Five Fashion No-No’s for Bridesmaids

Alright, so you’ve got the dress, you’ve got the date, the only thing left is showing up. As a bridesmaid, your job is to help out your blushing bride, but you should also remember this event will be photographed. Heavily. Here’s a few tips on what to avoid on the big day.

The Accent Nail

Yes, accent nails can be cute, but not on someone else’s big day. This trend took off a little over a year ago and is still popping up, but is not appropriate for a wedding. Unless the bride specifies that she wants accent nails, I would avoid this entirely. Just because it can be fun at bachelorette parties does not mean it will be fun at a formal gathering. It’s best to stick to a classic french tip or a demure shade that compliments the wedding theme.


As a bridesmaid, you will be visible at all times and be close to the forefront of the wedding ceremony. To show your support, you should not be moping or pouting. Even if your jaw hurts, you want to convey a sense of happiness and pride for the bride. You are a reflection of her friendships and who she is outside of her relationship. Plus it’s a wedding! Leave your stress at the door and enjoy yourself.

Don’t Go Gaudy

It’s good to stick to simple and smaller for your stint as a bridesmaid. Again, unless your bride specifies against it, lean towards conservative. As far as jewelry and accessories go, definitely aim for pretty and classic. This doesn’t mean basic or boring, just nothing to distract from anything else. Pearls or small topaz stones are appropriate for most outfits and color schemes. Also, try to avoid drop earrings or anything that hangs too long. You want to look as polished as you can to compliment the bride.

Leave the Blushing to the Bride

A wedding is typically an all day affair, and you will be expected to participate all day. Between the dancing, the wine, the sun, and your overall running around, it’s perfectly fine to skip the blush for the day. Your body’s natural blush will be enough to keep you rosy all day long. I would suggest picking up a powder highlighter instead. Cream or liquids may run, but a powder will absorb any extra oils or sweat that may occur over the course of the day. A highlighter on your cheeks is pretty and can offer you a glow in pictures.


You’re at a wedding, not a disco. Yes, some shimmer in eyeshadow may make your eyes pop but leave it at that. Ditch the glitter eyeliner until your next girl’s night, over-doing glitter is inappropriate for weddings. It may be fun to wear but this day is about the bride, you should not outshine her. Glitter in your lip gloss doesn’t always photograph well, and you should always stay away from body glitter. There’s no reason to wear body glitter to a formal event ever. Putting a little bit of gold eyeliner in your inner corners can make your eyes look bright and fun without being overpowering or obnoxious.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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