Five Wedding Thank You Note Tips

Writing “thank you’s” can be a task that couples put off for months. But, you really want to write and send them off within 3-4 months of the wedding date. So, start early and send them off as soon as possible! You can write them when you are on the plane heading to your honeymoon, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you! But make sure that you keep them in a safe place. Whatever day you choose, make it as fun as you can! Throw on your favorite jam and enjoy some music while you write.

Now, who gets a thank you note? Don’t worry, we have the answer right here:

  1. Thank you to all guests who gave you a gift for  the bridal shower, engagement, and wedding event: You want to always designate someone to write down the names of those who gave you gifts. So while you are opening the gifts, that person can write the gift with the person’s name. It is a good idea to mention the gift that the person got you. You want to also mention how excited you are for the gift. So for example, if someone got you a juicer, you can say ” Michael and I can not wait to make some fresh juice with our new juicer!” Make it personal.
  2. Thank you notes to parents: If one or more parents hosted the wedding, you want to send them a nice thank you card. You may want to even get a little gift to go with it.  In addition to a thank you card, make sure to thank them at your wedding reception.
  3. Thank you to hosts of wedding events: You really want make sure a thank you note is sent to hosts of the bridal shower, engagement party, and wedding itself (if parents are not hosting). This thank you card is not just for the person putting the event together, but the person who is providing their home. So make sure that Aunt Mary gets a thank you card for the bridal shower that cousin Anne threw for you.
  4. Thank you to bridal party:  Say thanks to the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, and anyone who is part of that wedding party. You may also want to get a personal gift to attach the thank you card to. The groom can get something for his boys, and brides, you can get something lovely for your girls. Add a little bit love to the thank you card. Your bridal party will love it!
  5. Thank you to vendors:  If there is a vendor that has gone above and beyond for you and your wedding, then a thank you card will be a nice way to show your appreciation. Your vendors are your photographers, caterer, videographers, florist,  cake designers, or anyone that provided some type of service for your wedding day. They love to hear from you, and receive that thank you card.

A little note of thank you can mean a million bucks to someone. So grab your favorite black or blue ink pen, and get going!

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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