Five Ways to Bring Luck to Your Wedding

We hope you’re wearing green, because it’s St. Patrick’s day! Happy St. Patrick’s day on behalf of all of us at Bridal Hot List. Even if you’re not Irish, there’s no reason to not be sharing the luck around today. In honor of St. Patrick’s day, we’ve got a few of our favorite good luck charms to incorporate in your wedding (besides dancing all night to “Get Lucky”).

A Touch of Green

You can skip the something blue in favor of something green!  If green isn’t already part of your wedding palette, do tiny touches here and there. Have a small shamrock painted into your pedicure for luck or let your bouquets have long green stems. Green can symbolize money and prosperity in cultures, and that’s always something great to have in a new marriage

Spread the Luck

Hand out scratchers to all the singles at your wedding with the note “we got lucky, now it’s your turn!”. Since you were lucky enough to find the love of your life, hopefully that luck will rub off on to one of your unhitched friends! Scratchers are fun, easy, and can put an immediate smile on someone’s face. Plus, if they win it’ll score you some serious positive karma.

Be Charming

This one’s for the girls: make charm bracelets for your bridal party to wear at the wedding. It’s a sweet trinket that they’ll be able to wear afterwards. You can get cute charms that represent each of their personalities, and a few to remind her of the wedding! A high heel charm would work for your fearless fashionistas, and a diamond shaped charm would represent the wedding. Plus, you can throw a shamrock on there for good luck going forward.

Lucky Underoos

Everyone has a pair, don’t lie. Don’t feel pressured to spring for super expensive wedding lingerie- wear what you love! If you have a lucky pair of underwear, go for it. While you may not need luck (seeing as you’ve already met your other half), any boost you can get can help! This is your day and you should feel fantastic and ready to take on the day. That goes double for any lucky jewelry or makeup you may have on hand. Extra luck can’t hurt, right?

Stay Traditional

Some wedding traditions that are meant to be lucky include saving a slice of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary. Go for it! If your culture has any traditions for bringing luck to your marriage, look into it and participate. This could also be a great chance to learn about your roots as well as the culture of your new family.


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Andrea Carter

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