Five Ways to Surprise Your Groom

Your wedding day is a day that you and your groom will not soon forget. Add to the magic with a special surprise for your groom!

1. Send something to his room as he’s getting ready. Order from the concierge if you are staying at a hotel, or have a mutual friend do the honors of delivering a special treat to your groom on his wedding day. It can be a romantic note, a bottle of champagne, a case of beer, pizza, cufflinks, your panties (!), the list goes on….The unexpected gift will be a hint of spontaneous fun on a day that is planned down to every detail.

2. Take boudoir photos as you get ready. This tip should be filed under delayed gratification, but it’s totally worth the wait! Schedule extra time in your day for a session with your photographer to capture some intimate moments alone. Download boudoir photo poses from online and practice in front of a mirror to get your best angles. This is the prime time to show off some skin when you’re all made up & look and feel your best!

3. Write a toast/rap/poem/song for your groom. And share your art with him at the end of the night or the next morning! You’ll melt his heart with your creative ode. Afterwards, you can frame or scrapbook it with your favorite wedding photo of the two of you.

4. Buy him an over-the-top gift! Spoil your man with a splurge on something that he’s always wanted. This move will absolutely send him over the moon on your wedding day. A nice watch, golf clubs, or tech gadgets are some luxury items that have that ‘wow’ factor. Consider this gift as an investment, since quality products should last for years to come, and he can think of his awesome wife every time he uses his wedding gift!

5. Pull a prank on him. If you’re a practical joke-loving couple, the wedding day presents a myriad of opportunities to pull gags & pranks. Thoughtfully plot your devious plan, taking into account his level of comfort and style of humor. Get your bridal party involved in pulling the whopper of the century on him! Best of all, you’ll have it captured on film by your photographers! Just don’t ‘joke’ about leaving him stranded at the altar or you’ll be in trouble!

Choose a surprise that fits you as a couple, or if you’re super ambitious, take under all five surprises! He’ll be thanking his lucky stars he found such a fun, creative, witty lady!

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