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It may be September, but we are still feeling the heat in Southern California. So, guess what? Summer is still here!  We are pretty happy about that, because that means we can still enjoy poolside days, the lovely sunshine, and sunbathing at the beach.  Which also means we can keep wearing our tanks and shorts. Yippee! Today, we are super thrilled to share an amazing accessory that can compliment that summer look with style.  It is all about the beautiful jeweled bra straps which can add chicness and style to any look. The bra strap that you WANT to show off. Yep, we are in love with these gorgeous straps which can dazzle just about any outfit. In our books, these beautiful accessories are definitely a hot trend which we can not get enough of. What is even more amazing than just the look, is how comfortable these straps are. All brilliantly designed by Sherry Molavi of  STRAPLETZ, these bra straps are the perfect accessory to that dull and boring tank.  For all the bride-to-be’s and her bridesmaids, these pretty straps can be worn for the bachelorette party, bridal shower, or on the day of the wedding. Why not look amazing and show off those shoulders with some style and add that”WOW” factor?  Or you can even buy these fantastic straps as bridesmaid’s gifts.  So ditch those plain bra straps and replace them with these beautifies, and you can feel and look gorgeous. Ready to get all dolled up?

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A Los Angeles-based, accessory company, STRAPLETZ has launched a fashion line of jewelry for women’s shoulders just in time summer.  The fashion-forward company sells an assortment of jeweled bra straps as a sophisticated and sexy fashion statement and an alternative to plain bra straps.

According to STRAPLETZ CEO, Sherry Molavi, “Rhinestone and colored crystal bra straps are stylish and complement the wearer’s outfit with a trendsetting look. Whether you’re going to a special occasion event or a club with friends, the STRAPLETZ interchangeable bra straps are sophisticated and sassy.”

Easily attach the interchangeable bra straps to your favorite strapless or convertible bras. Choose from over two dozen handmade and high-quality Interchangeable bra straps.

Strapletz is fashion jewelry for the shoulder.  Created for stylish, trendy women with a fashion sense for fun and unique touches. Strapletz is a unique accessory and a stylish way to show off bra straps with an array of styles to fit different moods or looks. Strapletz can be purchased online at


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