Five Beauty Tips for Bridesmaids

Your friend asked you to be one of the girls at her side for the most important day of her life- congratulations! This is her big day, but you want to be sure that you look good too. We’ve got five beauty tips that’ll keep you looking good on the big day.


Plan for Pictures

You may love the dewy look, but it doesn’t photograph well. Ever. Plan for a matte skin texture to keep you from looking greasy or sweaty. If you’re new to mattes, try out a matte setting powder or spray and use it over your whole face once you’re done up.

Get Blessings From The Bride

If you want to do something big or out of the ordinary, mention it to the bride. She may have a look she wants all her bridesmaids to have (like red lips all around or no smokey eyes). It’s her party, her night, and you should be respectful of whatever she wants. Trust us, it’ll come back around on your big day.

Stick to Long Lasting

It’s going to be a long day- plan for it. You’ll need your face to last through a ceremony, a reception, and a whole lot of love. That’s a lot. Go all out with primer, long lasting foundation and concealer, waterproof eye products and long lasting lip products. We suggest sealing your whole look with a finishing spray and keeping your lip color on hand. We also suggest committing to false lashes for the night to ensure you look doe eyed and adorable all night.

Gel Ahead

Unless you’re planning a mani pedi day with the rest of the bridal party, get your nails done a few days before the wedding. The best way to keep your nails looking good is to opt for a gel mani. Gel manicures can be good for up to two weeks and are smudge-proof. It’s going to be a slightly smaller splurge than a regular manicure, but it’s totally worth it (author’s note: I’m hooked!). As it gets closer and closer to the big day, your schedule is going to be more and more hectic. Take care of your nails while you can ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about them later.

Start Light

The week leading up to the wedding, let your skin breathe! Be sure to go a little lighter (swear off the falsies for a few days- it’ll be ok!) so you don’t risk breaking out or building up product. Stick to moisturizers with SPF if you can. When you do wear makeup, be sure to get all your makeup off and a daily wash. Keep your skin as fresh as possible, and your skin will look as fresh as possible.


Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter

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