Four Great Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

Let’s face it, the economy is still pretty darn lousy and a lot of us might be making ends meet, but certainly aren’t rolling in cash these days. For those of you getting married and footing your own bill, this might mean that your honeymoon plans go by the wayside. However, with some smart thinking there’s no need to ax the honeymoon just to save some bucks as getting away after the wedding on a vacation after just getting married is part of the whole experience, so don’t give it up if you don’t absolutely have to. Here are some ideas for those of you on a budget, still looking to get away for vacation.

Idea 1: Las Vegas

Las Vegas - Great Honeymoon Destination!

Las Vegas – Great Honeymoon Destination!

Pretty much wherever you live, getting to Las Vegas is relatively easy and cheap. Certainly, it’s a lot cheaper to get to via a JetBlue or Southwest flight to Las Vegas than it would be to Hawaii! One very underrated aspect of Las Vegas is how cheap it can be if you’re a savvy shopper. There are hotel deals on the strip at nice establishments all the time and if you travel during the week, it’s darn near free to stay in three star hotels on the strip. There’s four star dining at two star prices, plus more entertainment that you could possibly imagine, making Las Vegas a very underrated and cost concious (assuming you stay away from the tables) option.

Idea 2: Weekend Cruise

If you’re lucky enough to be near a port where they offer weekend cruises via one of the major cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises or Carnival, then you should absolutely look into this option. Cruises are a lot of fun and if you haven’t been on one before, it’s definitely time to check them out. The cruise ships are so massive there’s little to no chance of getting seasick (trust me, I’m the worst of them all!), the food is usually pretty good, and the staff there is dedicated to making sure you are entertained and happy 24/7 during your cruise. Again, savvy shoppers are able to find deals, even for two, three, or four night cruises. Those in Southern California, Florida, and other cruise hot spots should consider this option.

Idea 3: Staycation

What the heck is a “staycation” you ask? Easy – it’s when you decide to take a vacation in your hometown. There might be a very nice hotel or a historical area of your city that folks from outside your area come to visit, but you never do because it’s always been there. Why not take the role of the tourist and stay close at one of these types of places, completely cutting the cost of travel expenses like airfare and gas? It’s all about your frame of mind going into your honeymoon, so if you find a local resort, find a deal and take on the mentality of a vacationing tourist – you’ll probably have as much fun as if you traveled to some other city.

Idea 4: Camping

There’s a big caveat to this one, guys. In order to pull this off you need a very outdoorsy bride who has a high sense of adventure. If that is the case, what could possibly be more romantic than spending your nights under the stars and enjoying the amazing parks and camping sites our country has to offer? Sure, this is not a typical idea and frankly the majority of brides will balk at the idea of camping, but certainly out-of-the-box thinking could go a long way.



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