Honeymoon Spots for Newlyweds

Your wedding day is a monumental time where you can take memorable pictures, dance the night away, and share happy moments with the people that matters most to you. Most importantly, this special day is the perfect time to show your loved ones how you and your other half are perfect for each other. Simply, “The Big Day” is a time filled with lots of warm memories where your family and friends could witness the love between you and your soul-mate! While the wedding day is a once in a lifetime memorable event that you will always cherish, your honeymoon is equally as important because it is the time where you both could get to know each other intimately. So why not go to a magical place where you could spend some quality time establishing the bond you already share while also enjoying enchanting surroundings? Here are three destination spots that have always been on my bucket list and hope to visit. I believe these three places are beyond breathtaking, ultimately scream paradise, and are my favorite honeymoon spots! You never know, it could be yours too.

Santorini, Greece. Of all the beautiful islands in Southern Greece, none is more breathtaking than Santorini. Nestled right in the heart of the Aegean Sea, this enchanting Greek island is truly a wonderful place for newlyweds to visit. Santorini is most famous for its white wash homes built right on the cliffs, spectacular views, Mediterranean cuisine, and stunning sunsets. Many locals and tourist compares Santorini to the “Lost City of Atlantis” due to its euphoric scenery. In addition, the island of Santorini has been known for having stunning sunsets. Whether you and your spouse are taking a spontaneous stroll through the city, enjoying a nice day out by the infinity pool that overlooks the sapphire ocean, or trying authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Santorini is the ideal destination for newlyweds because it combines beauty and peaceful atmosphere, the perfect combination for new couples to experience.

The Seychelles Islands. The island of Seychelles has been called the “most idyllic island” getaways in the world. Not many people knew about the island of Seychelles until Prince William took Kate Middleton (now Princess Kate!) for their honeymoon, thus making it a worldwide destination spot for couples looking for a romantic vacation. Situated north of the Indian Ocean, this little island has been regarded as one of the most romantic destination to visit—it is every beach-goers fantasy! Picture yourself walking along the white sand beach bordered by clear, aquamarine water. The only footprints in the sand for miles are yours and your spouse! How romantic is that? Whether you both are soaking up the sun, sharing kisses under the shade of a palm tree, dining under the stars, remembering all the hilarious shenanigans that happened at your wedding, or talking about the blissful days to come in your new life together as a couple, Seychelles is the perfect destination for newlyweds to enjoy, unwind, and be close to each other intimately while experiencing the ultimate paradise.

 The Amalfi Coast. Probably considered as one of the most breathtaking places on earth, the Amalfi Coast or “Costiera Amalfitana” has been a crowned jewel of Italy. This coastal town is an ideal destination for newlyweds because they are immediately captivated by the beauty of its’ unique territory, magnificent landscapes, golden shores, and Greek and Roman architectures. Amalfi is composed of natural beauties like the bays, caverns, and seaside cliffs that could ultimately impress AND enchant anyone! The coast is also divided into many towns, which is great for newlyweds to explore and learn about the history of each place. If you like spectacular scenery luxurious living, and pure serenity for you and your spouse, the gorgeous Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy is an ideal honeymoon spot for you. With its stunning coastline, sophisticated hotels, picturesque villages and authentic Italian food and wine, Amalfi is the perfect choice for newlyweds to enjoy a luxurious and romantic honeymoon.

Whether you are embarking on your first honeymoon or celebrating your first-year anniversary as newlyweds, the island of Santorini, Seychelles and Amalfi are magical destination spots that will make every moment memorable for newly married couples. Even if you are only having lunch at the cute little café or staying in-door to have a lazy day, these three paradise destinations will definitely make you fall in love with the beauty and elegance each place has to offer. Most importantly, it will also make you fall in love with the love of your life all over again like it is was the first time. Santorini, Seychelles, and Amalfi consist of pure bliss, serenity, and picturesque surroundings—the perfect combination for intimacy and enjoying one another’s company! So brides, are you ready to book your next trip with your spouse/significant other to paradise? I know I am.

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