Five Simple Steps to Getting Into Your Wedding Heels

Are you one of the many women who suffer from high heel-phobia? Totally understandable, they can be pretty scary! From blisters to sore feet, scrunched up toes and rolled ankles, high heels can cause a whole lot of pain. We’ve been there, and we’re here to be your personal high heel coach. Say goodbye to fears of falling while you’re walking down that aisle! Soon enough you’ll be treating that aisle like your own personal runway.

Step One: Flats

Start slow! If you’re a sneakers kind of gal or do sandals year round, it’s time to get your feet into the habit of being in flats. A constructed flat is a great way to get those toes in check! We like comfy ballet flats. The great thing about flats is that you can wear them anywhere- dress them up with a pretty dress or dress them down with jeans.

Step Two: Wedges

Once your feet are more used to the feel of being in a constructed shoe, give them a little boost! Wedges give you a whole lot of surface to walk on which will help with your balance. Wedges are fantastic for summer and can be that casual boost you need to elevate an outfit.

Step Three: Heeled Boots

After you feel comfortable with the arch and angle, go for a boot with an actual heel. Aim for boots with a chunkier heel- it’ll give you more to balance on. We love boots for practicing in taller shoes because they are constructed to help you from toppling over. You’re not just in stilts with boots- you’ve got some support! Tuck jeans into tall boots for a fun weekend look and practice strutting your stuff.

Step Four: Chunky Heels

Now that you’re used to a thick heeled boot, take the plunge and try out a shoe with a thick heel. Stilettos are a more advanced move because you only have a tiny heel to support your stance, so save that one for later. If you can, do a strappier shoe it’ll give you more support and mold more to your feet. Pack an emergency pair of flats or sandals with you if you’re nervous about going out all day in chunky heels. Try this out on dinner dates just to start off with until you build up your confidence in heels.

Step Five: Sky High Heels

One you’re feeling good about thick heels, go for it and break in your wedding heels! Just remember, there’s no shame in stuffing them with insoles and wearing them around the house until you’re ready to wear them out.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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