Five Things to Remember for Save the Dates

Are you in super planning mode? Be sure to pay attention to the details and not forget any of these five vital components of your save the dates!

Return Labels

Neither you nor your fiance will want to hand write out your address for every single envelope. You know that sounds like a wrist cramp waiting to happen. Instead, go to a printing website and design your own for the occasion. You can do a set in neutral colors so you can reuse them for thank you notes or just regular mail. If you’re pretty much settled in your home, you can invest in a custom stamp with your names and address.

List your Loved Ones 

Be sure to have an outline of all the people who will be receiving save the dates so you know how many to order, and how many supplies you’ll need. It can be handy for you to get a feel for your guest list as well. Keep it all on a spreadsheet or listed in your bridal book for reference. You can also use it to check people off as you send your save the dates out.

Double, No, Triple Check It

These are going out to all your loved ones and will be a keepsake from one of the greatest events of your life. Make sure it’s right. Have a friend check your work before you get them printed- another set of eyes can sometimes catch mistakes you can’t see. Be sure all addresses are right and all times are correct (with AM or PM specified). Do a name and address check with your loved ones list as well- just in case.

Invest in Forever Stamps

Forever stamps are always a good purchase for anything. You want to be sure to pick up a few sheets of them for all your save the dates- and even your invites and thank you’s while you’re at it. You can find cute ones with neutral images like flowers and birds typically at the post office or ATM. Some websites let you customize your own stamps with your own images, which is more expensive but would be a fantastic touch to your save the dates.

Make It Yours

Remember, it’s not purely informational. Make it personal with photos of you and your fiance and maybe a few images that are reminiscent of you as a couple. Be sure to either sign or put in a small message for your save the dates to give them a  personal touch. The little touches make people feel that much more cared for, and can go farther  than you may realize.


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Andrea Carter

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