor, enjoying iconic spots, and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. How about a romantic walk with your sweetie? Hand in hand, you walk around the gorgeous fleet, and find that perfect spot on one of the stunning decks to enjoy the sunset together. Romantic right? I mean, can you say nautical romance?


The romance does not stop with sunsets and all.  The evening is bright with the twinkling of the stars, and gorgeous night views of the harbor. Take a step on the top deck with the one you love, and stare out to the open sea with the stars above. It keeps getting better right? I think so. This cruise is amazing and just perfect for you and your guests as you begin your lives together.

HornBlower Cruises & Events invites you to step aboard one of their luxurious yachts, and allow them to take you on an unforgettable cruise around the beautiful Newport Beach Harbor and enjoy a night of fine dining, dancing, and incredible ocean views. All enjoyed with your friends and family. If that sounds oh-so-fabulous to you, then consider HornBlower Cruises & Events for your rehearsal dinner. Your  rehearsal dinner all gorgeously delivered to you by HornBlower Cruises and Events in beautiful Newport Beach, California.

Bride Groom Deck View

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