Five Must-Do’s the Night Before the Wedding

 The wedding day is not any ole’ event. This is like they say, “the big day”, and it features a super detailed agenda. An agenda that starts as early as 6:00am and ends past midnight. So, it is a LONG day ahead. So just like any big event, you must be prepared and ready to go. However, this event is full of emotions and special moments. Moments like your dad seeing you as a bride, and shedding tears, to celebrating with your girlfriends moments before your gown is first put on, and then of course the instant that you say “I Do” to the the love of your life. That is a lot of emotions in one day! On top of that, there some wedding events throughout the day. Yes, having a wedding planner is key, and a must in my books, but there are a few things you can do as a bride the night before the wedding day.  We’ve got some fabulous tips to help ease the stress and day of emotions!

  1. Sleep: First, and foremost, you must get a good night sleep. Yes, the nerves are totally there, and it is such a exciting day ahead, that you can not sleep. However, if you do not get a good sleep, you can not enjoy the day as much as possible. Let us tell you, you want to enjoy each and every moment of your wedding day.  To help, make sure that you go to  bed early, at least 7 hours of sleep( if possible, if not then 6 for sure). Have your close friends or family over to stay the night with you, so you are not alone, and can get that nice sleep with your besties around you. They can also help (for the most part), make sure you go to bed on time. You can take a over the counter sleeping pill like melatonin an hour before you want to go to bed. ( Do not take any prescription or something strong like Tylenol PM. You will feel really our of it the next day!). This will help with calming your body down so you can sleep more naturally, then being knocked out! You must get up the next day with a fresh look.
  2. Food: Watch what you eat the night before to even the week of the wedding. Do not try new foods, or eat anything heavy. Do not starve yourself, but eat light and healthy. Something with protein and greens are really good.  Breakfast can be a smoothie, yogurt, or cereal. Lunch can be a sandwich or salad. Dinner can be a steak/chicken with a side of veggies, and salad. Dessert: frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.  If you eat right, then you will not have to worry about anything for the big day.
  3. Breathe:  This may seem like an obvious one, but take some time to breathe! One really easy exercise is to sit down somewhere comfortable (a chair, couch, bed, etc), close your eyes, and then think of something very positive, and then breathe that thought in, hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out the opposite thought, and breathe out the negative energy. Do this at least five times. This will help you focus on YOU, and not all the crazy things that may be going around you. It can get crazy and stressful! So make sure to take that time to relax and breathe! Trust us, it really helps!
  4. Massage: A nice relaxing massage is the key to a relaxing night before the wedding. Make an appointment way in advance, (if weekends, they book fast!), and make sure to do it at least a few days before, or the day before the wedding. If you are doing it the day before the wedding, do it early in the morning. If you go to a regular massage spa place, ask for the person you always work with. They know your body, pressure points, and YOU. You can make this into a day event with your girlfriends, or maybe even do a couple’s massage with your love.
  5. Have fun!: All the tips above may seem kind of boring and dull, so do not forget to have fun too. The night before, you typically have your rehearsal dinner, and that is a great time to spend with close friends and family before the big day.  It is a preview of the wedding day, and a chance to practice your smile, and show off your fun side! Tomorrow you are getting married, and it is okay to party! Just do not party too much or too hard. Smiles!


Happy Wedding Day, and Happy Pre-Wedding Day!


  1. Andrea Carter says:

    My boyfriend recently quit smoking- this article is totally on point!

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