Five Tips for Saving on Your Honeymoon

The big day is just around the corner- but that means the big vacation is too! Whether you’re hopping on a plane right after the reception or getting settled then hitting the road to enjoy your new spouse, you’re going to want to enjoy your honeymoon. A honeymoon is a well-deserved romantic vacation, and it’s absolutely worth saving for. We want to help, so we have our top five tips to help you save on the best vacation you’ll ever take.


Work Seasonally

Plan your trip against the tourism seasons, and you’ll save yourself time, money, and a headache. It’s easy to find out when a city is in high season- just check out their hotel prices in one month versus the next month. The higher the hotel rates, the more popular the destination is at that time. If you’re unsure, just call a hotel and ask their front desk when the best times are to get to that city. As a rule, most travel in July and August will be higher season for more popular areas. If you’re able to travel when it’s not a major school holiday (summer, spring, or winter break), it won’t be as popular a time to travel.

Get Organized

While you’re doing research on where to travel, be organized with all of your findings. If you have your heart set on Maui and plan for an off-season visit, write down the ballpark numbers that you’re seeing. The earlier you start budgeting, the better! You probably already have some practice working on the wedding, so this shouldn’t be a big deal. Keep this budget in mind and give yourself some wiggle room to cover any random taxes, expenses (ever forget your phone charger and have to buy one at the airport?), and souvenirs.

Mark Your Calendar

Once you’ve got your trip planned, try to buy any plane tickets about two to three weeks before your departure date. That’s typically the sweet spot when some fare cuts are made before they go right back up. Airfare is very difficult to get deals on, so you just have to be strategic about when you book.

Get a Room 

Reach out to the resort or hotel that you want to book and tell them it’s your honeymoon. Sometimes that magic ‘H’ word can make miracles happen. Hotels want to accommodate you so that you have the best time of your life and want to come back. Call ahead, speak to a sales manager and tell them your story. Mention how much you’ve wanted to come out to their city and how much you love the property. They may be able to lower your room rate, upgrade you to a better suite, or even comp some champagne to celebrate!

Plan Your Meals

One of the biggest expenses you may not budget properly for? Food and entertainment. Before hitting the road, do some research on sites like Groupon or LivingSocial to see if there’s restaurants that you’ll want to check out. It’s an easy way to save yourself money before you even start, plus it keeps you from being indecisive and wasting time searching for restaurants that you’d want to try once you’re there. Show tickets, museum admission, meals, and even transportation can be found for discounted prices online. Plus, most sites let you download the app and use that to redeem your vouchers- less to lug around while you’re traveling!

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