Five Golden Rules for Holiday Weddings

With the Fourth of July coming up, we’ve got our eyes on Independance day and all the fun traditions that go along with it. This summer has been beautiful so far, and we’ve been day dreaming about a wedding on the fourth (can you tell?). If you’re day dreaming about a holiday wedding too, we’ve got some basic outlines for you to follow to have it go as well as it can!

Give Fair Warning

As soon as you’re locked in, be ready to send out save the dates! Holidays can be hard for people to get extra days off near (since it’s so popular to take extra paid time off around holidays to get extra long vacations), so give warning as early as possible. If your save the dates aren’t ready, at the very least rush or give verbal warnings about the holiday. You don’t always know what traditions people have on certain holidays, so you want to be able to give enough warning about the big day.

Balance Theme with Tradition

Holidays make things more fun- and most holidays have specific themes or activities associated with them (we’ve had a few on our minds!). It’s a good idea to nod to the holiday, but remember that the focus is on your wedding! Having sparklers and fireworks at a Fourth of July wedding is cute and appropriate (and pretty magical!). Doing a BBQ with hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts? Maybe save that one for a regular BBQ.

Give Some Space

Since certain holidays may mean a lot to some people. While you need to give your guests heads up, you may also want to give them some time to themselves to celebrate however they need to. It can be beneficial to have a later start time for your wedding. This is particularly important if your wedding falls on a religious-based holiday. It’s best to always be respectful to everyone you invite and let them celebrate the day their way (before celebrating your day!).

Play with Traditions

If there are any foods associated with your holiday wedding, do fun versions of them! Traditional foods are great, but elevated twists make them memorable. Doing a pumpkin pie-inspired wedding cake on Thanksgiving would give all your guests a great flavor profile for the special day. Think about what traditionally gets served during that holiday, and do fun twists on them!

Keep it Going Afterwards

Keep the holiday involved when you do your thank you cards! While creating or finding the thank you cards for your guests, keep the holiday in mind. If you have a Fourth of July wedding for example, you can have graphics of fireworks around the pictures or inside the card. Keep the memories going and let your guests remember the unique awesome way they spent that holiday!

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Andrea Carter

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