Reception Tables that Work

Round tables can be dull and boring. If the space is right, and the guest count is low, why not sit everyone at one long dinner table? Why not enjoy dinner with all your guests? Its like a dinner party! How fun is that? You can be seated in the middle with all your guests seated around you at the same table. It is a wonderful way to spend time with your guests. Each seating can have place cards with the names of your guests, so they can be properly seated where you like. That way you can ensure that your parents or bridal party can stay close by to you.  Of course, this table look does not work at all venue spaces, and round tables may be the only option.  However if you check out the venue space and see if there is room for a long table or possibly two long tables, then why not? It can be unique and beautiful creating a grand dinner table. This works perfectly for an intimate wedding!


Elegant and lovely table seating for your guests. How beautiful is this?


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