How to choose a dress for the Mother of the Bride

Your wedding day is a special day where you share your love with your closest friends and family. This is also a very special day for the mother of the bride, who wants to feel and look beautiful. What is the best way to find that perfect dress for her? Here are some tips:

  • Brainstorm session: Sit down with your mom and just talk about the wedding. The colors and design of the wedding, the style and colors of the bridesmaids dresses, and other bridal party attire. You want to make sure that she is fully aware of what the overall look you are going for. This is also the time where she can share with you her ideas about the dress.  Once ideas are shared and there is a vision for the dress, the shopping can begin!
  • Shopping: Its nice if you can accompany your mom for her dress shopping day. This way you can see what the dresses look like, provide your thoughts, and also support her at the same. Make it a mother-daughter day!
  • Color: Find out what color your mom likes to wear. The mother of the bride does not have to match the bridesmaids with their colors. However  you want to choose a color which will look good on her skin tone. You want to stay away from white, ivory, cream, or any color which would look to close to the bride’s dress. You do not want to be upstaged by your mother. She can still look lovely, and stunning without having to take away from your big day. It is important that your mother feels beautiful! Just make sure the color does not totally clash with the colors and overall theme of the wedding. So if you are going for a vintage romantic look for your wedding, probably want to stay away from bright colors. Maybe a soft pink or soft yellow color would work best.
  • Style: What style is going to work best?  If the wedding is formal, a long dress is best. If it is a day time wedding and informal, the dress can be two piece top and skirt. Your mom needs to feel comfortable, and herself when she wears this dress. So if she normally does not wear strapless dresses, then maybe its best not to try this style on. However, sometimes you can add a little jacket or shawl, which can work too. Try on various styles and see which one your mom feels most beautiful in. It is your day, so you also need to feel comfortable with her style.



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