Five Ways to Create the Perfect Ambience

Do you want to know the secret in creating the perfect ambience at your wedding? Its easy! Just use the five senses!

  • Sight:  You want to go from boring to stunning? Lighting is everything and sets the mood. Lighting makes all the wedding details come together. The flowers, cake, ballroom, and reception tables all look better with lighting. Look at this stunning room!
  • Sound: Sound is the most powerful sensation! Whether it is live band or DJ, the sound has a tremendous effect when state of art  sound equipment is used. Music sets the mood, whether it is a steel band emphasizes a Caribbean theme setting a Polynesian feeling, or a Mariachi band setting a Mexican fiesta feeling.
  • Smell: Want to create memories for you and your guests? A smell can be tied to a memory, whether is the warm chocolate chip cookies your mother would bake when you were a child, or hot apple cider simmering on the stove during the holidays, it evokes a happy childhood memory. You can create new memories for you and your guests when scents are incorporated into your wedding. If you love the scent of vanilla and incorporate the scent as vanilla candles at each table, then whenever you smell vanilla it can remind you of your wedding day.
  • Touch: Textures can excite, soothe, satisfy, and create feelings of mystery, luxury, variety and frivolity. Whether it is silk linens, soft chair cushions, or crunchy Tortilla chips, they all bring a certain sensation. Check out this “grass” covered furniture!
  • Taste: The grand finale of all the senses! Taste of the drinks, appetizers, main course, and dessert can either leave a good or bad taste in your mouth.  More than the other four senses, the food and drinks can make your guests happy or not.  If they had the most delicious coconut shrimp, or the tenderest skirt steak, your guests will probably be very happy. However if the shrimp was not seasoned at all, and the steak was overcooked, they may not enjoy it as much. Your guests will leave happier with some good tasting food!


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