Power Plays for Brides: A Tool for Brides & Their Weddings

Kicking off the week with a fabulous post about how to make wedding planning and married life a bit easier. Sounds pretty good right? I think this is a great way to start the week, don’t you think? I am excited to share a unique approach to wedding planning and wife life.  We always hear about how to prepare best for your wedding day and the the big day, but how about the new married life following? What ways can a bride get ready for her new life as a wife? Well, don’t you sweat it because we have an incredible woman who has launched a book, Power Plays for Brides, which provides the essential tools to having a stressfree wedding day and life as a newlywed.  Oh Monday, you are not so bad after all.

What is this book all about? 
There are so many great resources on the market to assist brides in their wedding planning process. However, Power Plays for Brides is dedicated to wives in training and is setting the course for a more productive wedding planning process and a less stressful lifestyle with your soon to be husband. This dynamic book, by Shimona Mayo, helps brides plan and design their dream wedding without cracking under the “normal” pressures. Power Plays for Brides, only a seven day read, offers twenty-seven proactive action steps and countless tips that will guide today’s bride seamlessly from one phase to the next with real wedding experiences, thought provoking worksheets and proven marriage tips. It challenges brides to proactively achieve an improved lifestyle of managing, collaborating and delegating wedding tasks, which can be incorporated into marriage.

Shimona offers invaluable and practical advice in this book. For example: “The most important thing is for you to employ a system that works best for you. By doing this, you can communicate your needs more effectively, access what you need right away, and position yourself as a solid lead for your event.” She also offers brides’ financial planning advice and practical strategies to keep grooms involved, establish a healthy internal foundation, hire an event support team, get organized, and manage communication that will last well after the honeymoon is over.

Today’s (bride-to-be) needs a resource that will effectively assist in managing emotions for a stress-less wedding and marriage. Power Plays for Brides, a lifestyle for today’s bride and tomorrow’s wife, is the perfect answer!

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About Shimona Mayo Shimona Mayo

After graduating from James Madison University in 1999, Shimona began planning corporate events for political action committees, small businesses, non-profit associations and religious organizations. Her wildly successful events included, but were not limited to galas, silent auctions, golf tournaments, college symposiums, health and wellness events, trade-shows, staff retreats, team building events, company picnics and corporate fund raisers. In 2001, Shimona began to similarly transform weddings.

Her first venture, launched in 2003, offered planning for high impact, high visibility events. Noting a need for quality, creative services to offer her brides, Shimona launched Event Design Coach in 2011, focusing on floral and event design services. Shimona’s newest venture incorporates the wealth of knowledge gained throughout her 15 year career in the event industry and will be the official starter kit for brides.

The e-book is available for purchase here, and the hard copy and kit will be available at the end of the month. So get your copy today!


Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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  1. Rhonda Couchigian says:

    Thank you Niloufar! We appreciate your support and insight into how valuable Shimona’s new book is to the 2014 and 2015 Brides!

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