Five Holiday Shopping Tips

Hey there bridal beauties, tis the season of giving! The mall may be intimidating this time of year, so we have some survival tips for holiday shopping.

1.       Bring back up

Do you have that one friend that hates shopping or is short on time? Bring them. Have someone who can keep you focused on the task at hand. Remember- time wasted is time stuck in a crowded mall during the holiday season. It can get easy to get sucked in by all the holiday deals, so have someone who can keep you in check.

2.       Have a Plan

Take a note from the big guy in red and make a list (be sure to check it twice!). Have a clear goal in mind (all work presents, all family presents, etc.) before you hit the stores. If you know what someone likes, make a note next to their name (example: Andrea- chocolate) so if you see something fun, you can match it to the person. If you’re on a time crunch, make it a goal to complete as much shopping as possible. If you have certain stores you know you need to hit, park accordingly and work effectively. If you know you have to pick up some big things (like sheets or pillows- anything large you’d have to carry) park near that store first. You can either do that store and drop off things to your car, or do the rest of the mall and end in your big purchase store. If you have a set budget, keep that in mind by writing it on your list. Allotting yourself a set amount to spend on each person can help narrow down choices as well as keep you (financially) on track.

3.       Get it Done Early

You may have missed the window for Cyber Monday, but stores are still pushing deals. If you’re able to, go to a mall first thing on a weekday. Malls are going to be incredibly packed on Saturday and Sunday from weekend shoppers. Weekdays after about 5:30PM can get a little more crowded with the after-work shoppers. If you go shopping on say, a Tuesday at 11:30AM there shouldn’t be a crowd. Shopping is much less stressful when the lines are short and the aisles are easy to manage.

4.       Have a Plan B

If it’s getting towards the end of the day and you’re not seeing anything you love for that special someone, no worries. Grocery stores and general stores have gift cards for all sorts of vendors like movie theaters, online stores, and restaurants. Gift cards aren’t tacky, they’re practical. If you get frustrated with the mall, it’s okay. There are other options out there. Everyone can use a gas gift card or a target gift card, and will be able to use it. It may be handy to pick up a few as back up gifts for anyone who gets (accidentally) forgotten.

5.       BYOB

Don’t fall victim to the bag rip. Plastic bags that many stores have could rip and you know that will only happen at the most inopportune time. Some cities require retailers to charge for a plastic bag or takeaway bag for merchandise, and that’s money you shouldn’t have to spend. Keep a few reusable bags tucked away for your Christmas shopping and be free of the stress of shopping bags.

Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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