Ready to Dance at Your Wedding?

You just walked down the aisle and said ” I Do”, and now it is time to continue the celebration of  your love with your closest friends and family. Looking forward to dancing and having a great time? When does the dancing start? The first dance is typically by  you and your new husband. You and your groom will dance to a song which is romantic or meaningful. After  your first dance, there is a traditional order of dancing among the bridal party and parents. Lets take a look at these first, and then we can talk about other options.

  • The father-daughter dance: The father of the bride will dance with his daughter. The song is one that the bride chooses is special for her and her father.
  • The mother-son dance: The mother of the groom will dance with her son. The son can also choose a song which has meaning or possibly his mother’s  favorite song.

Next, the groom’s father can dance with the bride, and the groom with the mother of the bride. Following the bride and best man, groom and maid of honor. The groom can then dance with all the bridesmaids, and the bride with all the groomsmen. Not at the same time of course, but taking turns. Once all bridal party and parents had a chance to dance, the dance floor is now open for all the guests to join in. You and your bridal party will keep on dancing until the dance floor is full!

So, this was one option of traditional order of dancing at a wedding. It is your wedding, so you do not have to follow this order, you can do whatever you like. Here is one other way of dancing options you can do at your wedding:

  • Married Couples: Following your first dance, the DJ or band will announce that all married couples join the bride and groom on the dance floor. A romantic song to do a slow dance with is played, and all couples can have a moment together with you on your first day as a married couple. It is a wonderful moment that is shared with your friends and family.
  • Open Dancing: After the married couples dance, the DJ or Band can play a fast up beat type of song and invite all your guests to the dance floor. This is a great way to “break the ice” and get everyone to have some fun before dinner time.
  • Anniversary Dance: Later in the evening, the DJ or band can ask for married couples to join the dance floor. This time it is to celebrate their anniversaries.  So for example, it will start with the couples who have been together for one year of less, then two, then three, and then go all the way up to fifty or more. This is a wonderful way to include your guests who are married and can celebrate their love with you. It is always amazing to see how high the anniversary years go up to!
  • Bridal Party Dance: You and your groom along with your bridal party will take the dance floor and dance! It can be a slow dance or fast song. So, all the bridesmaids will dance with their partnering groomsmen, and maid of honor with the best man. You probably have taken so many photos up to this point, but why not another photo op for keepsakes?

There is really no right way to incorporate dancing into your wedding,  just remember that is your day and you do what you love best! Oh, and have fun of course!


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