Five Ways Pink Makes a Splash in Weddings

Pink is not just loved by little girls. More recently brides are using it in their weddings and it is HOT! I think when pink is incorporated well, it can work just perfectly! If not, it is just a hot pink mess.

Lets take a look at five ways pink works:

  • Color Combo. The color theme of this wedding is Navy blue and Fuschia pink.  What I love about this cake is the combination of Fuschia pink and blue which ties together so beautifully creating a fabulous cake!   I can stare at this cake all day!


  •  Flower Centerpieces. This bride’s favorite flower is the lily and she wanted to incorporate it in her wedding. A bunch of lilies submerged in water with rocks at the bottom, gives this centerpiece a simple yet exquisite look. I love how the  pink pops out against the lush green. Just gorgeous!

  • Pink on Pink.  This bride loves cupcakes and pink daisies. The perfect fusion of sweets and beauty.  The different shades of pink of the linens, daisies, and  cupcakes creates a lovely display.

I love how the cupcakes have a daisy flower design! How cute is that?

  • Pink in Vases: This bride also loves daisies and used them at her wedding as decor. Just a couple of  pink daisies in a vase, and there you go!

  • Ceremony Pink.  This bride wanted pops of pink to be present at her wedding ceremony. These hand-made paper flowers were hung on ceremony chairs with pink and white rose petals scattered on the aisle.  What a  perfect setting for the bride and  groom to say ” I do”.

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