Five Tips for your Wedding Registry

The day you and your loved one register is going to be one of the most fun days in your life. You get to run around your favorite store with a scanning gun and scan anything you’d want to receive as a gift. It’s time to get really excited. It’s also time to plan ahead to keep from getting wrapped up in all the fun. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you from “accidentally” registering for skinny jeans and several ice cream makers.


1. Assess the Goods

This will be easier if you already live with your fiance. Take some time to walk through your house to see what you have, what needs an upgrade, and what you have been wanting or needing. If you don’t live with your fiance, each of you should go through what items you’ll be bringing with you. Have an idea of what rooms will need to be filled (got four knife sets and no towels? That’s a problem). If your beloved toaster is on its’ last legs, keep that in mind too.


2. Make Lists

Make two lists- needs and wants. Your needs list is going to include any appliances that you’ll need daily, any home goods that you will need, or anything you love now that is falling apart. These are the things you would have to buy for the home anyway. Your wants list will be things you can upgrade, but don’t have to, or anything fun that you could have fun with (margarita machine, anyone?). It’s important to know the difference between the two.


3. Shop the Stores

It’s okay to register at more than one place, but pick your stores wisely. Stores like Macy’s and Target are great places to register because they’re easily accessible and have price points that are affordable. If you only register at Neiman Marcus, not all of your guests may be able to afford or even get to that store. Check out the stores online first to make sure they do carry items on your lists. If you have a destination wedding, do a quick store check to make sure that there is one in the area, just in case some of your traveling guests are planning on picking up  your wedding gift once they’ve gotten into town.


4. Give Yourself Time

It can be easy to be eager to get all your registering done, but don’t feel rushed or pressured to finish it quickly. Set aside a weekend to start and give yourself lots of time. Stores can be overwhelming and stressful. Don’t add any additional pressure on yourself by only allocating a short amount of time to shop. It’s supposed to be a fun day, don’t rush it!


5. Teamwork

Bring your fiance, your mom, or your maid of honor, but be sure that at least you have one person with you for moral support. Ideally, this will be your fiance who also has a needs and wants list. Your mom may be able to advise on what you’ll need in your house and your maid of honor knows you well enough to be helpful in tie breakers (blue blender or red blender?). Make a day of it and grab lunch first (never go shopping on an empty stomach!) so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Keep each other focused and enjoy registering!


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

Associate Editor at Bridal Hot List
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