Lucca, Italy:Your Honeymoon Destination

When it comes to preparing for your wedding, there is nothing more exciting than choosing the place where you will spend your first moments together as husband and wife.  If you are anything like me, you will probably make a long list of exotic locations which will make your choice even more difficult. Allow me to make it easier for you. Let me do the picking. I choose ITALY! Why you ask? Well, let me tell you why a honeymoon under the beautiful Tuscan sky will make the beginning of your life together even more memorable. Italy is synonym with romance. This is the country of Romeo and Juliette. This is the country of eternal love. Everything in Italy screams “romance.” As you walk through the old towns, you will live and breathe history together and you will partake in some of the most beautiful sightseeing that you have ever seen.  Every day you will feel like you are in a dream, and what better way to live a dream but next to the love of your life. Italy’s food is an aphrodisiac. Your palate will indulge in flavors that you have never experienced before. From the beautifully hand-crafted pastries, to the hand-tossed pizza, you will share the culinary beauties of Italy while looking into each other’s eyes. Guiltless. Free to indulge.  Can you already picture yourself, holding hands, and staring into each other’s eyes? Do you need more convincing? If yes, let me also show you a possible location and accommodation. If you have never been to Italy and would like to have a more romantic-quite vacation I would like to suggest to you to go and stay in Lucca. Awww, Lucca! Only thinking about it gives me googley eyes.

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Lucca is a Roman city surrounded by 10 feet tall walls on which you can walk, stroll, run, bike. It is surrounded by Tuscan hills on one side and by the Tirreno Sea on the other side. It is the city of Puccini (for all you Opera fans!). It is close to Florence, but not as hectic, and it is perfect for a romantic, quiet and intimate honeymoon. You can take day trips to different destinations such as Pisa (only 15 minutes away), Siena, Florence and the Chianti. Depending on the season of your travels, you can explore vineyards, taste different Chianti specialties and indulge in the great flavors of Tuscany. And, if you are more adventurous, you could hike the mountains and trails, and explore the small villages on the hills. I am telling you, it is a perfect destination for your honeymoon. You have my word.   Lucca has everything for everyone. And how about staying at your own apartment-villa? Here is your accommodation.

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{Villa Rosa Dei Venti}

The Villa is immersed in Lucca’s verdant country side ideal for walking or biking. The historic downtown of Lucca and the central train station are only 2 km away, thus reachable even by walking. The owners of the Villa have different luxury packages available, and everything can be customized to your personal liking. From private dinners, to wine tasting, to shopping at luxury brands stores, your vacation will not skip a beat. For more information please contact Bridal Hot List.

Whatever your dream honeymoon may be, there is nothing better than Italy to begin a new journey with the love of your life.

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