How to Choose a Photographer for your Wedding Day

Photos capture your wedding memories, and choosing the right photographer is key!

When you choosing your photographer here are some tips:

1. Make sure they are a wedding photographer and not just any photographer. Wedding photography is different than any other day photography. There are key elements which are captured on the wedding day, and you want to make sure you have them.

2. Ask for samples of the photographer’s wedding photography.  You can also check out their blog or website for their recent work. Photographers are like artists, and so they do not take photos the same way. Each one has their own unique photography skills which sets them apart. You want to look at their photography style and see if you like it. Is it too artsy for you? Do you want a simple photo? Do you want it to be a “wow factor” photo? Are you looking for that art style?  Does the photographer photograph in black and white?Is the whole wedding captured? Or only part of it? Find out what the photographer’s style is.

3.What do you get for your money? Typically photographers have packages which are based on the number of hours, photographers, and photo albums. You will need to find out when you like the photographer to arrive, and what moments you want captured. Some brides want every moment, from the minute they wake up that day until the last guest leaves the reception. So think about this, and then you can decide how many hours you need them there that day. You do not need to pay for hours which you may not care to capture.   You want to just make sure you ask for the negatives, or photos on a CD. This way you can make copies of the photos and create your own album. I would suggest purchasing one wedding album for yourselves, as you would want a professional wedding album of memories. Its always a nice little gift to yourself!

4. Personality! This is the most important element of choosing a photographer in my opinion. When you meet with the photographer, pay close attention to their demeanor and how they act towards you. Are they friendly? Are they too pushy? Do they let you talk about your ideas and what YOU want, and not what THEY want? Basically you need to ensure you get along with the photographer as they will spend most of the day with you. If you do not like them, then move on!

Lets have a picture perfect day!!

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