Paddleboarding Laguna Beach Proposal

I love myself a good proposal story, and let me tell you, this one is a pretty good one! Better than good, its super romantic and has me tickled pink.  The first time I saw the images of this proposal, I could not imagine a more perfect proposal for these two love birds. I can go on and on about this incredible proposal, but I think its best if you view the beautiful images and read the story from the bride-to-be. I never thought that movie romances can happen in real life, but this one just did. It is even better than a romantic flick.  Enjoy!

1 - Rosepetals and Board

2 - Walking to the board

3 - Getting ready to paddle

14 - Paddle

4 - Smelling roses

7 - Into the water

8 - Paddling Out

6 - Matt waiting for me

9 - Proposal

10 -PostProposal1


Photographs by Ryan Working, Matt’s longtime friend.

Matt and Amanda’s Love Story told by the bride-t0-be…

Matt’s and my relationship has been a fairytale since it began one fateful day in the produce section of Sprouts Farmers Market. I went into the store to pick up a few produce items, and little did I know I would also pick up the man of my dreams. When I first spotted Matt, he was standing by the portabella mushrooms and I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. After shopping around for a bit in the produce section, and after many smiles and glances his way, Matt struck up a cute conversation with me about his frustration with the produce plastic bags. “Don’t you hate these things?” he said, with a smile. I was instantly enamored. After chatting amongst the fruits and vegetables for a bit and connecting over shared interests of hiking and nature, Matt asked for my number and offered to take me on a hike. After our momentous meeting, I called my best friend Lauren from the car and said “I think I just met my husband!” On our first date, Matt took me to Las Brisas in Laguna Beach for coffee and desert on the beautiful patio. It was nothing short of a romantic movie – the sound of the crashing waves, the bright and shining half-moon in the sky, the blissful walk on the sand, and the goosebump-inducing first kiss under the stars. Matt and I both say that we each knew on that first date that we had met the person we were going to marry.


And now flash forward two years to that initial gut feeling and wish becoming a reality, as we now prepare for our marriage! Like our beautiful meeting, Matt’s and my proposal story is nothing but romance, wonder and a dream come true!


Matt and I have been avid paddle-boarders and beach lovers for our entire relationship, and so I should have guessed that he would incorporate our love for paddling into his proposal. But I can honestly say I have NO idea he would actually propose to me out on a paddle-board on the ocean! The weekend after our second anniversary, Matt invited me out to the beach one morning to join him for a surprise. I had thought he might have just had a fun day planned for us – little did I know, he was planning to propose. So I drove down to Diver’s Cove in Laguna Beach – not far from where we had our first date – parked my car and walked to the beach. When I arrived at the top of the stairs that lead down to the ocean, the first thing I noticed was my paddle-board down on the sand surrounded by a giant heart made of rose petals! My heart stopped at that moment, and a wave of shock and excitement washed over me. As I approached my board, I saw a brand new wooden paddle Matt had ordered from Hawaii; it was hand carved wood and it was engraved to say “For my one love Amanda.” As I tried to catch my breath, I finally looked out upon the water to notice Matt out there already on his paddle-board, waving and gesturing for me to join him. I will never forget the big, bright smile he had on his face as he waved to me. I quickly put my stuff down, grabbed my board and new paddle, and started running into the surf. The waves were big that day so I was laughing trying to get out there while being so nervous. It felt like I had never paddled before because I was so nervous I could barely stand! Matt said he had the same feeling that day – with wobbly legs and a fast beating heart, we both struggled to stand, despite our years of practice!


And then, in the most spectacular moment of my life, right as I started to approach him on my board, he dropped down on one knee! He said the most thoughtful, meaningful and loving words and asked me to marry him right there on the water. It was incredible. The sun was beating down upon us, waves around us…it was a dream. He had the ring around his neck, strung around lanyard with a floatie device attached to it! After I of course said “YES!” and Matt put the ring onto my finger, he told me to turn around and wave to his friend Ryan, who had been hiding on shore to capture photos of the whole proposal! From that point, Matt said “ok, let’s go paddle!” and so we set off into the ocean and paddled down the coast of Laguna for hours (and even had a visit by some dolphins!); just the two of us – beaming with joy and soaking up the moment!  It was the most incredible, dream come true proposal by the most amazing, romantic man!


  1. Nancy Young says:

    Love the story and this wonderful couple. It’s an honor to know and pleasure to work with this wonderful, very smart, very talented, very beautiful bride to be!

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