Top Five Maid of Honor Duties

The maid of honor plays a very special and important role for the whole wedding process, from planning the details, to the big day.  So, choosing a maid of honor is an important decision for a bride. The maid of honor is the bride’s right hand woman and will be with the bride every step of the way. Whether the bride chooses the maid of honor because she is a cousin, sister, or best friend, she will choose who she feels can best support her. What does a maid of honor do? Lets find out!


Party Planner: Plan and coordinate both the bridal shower and bachelorette party. This may be planned with some of the bridesmaids or family, however you have to make sure it happens! Be social, have fun, and most importantly, make sure the bride is having a great time.

Emotional Support: Be there for the bride is she is has a breakdown.  Accompany her to the final fitting and make sure she feels beautiful. On the wedding day, just smile, so when she is looking for support, she knows she can count on you!

Bouquet time: Hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony and return it to her at the end of the ceremony. After the grand entrance, make sure the bouquet is placed on the sweetheart table.

Be Responsible: Attend the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and all events related to the wedding. On the day of the wedding be responsible for your own gown and accessories. A very important responsibility is holding the groom’s ring until the exchange of the rings. Don’t lose the ring!

Personal Assistant: Assist the bride with phone calls, errands, helping her with whatever is needed.  Before she walks down the aisle, check her makeup, hair, and adjust her veil and train. Make her feel amazing!



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