Five Tips on Writing Wedding Invites

Your save the dates are out and you’re all set on a venue- you’re ready to send out invites! But where do you start? We’ve got five big tips on writing out the most important invitations you’ll ever send out.


Do Research

Check out other invitations before you start yours- it’ll definitely give you ideas! You can find out what you like and what you don’t like which will give you lots of direction. Check out invites online, or any that your friends have from previous weddings. While you’re doing research, write down what you like and what you don’t like. It can be as vague as liking couple pictures in the invite to as specific as the size of the font of the return labels. Just figure out what you like and don’t, and work from there.


They’re not just your invites afterall- they’re your fiance’s as well! You should both be involved in writing your invitations.  Proofreading verbiage with another person can be a great way to workshop. Both of you should read your invitations out loud to each other so you can catch any sentences that sound off. Be open to any criticism or critique too; it could be the difference between an awesome and an awkward invite.

Be Specific

While there is some leeway with verbiage, there are a few sections of the invite that need to be specific. Explicitly state the address (not just the landmark/venue), time, and dress code. You don’t want your nephew to show up at your black tie wedding in shorts and sandals. It’s important to specify the exact addresses and not just the venue name or cross-streets. It’ll help you avoid getting frantic calls from out of town relatives who are lost somewhere in your city. Be sure that the address is easy to read (i.e., save the fancy cursive for later) and the address works in google maps.


Each card should have the guest’s name(s) explicitly stated. It’s ok if the name part is handwritten, just make sure each invite is personalized. On the other end, write your invites with your couple personality in mind. If you’re both jokesters, make it cute and light to reflect that. If you’re a power couple, focus on how awesome your upcoming union will be. Including pictures from your engagement shoot or generally sweet photos of you two being adorable is a great way to hype up guests for the wedding.

Guide your Guests

Your guests may need some loose ideas on what to bring- give them some guidance! State where you’re registered, or if you’d prefer something instead of a gift off your list. Many couples are requesting donations be made to charities in their honor in lieu of a traditional wedding gift lately, which is an awesome trend and way to give back. You will also want to put in your preferred method of R.S.V.P.. If you have a wedding e-mail address setup (which we suggest!), route any questions or R.S.V.P.’s that way. This way you don’t get your personal (or even worse-work) phone blown up asking questions on what shoes would be appropriate.

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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