Five Tips for Planning with Long Distance Bridesmaids

Is your bridal party scattered across the state? Across the nation? Never fear, Bridal Hot List is here! It’s very common to have bridesmaids who aren’t in town. Maybe they’re your besties from back home or your college roommates who left for a new city. Whatever the case, it happens and you know it doesn’t lessen the friendship! The distance may pose some challenges, but we’re here to help. Consider us your bonus bridesmaid!


Schedule Touch Bases

Sure it may feel a little formal, but it’s necessary for keeping everyone up to date! Set up Skype or facetime dates with anyone you can’t grab coffee with at the same time every week leading up to the wedding. It’s good if you have some sort of agenda to go over- dresses, shoes, bachelorette party details, whatever it is you should have some idea of what you need to discuss. Let her know that the talks will be totally wedding-based so she has some idea of what’s going to happen. It helps you both be prepared and keeps you from digressing.

Use the Buddy System

If you have more than one long distance bridesmaid in the same city, say you have a few bridesmaids from your hometown but you live farther away, have them buddy up. Have them keep each other accountable to any tasks they’re responsible and to be there for each other. If your bridesmaids are more spread out, ask for help from your maid of honor. She may have more time to track down long distance bridesmaids and can help out with scheduling or wedding questions. Plus, you’ll get the chance to have your bridesmaids bond (which we love!).

Be Accessible

If you can, be able to facetime or Skype in when your bridesmaid goes bridesmaid dress shopping. If she has any questions, be there to help her. It can be hard to get ready for a friend’s wedding from afar (particularly if there’s a time difference between you two!), so do what you can to be there for her. If you have an email address set up for your wedding, have it go to your phone so you can field any questions remotely.

Help Plan When You Can

Be flexible, but know that you’ll probably need your bridal party at least a few days before the wedding, if not a whole week. If your long distance bridesmaid can’t afford that many days off work, schedule the big events to have her there. Be involved in her travel plans so you know what to expect when she’s around. The more connected you two can be in planning, the more smoothly your plans will go!

Be Thankful

It’s hard being a part of an event from afar- this girl’s got to have put in some work to be a part of it all! When you’re thinking about your bridal party gifts, think about something for her. Maybe a nice webcam so you two can skype or an airline voucher so you can see each other soon. Be thoughtful, she has had to be very thoughtful on her end as well. Being a part of a wedding is stressful as is, but adding travel on top of it makes it a bigger deal. Let her know that you appreciate her. Remember, manners and a ‘thank you’ go a long way.


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