Four Reasons to Avoid Setting Wedding Date on Super Bowl Sunday

Last Sunday, the National Football League held their championship game, better known as the Super Bowl. It is the biggest sporting event in the United States and happens once a year, typically the first Sunday in February. While non-sports fans may not care too much about the big game, the Super Bowl gets an estimated 105+ million viewers each year. Given that one out of three Americans watch the game, the new commercials, and the big halftime show, it’s always best not to make plans on that Sunday. In this article we’ll examine five reasons why brides should avoid setting their wedding date on Super Bowl Sunday.

Reason 1: Keep Your Groom Happy

Sure, you could record the game, but sports scores never stay a secret and the exciting thing about sports is never knowing the outcome until the game is over. Many guys, and even families, make an event out of the entire day, getting together for lunch while the pregame show is airing and sticking around through the game. Your groom might be (probably is!) a huge football fan and taking away his traditions and ability to see the big game is too much of a sacrifice to ask. Sure, you are the number one thing in life, but why force him to prove it when there are 364 other days in the year?

Reason 2: Attendance At Your Wedding

If you book your wedding on the same day as the Super Bowl, you might be shocked at the number of people that end up declining your RSVP or fail to show up at all. Many people travel to be with family or with old friends for the big game. Since this is a yearly event that has become as big as any religious or federal holiday in America, most people are unwilling to change their regular plans to attend an event on a date they believe you shouldn’t have picked in the first place.

Reason 3: Getting Help Will Be Hard to Find

Your groom and your guests will not be the only ones less than enthusiastic about having a wedding on Super Bowl Sunday. If you want to hire a great DJ, or good catering, or an events company that rents tables and chairs, some might decline the business because they want to enjoy the big day. This means finding a good deal and having your choice of vendors will be much harder.

Reason 4: Distractions During Your Wedding

Sure, they might actually show up. But in today’s era of WiFi and High Speed Cellular internet networks. as well as the ability to stream video, folks will either be listening or even watching the game at your wedding. Whether it is on their smartphone or their tablet, fans will find a way to stay up to date with their game and if there is a big play, people will distract from the wedding to watch or celebrate a big play.

William Sanai
William Sanai works at Perfectly Made Weddings as an Assistant Wedding Coordinator.
William Sanai

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