Five Tips for an Unforgettable Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

This December I finally tested my maid of honor skills when my cousin asked me to help her plan a day of wedding dress shopping.  At first I was unsure of my outing planning abilities but I have seen enough ‘Say Yes to the Dress‘  episodes, to have a general idea of how to proceed.  I wanted to make it a special day dedicated specifically to her and one she would not soon forget. For those of you family and friends of future brides, here are a few tips for creating an unforgettable wedding dress shopping experience.

THE INVITATION.  The first thing I did was create a list of people my bride wanted to attend.  Remember, a bigger party means more opinions and that might not serve the bride well come decision making time.  Gather the list and create a cute Evite just to make sure everybody knows where and when to meet.  You can meet at a relatives house, restaurant or at the dress shop.

CAN’T FORGET THE TREATS. Take a little time to think about your bride.  What is her favorite treat? What might enhance her mood in case she is feeling stressed out? I know my bride is obsessed with cupcakes so naturally I bought black and white cupcakes to be reminiscent of gown and tux colors.  Setting up a little snack table will help create a cocktail like atmosphere where the group can talk and feel at ease.

POP CHAMPAGNE.  Check with the dress shop beforehand and they might just let you bring your own champagne to pop once you’ve found the dress.  You can make a little toast amid cheers and happy tears.  In our case, I bought pink champagne and toasted the bride before we set out.  It was a great opportunity for a “pep talk” if you will.

FAMILY IS KEY.  Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate schedules and save dates, and that is understandable. There is nothing like having the people you love most around you for the big moments in life.  Fly a mother, sister or bridesmaid in from out of state to share this memory.  As years pass some details might be lost but the bride will always remember those who were there for her.

NEVER ENOUGH PHOTOS.  Take pictures.  There’s not much to that one is there?  Designate one person to be in charge of photos for the day.  That way when the bride begins to stress about her dress in the coming months, you can show her the photos from the day.  She will be distracted by the memories and be at peace for a few precious moments.

We had an amazing time shopping for my cousin’s dress.  It was a great surprise and a way for me to show her how excited I am for her.  We ate, drank, cried, laughed and created lasting memories which is what every bride wants from her wedding journey.  And just in case you are curious… she found her dress!











Jade Arvizu

Jade Arvizu

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Jade is a featured contributor at Bridal Hot List and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from UCLA with a minor in Film, Television and Digital Media. She lives in Santa Monica California where she enjoys the perks of coastal living mixed with the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles life.
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