Garter-Bouquet Toss

One of the last events that happen at the wedding is the garter and bouquet toss. About half hour before the end of the night, have the DJ or band get everyone’s attention. What comes first? Garter or bouquet toss? Well, ladies first, so bouquet toss! The DJ or band will ask for all the single ladies to come to the dance floor, while the bride holds a bouquet, ready to toss over her shoulder. Typically, the florist will give the bride a “toss bouquet”, so she does not have to toss her own bridal bouquet. She probably wants to keepsake the bouquet, so she does not want it to get trashed. The DJ or band will play a song chosen by the bride or the DJ/band themselves, and then count one, two, three…and toss. You then see all the ladies jumping up and down until one hand finally grabs the bouquet. Hopefully the bouquet is still in one place! The ladies can get very excited.

Following the bouquet toss, is of course the garter toss. All the single men are asked to gather on the dance floor, while the groom removes the garter from his bride. Sometimes there is a song for the garter removal, and then one song for the actual garter toss. It does not really matter if there is one or two songs, as long as there is a song playing. The groom does the same as his bride, counts to three, and tosses the garter over his shoulder.

So now that there is lady who caught the bouquet and a guy who caught the garter, the two are considered lucky and next to be married.


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